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  1. Came home to Pine Mountain Trail from Aroma Soy-pretty nice, but light. We are going over to a friend's for the game, so I won't be enjoying it too long.Shame! I hope everyone gets better soon-I too am coming down with it. I really do think it's possible to spread germs in cyberspace!!!
  2. You could tell her that when she comes on the forum next time-isn't that right Jersey???????
  3. To Be- This was a gift from a friend,she makes them herself-they are fabulous!
  4. I am melting Lovespell-wow-I love it! Snob- That is a perfect name-woohoo!
  5. For the evening I put on Cranberry Orange from Essential Pleasures-it is strong and tangy. Hopefully it will last a while...
  6. It was Country Aromas,now it is My Scented Shack. It smells great, just cloudy.
  7. oh fiddlesticks...that's what she meant!!! Huh Mel???????????????
  8. AHemmm...did you bring us any cookies????????????
  9. Boogie- Glad you like it,Snob and I collaborated on it. We didn't know if you were up to it this month. So we hope we did ya justice-but it is only a month break! I replaced the Nutcracker with Mint Julep this afternoon...It has a strangely cloudy appearance in the melted wax...hmmm
  10. I am melting Nutcracker Sweet from LOL in the DR, Amber Seduction-Bella's in the Bedroom, and Cranberry Banana Rama from Aroma Soy in the LR. Just expanded my Crosscreek order to include 30 more tarts-I even tried Fruit Loops this time around.
  11. BTW-put on Cranberry BananaRama from Aroma Soy (after the pot roast smell cleared) WOW! I really like this one.
  12. Hey-I was serving up pot roast to my loving children....I am a regular June Cleaver! That sounds great!!!!
  13. What do you think of Flirty February?????????????
  14. I had a bunch of stuff come in the mail today, so I am trying to decide what to put out that will go with my Apple Brown Betty... I have my lists ready to go for the weekend can't wait for that,even though I have more tarts in the house than I need. It just started snowing here in Missouri, so I think I need something warm in here?????
  15. I have S&S Apple Brown Betty on-just starting to get the creamy, buttery smell going-it smelled so good cold, that I hope its great hot.
  16. Melting Mint Mocha Capuccino and burning Coffee Break-I needed a wake up this morning and I don't drink coffee soooooooooooo....................
  17. Deb- I hope your baby is better... I am finishing up the evening with my blue outdoor escape, Ginseng Energizer, and Cranberry Vanilla- all candles. As for tarts- I have a mini Purple Haze from LOL upstairs-freebie. Giving the melters a break and getting ready to go to bed and snuggle in-as the temperatures here in the Midwest dropped 40 degrees in a few hours today and it is now too cold for anything!!!!! :) This is where I need to be...
  18. I love the names of all of those-tell me all about Monet's Garden when you get it melted!
  19. Welcome to the board-and I gotta ask-how did you come up with your name????
  20. Starting the morning with Black Magic-Illuminescents and Outdoor Escape(my blue for Boogie). Just came back to the computer after a short delay-My 3 year old locked herself in my bedroom. When I finally got her out, she had cake all over herself-in the middle of the floor was the remains of the birthday cake. I couldn't help myself-I left the room in tears from laughing...
  21. OMG-this is too funny! I just got back from Walmart where I picked up every flavor of this that they had! We are definitely on the same page today!
  22. It's one of those triple layer things from Walmart-I think its the same as the bakery one you got...it doesn't say, but it smelled so good and the kids picked it out-$5 or something.
  23. Put an Autumn Wreath by YC upstairs-cannot smell it down here-not sure how it smells up there. Got Bear claws from LOL on in the DR and continuing with the Cherry Berry Blast in the LR. Also put more Twisted Peppermint in the powder room.
  24. I am burning that triple layer thing today.(I couldn't believe how good it smelled) In cherry,berry blast-it is so good. I will have to go back and get a couple more and try the bakery one. With a candle shade on-it burns great.
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