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  1. Good evening everyone. Just threw on French Vanilla Oak-CFTKR Hope you all have a great night.
  2. Yep there isn't, but tomorrow I am going to mob him!!! Banana Blast-MTT Burning candles too, while we work on the painting and all that...
  3. Hope you have a wonderful anniversary today Trep. Haven't started anything new yet today-but am anxiously awaiting the USPS guy-
  4. Good Evening everyone- Melting Pumpkin Carrot Struesel-LSC Sweet Vanilla-CFTKR Desire-Bay Laurels(put this one on last night-and it is true to its word for over 20 hours of scenting!) Also burning- Battle of the Sexes-Haley's Three layer thing from walmart-linen breeze or something Have a great Sunday night.
  5. Sweet-we can talk about the rules concerning the swap,once we decide who-what-where-when. I don't want anyone to get excluded that wants to have fun! I am sure we can work it out. We just had an issue on a previous swap,and thus the rule had to be created.
  6. Worked all day and now off to bed-hope you all have a great weekend. No melts changed today.
  7. Have fun on your trip Gail-we will definitely miss you! Sorrry guys, just saw the bathroom stuff- Maggie-We got smart this time around on the caulk and found some stuff that's supposed to be shower ready in an hour-so far so good!!! Katz-we decided to go with flexitec for the floor. It looks great and will adapt to the heat,moisture,etc. in there. We had great bones in the bath-just needed some updates and we couldn't pass up the pricing that we found!
  8. For the afternoon- Pink Marshmallow-MTT True Lavendar-CFTKR Spa Day-LSC Palm Island-CFTKR Have a great evening all.
  9. We haven't swapped as a whole in quite some time-spring is fast approaching, and I am itching to get some purty tarts. Anyone interested in doing a spring swap????
  10. No changes in tarts, but am burning a couple of candles this evening-some stuff I picked up at BB&B-smells like YC sun and sand...can't remember who it is though. Also have a clean linen type thingy burning. Yep-I am really helpful! I know! Off to scrape more caulk in the tub-we found some killer deals on new bathroom stuff-vanity/sink/faucet-etc. So I am working on recaulking the tub,painting and all that tonight. The new flooring will be in next week, so we will hopefully have everything else done before that. That way, we can slap the floor down, put in the new vanity-and voila! Easy peasy-right?
  11. Good to see you back! Have fun on this new forum!
  12. Popping in for a bit- Melting Pink Sugared Lime Violet(awesome scent) CFTKR Chocolate Mint Latte-LSC
  13. Mimi's House for sure! Avalanche or Sweet Snow?
  14. Looks like you are fitting right in! Lol! Good to have you on the board!
  15. Welcome! Good to have you on the board!
  16. Welcome to the forum! Have fun!
  17. Cat01


    Welcome! Have fun!
  18. Good to have you here!
  19. You guys are cracking me up! We really don't do interventions very well around here!
  20. No reading glasses for me, although we just had to get them for my 6 yo(how odd is that?) The person below me is wondering what the heck I am doing, playing this game at 5 am???
  21. Finished bathing a very dirty Shih Tzu and am melting Pink Sugar Buttercream-CFTKR and Pink Vanilla-LSC Also burning-Winter Wonderland-YC Have a great evening all.
  22. Way to go! Have fun with your new melties! That was a hoot, and you deserve it!
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