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This forum is now open to consumers, sales representatives, and vendors alike. For consumers that want a private place to chat, consider joining the Consumers Only Club. There is a Vendors Only Club as well, open only to vendors and sales representatives. 

Any questions, comments, or concerns, please email: andrea at candlefind dot com. 

Thanks & have fun!

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    New members, please read forum rules before registering for this forum. Established members, please familiarize yourselves with our updated forum rules. 

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    Want to win free candles, melts or gift certificates? Enter our monthly giveaways on our Candle Chat page. Link located at the top of Candlefind. We'll post links each week on how to enter.

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    New to the Candlefind forums? Come say "hello" to the gang before diving knee deep in scented wax.

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