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  1. Laurie-good vibes coming your way for surgery tomorrow. Hope everyone had a great day today-it was too beautiful to be anywhere but outside around here. So that's where we were all day-and I am truly a "redneck" now! LOL! I am sunburnt on the back of my neck from planting all day... This evening I am melting Vanilla Passion OMG and burning/baking sugar cookies... Goodnight all.
  2. I have had Monkey Bubbles from Can Do going all day, and it has taken over the whole house. Very strong and good. I also have OMG- Lemon Lavendar, but cannot smell it due to the other stuff-which is amazing since this should be a strong scent...
  3. Cat01


    Congrats on the win! Have fun deciding what you want!
  4. Here's a little teaser-I have some great stuff up my sleeve!!! Maybe even something created especially for my swap buddy...hee hee! Can't wait!! Thanks to Jules for helping out, and thanks to everyone who is involved!
  5. Welcome to the forum-you are fitting right in with the rest of us hoarders. I have already spied your handiwork in the storage thread.
  6. Threw in Vamp Vogue-Cozy Cottage Grape Expectations-LOL for the evening. Hope you all have a great night and a good weekend.
  7. This morning's melts are Strudel and Spice-Crabby Candle Candied Apple-Cozy Cottage Strawberry Shortcake-Bay Laurels Have a great day everyone...
  8. Last melt of the night for me is Chocolate Amber-Can Do in my bedroom melter. Should be good to drift off to. Getting ready to blow out all the candles I have going today- YC-Shamrock thingy Organic Living-driftwood and sand Mainstays-Ocean something or other Aren't I just on top of the names? Lol! Nighty night everyone.
  9. I am going to root through my LOL stash and see what I have in pink from her-if she makes her froot loops pink, I should have it in there somewhere. I asked her to send me all the dang pinks she has...
  10. I have no time for the unprofessional antics of this vendor. She has burned way too many bridges, and I cannot believe that she is still doing business. Wow-I think that is the strongest I have ever voiced an opinion on a vendor. I would be interested to know how orders pan out for anyone who decides to order. It's too bad that she is a loose cannon, because she has some wonderful blends.
  11. This evening I am melting OMG-Fresh Cotton CFTKR-Citrus Linen H2O MTT-SpongeBob Hope you all have a great evening
  12. I am okay with either-majority is fine for me. Thanks for coordinating this Jules!
  13. Cat01


    I like the look of the ceramic candles, but I am not quite sure how they work. Total noob thing for me-anyone else familiar with them? They look so classy.
  14. Cat01


    I really like that black set-it would be an awesome win! They have such a great collection it would be hard to burn just one. Get them candles goin Jules-don't save em!
  15. Cat01

    Hi Everyone

    Welcome back Doe-good to see you ready to post again!
  16. Good to see you Dee! Nice new forum setup, huh?
  17. You will definitely fit right in around here! The funny thing about our group is that when someone looks at us like we are completely bonkers(i.e. my neighbor across the street when his wife was shopping my stash)-we just look right back and say, "What is so abnormal about this? I can show you hundreds of my friends that do the same thing!" Lol-have fun!
  18. Welcome-it's good to have you! You're in for a wild ride around here-I can't wait to see how your melting evolves from February til around 6 months from now! Hee Hee!
  19. Welcome-sit back, relax, and grab a pen and paper-Notebook, a very large notebook! We will have you trying lots of new stuff in no time!
  20. Melting- Paradise Island-Can Do Blue Sugar-Can Do Pink Sugar Beans-Can Do I guess DH was in a "can do" mood. Too bad that didn't extend to anything else today!
  21. Welcome-you are definitely in the right place.
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