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Thanks & Merry Christmas!


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  1. Thanks to every one with the lovely congratulations and sentiments!! The little one is due around July 31st.
  2. Hey y'all!! I hope everyone is having a great and Happy New Year so far! I haven't been on for so long and I feel like I have missed so much from all of my candle buddies. I appreciate my birthday greetings and the most wonderful gift of all was finding out I am going to be a GRANDMA on my birthday!I am SO excited since this our first grand baby! I will do a better job of posting...I've been melting lots of scents and ready to place some orders at some new great companies.. Any recommendations?? Wishing you all a great evening!!
  3. Melting some left over Pure Christmas from Can-Do...this is not your usual Christmas scent and I hope Donna still has it this year.
  4. Yes, I like the idea of the Catnip...ours all love the "kitty pot".
  5. Hey, candle buds...I swear, I do not know where this year has disappeared to... I feel like we just celebrated Thanksgiving. Hubby has been winterizing the feral kitty houses with straw and I do have some warmer pads too. We have one actual feral left and 2 that are inside/outside and Mr. Tip...I've been melting some fab scents and here are a few: Beezy Tarts-Kettle Corn, LSC-Coconut Marshmallow Latte, TDC- winter's Eve, Dirt Road, Sugar & Spice- Ghost Munch Cookie Butter Crack, Mac Apple Leaves, Mac Apple Leaves Marshmallow Fireside, Can-Do-Cider Webs, Pumpkin Butt, Leaves, Type, Autumn Spice. Wishing everyone a fantastic week!!
  6. Happy Friday!!I'm melting Beezy Tarts Tea and Cakes. This is a very lovely scent and it has smelled great in my house today. It's cold and drizzly today..boo...but tomorrow I'm hoping for some sunshine. Have a great weekend, candle buddies.
  7. Hey y'all. It's a gorgeous day her in Indy...I plan to do a walk about in a bit. SOme recent melts permeating my home are :Orchid Lake: Holiday Celebration, Beezy Tarts: Amish Friendship Bread, LSC-Christmas Splendour(worked nicely on some funky smell in my FR) and LSC-Sticky Bread, Sugar & Spice: Cider Donut CBC Marshmallow(awesome), Cookie Butter Crack, Ghost Munch (love this one), Marshmallow Fireside Type. I love the Fall scents and hopefully trying some new , great vendors. I hope everyone is well...I don't know where the days go to, but I can't believe this year is almost GONE! Have a wonderful Wed. afternoon!!
  8. It has been a perfect 10 weekend in Indy...I've been in the flower beds cleaning out spent blooms and over growth from the season. Some recent melts in my home are "Sugar & Spice: Sugar Cookie Dough Bread, Butter Brickle Caramel Apple, Ghost Munch, LSC- Campfire Cookies, TDC-Pumpkin Caramel Cake. I love Fall scents and tend to melt them year round. Wishing y'all a wonderful week ahead!!
  9. I've been AWAL. I went to visit with my Mom for a few and hubby's parents are both in the nursing home now. Lots of life changes in our family. I hope y'all have been well, happy and healthy!! This morning I am melting Sugar & Spice -Marshmallow Fireside type. I think we are getting our first tast of Fall this weekend, highs of around 70. I'm glad to be back!!
  10. Thanks Biolaeagles and Aria...pain in the butt...lol....yes for sure!!
  11. THank you Maggie! Guys in pain are not fun and grouchy!
  12. Good Morning!! I've been absent again.. DS had surgery to remove a second pilonidal cyst from his- well.....buttcrack. We caught this one much sooner than the first one a year and a half ago...They are so very painful and I hope that they do not reoccur again. I have been melting some great scents. I got my first order from Beezy Tarts and I am melting Lavender Mint...It is super strong and the throw has been great. Some other recent melts are :Sugar & Spice: Rainbow Sherbet, Apple Orange Blossom Sweet Pea, Ghost Munch, Sugar Cookie Dough Bread, Fresh Cut Grass. LSC-Caramel Layered Torte,Tres Leches Bread, Lemon Custrad Cookies. TDC-WItches Brew, Sweetgrass and Cedar,Peace, Love & Patchouli, Pixie, Dust. The Bathing Garden-Midway Bites. We are having some great weather here, so I plan to get out and walk this afternoon. Wishing you all a great day!
  13. I think summer has arrived a bit early here...lots of humidity and warm...I'm not complaining after the winter we had...no sir. Some recent melts are Sugar and Spice Apple Orange Blossom Sweat Pea, Rainbow Sherbet, Blue Hawaii, Ghost Munch, Pink Sugar Marshmallow Cake, LSC,- Strawberry Sticky Bread, Bella, TDC-Sweet Grass & Cedar, Purple Sandalwood, Pixie Dust. I hope everyone is dong well...lots of running here.
