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  1. Quick pop in to report that I am melting Vanilla Pudding Cake-LOL Pink Vanilla Insanity-Haley's Hope that summer is going fabulous for all of you.
  2. I have been melting some goodies lately, just haven't been posting. So busy with stuff lately. Tonight I am melting- Kettle Corn-CFTKR (in my dd's room at her request) Bird of Paradise-Cozy Cottage Boardwalk Breeze-Crabby Candle Hope you are all safe tonight from the storms. Have a wonderful evening.
  3. I have an amazing combo going that I wanted to share- LOL-Vanilla Champagne SH-Vanilla Poundcake PFS-Pink Sugar Cookie It smells wonderful in here! Hope you are all having a great night!
  4. Just poppin in for a bit- Melting Bodacious Blueberry-Nene's Whipped Cream-Bean Pod Green Amber-CFTKR Snuggle-MTT Have a great day.
  5. Sorry for not getting back sooner-Thanks for making it a great swap everyone! Yes-Jules you are a sneaky gal! My swap partner was Christina! I had fun and loved sending and receiving such great box(es)! Happy Spring everyone!
  6. I don't see any check ins by Deb or MPfand-am I missing them or are you two still waiting? I think everyone else has checked in...
  7. So far I have- Ivory Soap-MTT Pink Sugar Buttercream-LOL Blueberry Muffins-HL Raspberry Zinger/Vanilla Wafer Bread-CYS Hope you all have a great night.
  8. Whose still waiting for boxes? I didn't know if we had all the boxes posted or not, so we can share our partners...
  9. Just have some candles going this morning-too worn down to change out tarts! Lol- YC- Lucky Shamrock Easter Egg Hunt Garden Hideaway Mainstay- triple wick White Cake MP-Hope your kiddo feels better soon-heck she probably already is this morning! LL-sounds like a fun time on the egg hunt. My dd has been invited to one tomorrow also-she is looking forward to it too. Becky-is that BHG scent a room filler? I am not sure if I have that one in my pile. Everyone is melting some awesome sounding stuff today! Hope you all have a great day!
  10. Poppin in for a bit- I am melting- Cake Batter Ice Cream-Sugar and Spice Sugar Sprinkle Cake-CYS Ultimate Vanilla-CFTKR(which is overtaking everything else) Hope you all are having a great day!
  11. Just have Sugar from Scentsy on right now, and its from last night...maybe I should get off my lazy behind and get some stuff happening. Hope you all have a great Sunday... Happy birthday to Maggie and Aria and Jules tomorrow. I will be at work so I may not make it on here all day.
  12. That's a good spy Maggie-I will bet that's exactly what those are. When we reveal the swap buddies-I am sure they will tell you if Maggie is right, Jedda. Thanks for checking out our pics!Next swap-are you in? Lol!
  13. Good morning everyone! That sounds like a fantastic scent to me Maggie-I would recommend getting with one of the b/b vendors to get you a custom made. Check over at Bath and Body Find too. I am sure we have a list of vendors that will do it. I haven't started to melt yet, off to do a million things before my dd's party tomorrow. Hope you all have a great day.
  14. Ending the night(stormy and lightning here) with- Fresh Ocean Flowers-BHG Kiwi,Sage, and Ginger-Can Do still have that plumeria going as well Hope you all have a great night.
  15. Lol! You aren't confused, but I was!!! I went back after I had mailed mine and looked again-realizing that I am a total bonehead about the sizes of the boxes! That's my story and I am stickin to it!!!
  16. Stonehenge and purple hooters-oh my! Both great scents! Let me know how you like that Purple hooters Jules...
  17. Thanks! I fell in love with it and wanted to get it for tarts-so he brought it home for me, and my dd says that I cannot use "that special box" for tarts. It has to be for "the special treasures that me and Jayde make for you!" So it now has all the drawings and jewelry that the kids have given me...
  18. Welcome-it is a great place to be. Sounds like you are well on your way to fitting right in around here. Looks like some great orders on the way already!
  19. Here are my goodies(artfully arranged in my new beautiful birthday present from dh-yep he got me a new tart box!) I absolutely love the way they are packaged and cannot wait to dig in, but promised myself pictures before I could melt! So now I am off to start sniffin and meltin!!!
  20. Just put on Plumeria Milk from Can Do...that's all I have going right now.
  21. Looks great! I haven't put my pics up yet, been too busy outside to get in the house much. But, if the weather is like they said its going to be this evening and tomorrow-I will be stuck inside again!
  22. So glad to hear that you may have an answer to the issues for your baby Deb! Hoping he eats well soon! This morning I am trying to clean and chase the bulldog around to clean her tail pocket(ewww-it is yucky! and she won't let me get it cleaned very well). So I just put on a couple of things- LOL-Oatmeal Raisin Cream Cookies LSC-Lemongrass mint Hope you all have a great day.
  23. Deb-hugs to you! I do hope all the spring colds run through very quickly for everyone. Tonight I am melting- CFTKR-Pink Sugared Lavendar, Citrus Sensation FussAss Mcgee-Innocent Beauty OMG-Vanilla Bean Noel I am getting ready to get the kids out for a walk and then to bath/bed. Then I am going to get some of that spring cleaning thing done-feeling for you Gail!
  24. Thanks for the fabulous tart selection-I have been in swooning over the neat combos! I love the card you sent too! Yeah-I got mine! I also sent mine ...so in a few days my buddy will be getting a present! I will post pics of my lovelies in a while and when everyone gets their packages we can reveal our swap buddies-yay! I had fun everyone!
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