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Thanks & Happy Thanksgiving!


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  1. Nope, I don't. The person below me has started their Christmas shopping.
  2. Their site is down right now so I can't see the scent descriptions but I like the name of Skeleton Dance. Christmas Morning or Orange Almond Biscotti? (McCalls)
  3. to everyone! I'm burning B&BW's Spiced Apple Toddy...really good scent! I hope ya'll have a wonderful Thanksgiving day and gobble til U wobble!
  4. Yep, I'd choose red over white. The person below me is going to or hosting a Halloween party this month.
  5. I'm not a fan of the Wildberry Mousse scent, so even tho I'm not a fan of alcohol scents either I'll pick Bourbon Sauce. Autumn Coffee Shoppe or Whipped Pumpkin Donut? (Ava's)
  6. Biolaeagles - Sure hope your temps get cooler soon so it'll feel more like fall! Aria - How proud U must have been for your DS's recognition last nite. I bet you're still smiling! peeps! Great thread title mpfand! I'm melting VCS The Crescent Hotel from a CF friend. Just started, but starting to smell good! I've been alternating burning B&BW's Pumpkin Pie and Leaves (got these last year) in the mornings since it's darker now. I luv their scents, but hate when I get those puny flames that I got with the Pumpkin Pie candle. Speaking of candles....has anyone tried the new PartyLite candles? I was hoping they'd come out with some new ones after Harry Slatkin took over and I see they have.
  7. Nope, I haven't tried any yet. The person below me has watched a waxie UTube video this week.
  8. Z - Zucchini Crème Brulee
  9. Fruity Kebobs Cranberry Cider or Eggnog Latte? (Dessa's)
  10. peeps! I hope all is well with ya'll! I'm melting HHS Iced Lemon Biscotti....yummm! It's been a hot and humid summer here, too. I'm soooo ready for fall!
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