  14. I can not figure out how I stay so busy these days!!! The days come and go... I hope y'all are doing well. Some recent melts are:Old Primitive treasures- Primitive Blessings, Apple Crisp, Coconut Strawberry Bread, Buttermint Candy, Cinnamon Sugar Crescent Rolls. This is a first time order and I am really happy with everything I have melted. Long Cane Primitives-Persephone's Dream Cake, Coconut Blue Ribbon Cookies. Sugar & Spice -Blackberry & Cedar & Sage, Blue Ribbon Cookies in the Fire, and some Mystery tarts. Have a great day!!
  15. It's so hard seeing our parents growing older and routine things are hard for them to do on their own. Have a wonderful trip...I went to Venice and the island of Corfu when I was 25. I would give anything to go back to Italy and Greece.
  16. Hey Y'all!! I hope every one is doing fine. We are having some beautiful weather here this weekend. I have lots of flowers to plant in my pots. I don't feel like I have been on in awhile and I do miss you all when I have been MIA. Some recent melts include: Sugar & Spice: Vanilla Lavender, Blue Ribbon Cookies, Ghost Munch, Bonfire Bliss, Blue Ribbon Cookies in the Fire ( great scent), blackberry sage and cedar and a couple of mystery scents which are always SO good!! From LSC Pink Sugar Buns, and Lavender Confections. I have my hummingbird feeders up and I saw my first one yesterday. These little guys are so fascinating to watch. My kitties also keep me hopping. Tip is 22 now and he has gum issues and has went to softer canned food. He really likes this and is putting on some weight and looks pretty good for his age. I hope every one has a great weekend!!
  17. I'm so sorry for you and your family's loss Debra.
  18. Hey y'allWe are having great weather in Indiana this week...some showers for the weekend but it is 80 degrees. Today's melts are TDC- Sweetgrass and Cedar and Bergamot Spice. Hubby has been in Vegas this week so I have enjoyed not having to be here or there or cook...like a mini vaca for me. I wish everyone a Happy Mom's Day with memories old and new.
  19. to you Aria!! Sounds like a perfect day to me...especially any time you don't have to cook... We had a covering of snow yesterday morning. I am very hopeful this is the last hurrah!!! Some recent meltings are 3 older tarts, but they still had a great throw..County Line Candle Co-Verbena Berry , Southern Star Scents -Texas Breeze,Angel Made Scents-Trick or Treat. I miss the days when you could go to one of your favorite companies and just place an order...simple and easy...not so much these days with the silent openings, etc. Some other melts in the works are CFTKR-Christmas Thyme, and Pure Christmas, Gourmet Soy on Line-Caramel Praline Zucchini Bread and Creamy Coconut Cake, TDC-Bergamot Spice, and Goose Creek jar candle -Tranquil Spa. Wishing you all a great day!
  20. Sweet: The "cookies" sound yummy...they really thought out of the box during those times. I had a nice trip home, but good to be back to my guys and kitties... I'm melting Can-Do-Red Currant and Thyme Tea, CFTKR-Christmas Thyme-(a good year round scent), Alamo Candlelaria-Ooh La La and Goose Creek jar candle -Island Sands. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!
  21. No, I missed out on the Moona sale but I did snag a few things from The Haunt opening. I have a couple of Moona's soaps left from a previous order.
  22. Guess what peeps??? It's snowing in Indy this morning. I think warmer days are ahead next week. Some recent melts have been Makesscentscandles-Ginger Apple, Sugar & Spice-Bonfire Bliss, Strawberry Pretzel Dessert, Praline Cinnamon Zucchini Bread., and Butter Brickle Caramel Apple. I'm planning on going home for a few days to visit my Mom and sisters and family. I had 2 immediate family deaths there a couple of weeks ago and was so sick with the respiratory crud I could not make the trip. So, this trip will be a happier one. Have a great day!!
  23. Cool ceremonies and Congratulations!! Aria..Our boys crossed over many years ago. Our oldest DS made Eagle, so we were very proud of him.
  24. Some recent melts in my house have been: TDC-Rustic Lodge, Vintage Chic Scents-some really nice blends but for some reason not throwing real well for me..Film Noir and Pin Curls and Finger Waves. Sugar & Spice: Caramel Praline Zucchini Bread, Sugar Cookie Dough Bread, Ghost Munch, Marshmallow Fireside, Strawberry Pretzel Dessert. I haven't had a bad melt from here...all wonderful blends!! I'm glad the calendar says spring tomorrow Wishing y'all a great evening.
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