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Thanks & Merry Christmas!


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  1. Aria: I don't know where the days fly by to lately. If you figure it out LMK... Some melts I have been enjoying this week are CFTKR-Hotel California, Italian Cookie Pie, Cocomilk, TDC-Bamboo and Sugar, Cane, Can-Do-Ginger Snap Cookies,Peppermint Twist. Countryhomescent-Winter Spearmint. LSC-Pink Sugar Spruce, Holiday in the Park, Lady Alexandra. Scentsible Scents-Primitive Gatherings and Chery'ls Candles-Sea Air Sandalwood. I hope everyone is doing well. One month from today I will have a new DIL...I know this month will fly!!
  2. Congratulations!!! Maybe soon you will be able to relax.
  3. It's a beautiful, sunny day here but storms are lurking for later today.. Some wonderful scents making their way through my house are Cheryls-Apple Pie Ala Mode, Cranberry Crumble, SoCal, Can-Do Red Currant and Thyme Tea (love this one), Country Home Scents-Mango Peach Salsa, TDC-Cashmere Mist. Michele: I have never been to Disneyworld. Maybe if I have some grand kids a place to think about seeing some day. Y'all have a great day.
  4. Luckily we still get a little refund from Uncle Sam...bought a nice little used 98 Honda accord 4 dr for the youngest son. I hope all is well, I just can not seem to get here very often. So, I have a few tasty morsels I have been melting...CFTKR-Brown Sugar and Fig, Warm Vanilla Sugar, Luna Bleu-Chergui Sugar(I LUV this scent), TDC-Rustic Lodge(great scent), Midnight Patchouli,(I really like this one), Can-Do Candles-Spiced Patchouli, Country Home Scents-Christmas Hearth, Cheryl's Candles-Coconut Milk and Lavender(very nice, not my usual kind of scent). It's 40 days and counting until the oldest son get married. I guess we are getting off easier having a son instead of a daughter getting married. I hope all is well and I will check back in soon.
  5. Good Morning. Just checking in on this sunny day. We had 8 " of snow here on Monday and today it is well on the way to melting . Some recents melts around here have been Busy Bee Candles-Splinters and Rags (Are they still in business) anyone know? Also...love this wonderful scent. Can-Do Apple Fritters, Lessie's Haunted House, Mimi's House(another all time favorite of mine). TDC- Fireside,Pink Sands, Cypress Cove, LSC- Indian Sandalwood, Spun Sugar Apples, Black Pumpkin, Candy Cane Kisses, Cheryl's Cinnamon Oatmeal Bars, Mi Mi's Kitchen and Solace. It's only 60 days from yesterday that my son will be getting married. It's hard to think of him as that old and not a little boy any more. I hope all is well and everyone has stayed healthy. There has been lots of sickness this WInter and I am so ready to "dig in the dirt"..
  6. Hey y'all..I hope all is well in Candleland...My youngest son will be FINALLY getting his Wisdom teeth out this Friday and I (and he) will be so glad when this is done. Wedding plans for my oldest DS are progressing and May will be here before I know it. I've been melting some great scents such as LSC-Sugared Spruce, Coffee House, Sweet Embers, Cinn. Vanilla Cream, Vanilla Bean Mousse, TDC- Cedarwood Vanilla, Can-Do- Vanilla Amber and Cheryl's Candles -Amber Woods, Poisn 'd Apple, Sagebrush, Ginger Souffle, Ginger Bergamot, and Drift Wood. I'm finishing up my Yankee jar candle Holiday Sage. I love this scent!!. We have seen some Robins in the neighborhood, so Spring can not be far away. Have a fantastic Sunday, friends.
  7. Thanks for the well wishes and I do think Tip is on the mend...
  8. I am looking forward to making a trip to check out the shops in St. Charles. I have heard it's a cool town. Tip has a check-up this afternoon, so hopefully the Vet thinks he is doing much better.
  9. Once again I'm slacking in the "checking-in" dept. It looks like some have been fighting the flu. DS came down last weekend with it. He also has wisdom teeth that need to come out and that is amplifying his ear and teeth pain. Of course, the consultation is still over 2 weeks out. I really don't think there is any emergency oral surgeons. They still put you in the system 3 weeks or so out even if you are practically begging to be seen. I am starting to filter through my paid bill file for tax prep time. I think it's almost impossible to file itemized any more. My 20+ kitty Tip had a bad infection in his gums but the Vet doesn't feel too great about knocking him out to clean his teeth. His labs came back excellent for a kitty that age. I think he was in shock that something didn't show up. The antibiotic he has been on has seemed to help but he will not eat anything that I try to feed him. He goes outside now to eat and drink. I think that is odd. Some recent melts are CHs-Winter Wonderland, Pink Christmas, Holiday Sparkle. Can-Do Spiced Patchouli, Pure Christmas, Nag Champa, Sparkling Angel jar candle. I hope everyone is having a great year. A late May wedding will be in our family this year. My oldest Ryan and his beautiful fiance ' Sydnye. They recently relocated to St. Charles, Mo. This means a 4 hour drive from us which is very doable. I'll check back in soon..
