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Thanks & Merry Christmas!


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  1. Good Afternoon Everyone- My 3 year old picked the fragrance today-it is the last of my Christmas Essence from Mia Bella. I do hope this melt lasts only a few hours! :P It's not that I don't like it-its just that I am not really in the mood for Christmas... MP- I still have my own Lavendar Cream going in the upstairs powder romm, which is okay because that is traditionally the fragrance I love when walking through-I will probably have to change at some point though! Mommy- I love Bamboo Cabin from CHC-it reminds me a little of her Ho Ho Mistletoe-which is one of the ones I love from her... I have satin sheets on the way-how wonderful is that one? I also have Cinderella coming-how is that?
  2. Cat01

    Poll question?

    Tammye- I think we will probably set a 5-10 tart limit on the care packages. That will make the shipping cost worthwhile. Does that sound like a good starting point? At the end of the 5 day poll we will go ahead and roll out the swap based on response. That way we know what everyone wants to do and who is participating in the swap.
  3. Cat01

    Poll question?

    I hope we don't give each other that headache :P Tobe- we can go anywhere from scents with the name of Love to Molten Chocolate Lava Cake! There are vendors having VDay specials right now, so I had planned on browsing around for some ideas. I have a tart right now that is called Antique Linen and Lace-I would probably even include that one, because of the lace... I am hoping we can get creative with this one. What do you think about that?
  4. Cat01

    Poll question?

    I guess we probably should get a vote too-I'll go ahead and vote too! :P
  5. What would you all like to see for our first group swap?We would like to see how many people would like to participate and what type of scents we would like to start trading with. This poll will be open for 5 days and will give us a good starting point on who wants in and what we should do. Thanks all!
  6. I have Bear Claws on from Bella's this afternoon-went shopping(3 girls had growth spurts-aaaaagh- there went $$$)-came home and it smells a little like heaven. Trep-I would advise letting your CHC sit for a bit before you melt! Curing and all that!
  7. It's good to meet you! Welcome to the board!
  8. Good Morning Beth and Welcome! That particular Lavendar Cream is from Nene's! My absolute favorite oil version of this comes from Bath and Body Works. Another great Lavendar is Bella's Lavendar and Coconut Milk-it is very similar to the Lavendar Cream from Nene's(which I buy by the pound ). This morning I have CHC Birthday Cake on-I am soooooo hungry! This one actually lasted overnight and I woke up to the smell wafting in my bedroom-now that is what I call a wake up call!!!
  9. Tonight I have Berry Minty or Minty Berry(can't remember which) from Sheba's Secrets. Too strong on the berry and had to shut it off. Had a sample from LOL on earlier, apple cinnamon. This did great at first, but gave out quickly. DH put Slate and Stone on in the Living Room-this is a great masculine cologne dupe and actually complemented the apple cinn quite well. Lavendar Cream still going upstairs,day two and still strong...
  10. I have been having a heck of a day with melting! I started the day with Refreshing in the MBR and Breathe Deeply in the dining room. Lavendar Cream in the upstairs powder room. Breathe left me feeling like I needed to clean-it smelled like Pledge! Out it went-next up Antique Linen and Lace in the melter with a Lavendar Mint candle to complement. Could not get more than a waft every now and again. So I rummaged in the basket and came up with Bamboo Cabin-it smells good now, but am wondering how long it will last. I guess I am just being very picky tonight! On a high note-just put the girls to bed and could smell that wonderful Lavendar Cream in both of their bedrooms(which are at opposite ends of the floor) Now its time for me to relax!
  11. If you go on their website-they have Perlier listed right now at the event price...HSN I mean... You can also go to http://www.whatshebuys.com/for-her--bath---body.html for free shipping
  12. Well Guys and Dolls- I had to haul out the candle shade! I haven't had to use one of those in ages, and it took a bit to locate. I forgot that this is a paraffin candle. I generally use soy or blends. Not detecting a throw at all yet ! Patience is a virtue! Thanks for the tip on the melts-I ordered 3 clamshells also, so I will throw 2 in at a time!
  13. I came home to Christmas all over again. I had 3 tart shipments waiting for me. I am burning a candle this evening. It is Cranberry Vanilla Whipped Cream Clouds from Sheba's Secrets. Smells wonderful cold, not sure how this will burn.
  14. Came home to Cinnamon Struesel from LOL-my DH loves this company! Smells yummy!
  15. I am also a body scent junkie-big surprise! I love Chloe(very sexy), Wings, and Liz for perfume I wear a variety of fragrances as well, depending on the weather and my mood, etc. I have everything from Chamomile to Cucumber Melon in there. I even have a Peppermint body spray(Can you believe that?)
  16. I will try anything once! My favorites tend to be from the fresh category,minty,clean. I love fruity,mango,papaya,apple- Okay I love it all-really!!!
  17. I just got home to LOL in the mail. Wow these are huge! The cold smells are incredible! The shipping was fast, the service fantastic! I am very impressed so far! She threw in several samples, and they smell fantastic! We cut one in half and threw it on-I can already smell it! Now the one question remains-how long will it last? If it lasts as long as you all say-I think I may have to put this vendor right up at the top of the list! We are currently melting Sleigh ride-which is exactly that! A fresh exhilirating scent, with a hint of citrus and cinnamon!
  18. Went ahead and threw on a Mango Papaya from Illuminescents tonight-it is such a good smell for me. Hoping that when I have to get up at 3 am and go to work tomorrow, I will still smell it and it will wake me up!
  19. You are too funny! Welcome, officially to the board! I can't wait to see how long it takes you to start buying everything, but YC.
  20. Wow-I am really liking this new forum. Now lets see if I can use it... What kind of damage can I do with this thing??? Anyway- I am melting Bella's Bella this afternoon. I REALLY like this scent! It is kind of powdery, and a little amber, and smooth. Hard to describe, I just know I love it!
  21. Heidi and Shannon- it is nice to meet you both. Looking forward to your outlook on wax, kids, dogs, cats, and whatever else we all come up with around here!
  22. Evening all- I am still on the lavendar cream from this morning, also have that Cranberry Orange Parfait going again. I have Rain Forest simmering in the powder room. The wraparound porch and the big bay window is what drew me to this old thing. I do love her, but the renovations are killing me. Just when we get one room done how we want, something else needs immediate attention. Then, you have to get approval from the historical society on every stinkin thing you want to do...blah...blah...blah. But, enough of that! I think I am going to put out the lavendar for a while and throw on something from Bella's- I have narrowed it down to three: Bella, Romantic Evening, or True Love-which one do you all think I should do????
  23. Morning all- I have Nene's Lavendar Cream on this morning-this is my favorite scent! I am steam cleaning carpets this morning and this one is just powerful enough to get over the chemicals!
  24. Thanks Cyn-not such a dream when we get the monster utility bills! Lol! These days I am just looking forward to the day we can buy a nice houseboat and RV and retire!!! I picked up a wonderful new candle this evening, from Homemade Creations. Cranberry Orange Parfait. It smells so good! Its soy and has one wick, so we'll see how well it burns. It even came with a recipe card to make the Parfaits! Too cute!
  25. Well I finally got my mosaic burners from Tart warmers! I have to say that it was worth the wait! I love the green mosaic, it is so pretty! It looks wonderful in the living room( I live in an old victorian style house-with wide white trim and crown molding,window seat and all that), we painted in a nice sage color. I turned it on right away, to see how hot and fast it would melt. It melted my CHC tart very quickly and has a good throw-I put in Green English Ivy(can you see my green theme here?lol..) I am loving it so far! Can't wait to try all of the different waxes. This seems to perform better than my other night light burners so far.
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