  10. Hey!!! and Happy New Year to one and all...I'm dealing with very glitchy internet connection for several days, and so I wanted to wish everyone a great 2013 and many blessings in this New Year. Today, I am burning Yankee jar candles in Sparkling Angel and Red Apple Wreath. I have melted many fabulous scents over the holidays: Can-DO Honey Pear Cider, Vanilla Amber, Pure Christmas, Peppermint Twist, Ginger Snap Cookies, CFTKR- Fall on the Farm, Bonfire Bliss, Autumn Moon(thanks to a sweet CF buddy), and Everyday Whims-Coffee with Santa (my last one). I hope everyone is well and healthy and I need to check in more often...Have a great day. It's a very cold and lots of snow still on the ground.
  11. Maggie: the scent notes sound really great on Winter White. Sometimes I do not do a perfume note well. This is my last week of driving my son to classes. He is considering transferring to my hometown Jr. College this summer to finish up his Music technology degree. I feel it's ironic he will be going to school where DH and I grew up. He has many relatives there and it's only 2 hours for here so maybe time for him to fly!! My wonderful Can-Do order came yesterday and I am melting Honey Pear Crisp. There are so many great scents and it's hard to decide which ones I want to bag and give as Christmas gifts. I hope everyone is having a stellar week.
  12. I have been burning my Yankee jar candle Holiday Sage and thoroughly enjoying it. I finally have my tree up and I want to do some baking but hasn't happened yet. I hope all is well with everyone and your Holiday preparations are going smoothly..
  13. I saw they are closing...Mom and Daughter are pursuing other things. I really like their scent sand they are just so stinkin' cute...
  14. SO sorry to hear of ailments here....I think I just drink so much it must kill ;the germs.... Christy: Hope your lower tailbone area feels better soon. My youngest has been battling severe pain and nerve issues in this area since a surgery in June. He is now trying a lidoderm patch and this seems to be giving him some relief. I've been melting here and there Some include Country Home Scents Harvest LSC Sugar Custard Bread, Magical Mistletoe, Vanilla Bean Mousse, Can-Do -Prim Wishes, and Cinn. Toast. I think it's almost time to start on a couple of Yankee jar candles. I will start will Holiday Sage. My DS and fian'ce will be moving this way around Dec. 21st. They don't have place yet in St. Louis but they can store there stuff in DH warehouse until they find a place. I am happy they will be much closer so I can actually make a drive to go and visit them. I hope everyone is starting to get into the Holiday Spirit. I think this has been a very interesting year in my home (both good and not so good) but there is always a clean slate on Jan 1st., I say Bring it ON!!!
  15. Some recent melts are CAn-Do Vanilla Pumpkin...this smells so wonderful!! CFTKR Homecoming and Christmas Village-both Wonderful!! Cozy Cottage-Christmas Cheer...smells very effervescent. I'm trying to finish off last years Holiday melts since I have an order coming my was from LSC and just got one from Country Home Scents last week.
  16. Cat: Glad you are back and I know you are one strong gal...sending positive thoughts and prayers for your healing journey.
  17. So glad to hear about your new Apt. Christy....very exciting!!
  18. A few of my perfume scents I have been wearing are Haunt- Palmist OMG, Fates, Possets- Abraxas. I'm really trying to expand from the dark incensy, patchouli scents. THese are all wonderful...
  19. MIchelle: I'm so happy to hear of your good luck with your beach house. I'm sorry your relatives have not faired very well. It's hard to figure out how it can do minimal damage to some and others are wiped out. Some recent melts are LSC Autumn Leaves, Sandalwood Spice, Toasted Fireside, TDC- Bergamot Spice Cedarwood Vanilla Rustic Lodge. I hope y'all are doing well. I was able to visit my Aunt and cousin that was up visiting my Mom from South Carolina. I think it has been 30 years since I have seen her. It was so nice to see her if just for an afternoon.
  20. I also agree with Aria and Jules...recycled toilet bomb is better that no bomb at all..I love your story Christy...Having 2 boys I had my share of "nasty" through the years.
  21. I hope everyone will be safe from the storm. My DS and his Fiancee' live in Drexel Hill, PA...so hopefully they have shovels or a canoe... LOL... I've been spending most of my spare time with the youngest DS getting him to his Dr. appts. He went to a pain management Dr. last week about the tailbone area nerve pain after surgery and he is starting some PT for 4 weeks. He is still having severe jaw pain and even though Immediate Dentist said that the wisdom teeth coming through should not be bothering him in this way, I'm calling a surgeon tomorrow morning for a second opinion. His jaw pain has been on going more or less for 2 weeks now..The glands behind his ears have been swollen and on fire. So, something has to be going on with all of this area. In between running, I have been meting TDC Pumpkin Caramel Cake, LSC Pumpkin Cinnamon Danish, Apples Pear Crisp, Spun Sugar Apples, Can-Do Mimi's House, Vanilla Woods, Cinnamon Toast. So, some fabulous melts help destress this old Mom somewhat. I hope every one is doing well and I hope to keep in touch a little more...
  22. Stay safe Christy and I know you will be stocked with candles!!!
  23. I hope you stay safe Maggie...I know y'all are preparing for the worse and I hope and pray it bypasses your area..
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