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  1. Honeybear: Two of my kitties some how get into the closed bags of cat food and just over eat until they throw back up the food. I think it is a nervous thing with them. It's like they just eat and eat.
  2. Thanks everyone!!My throat is just scratchy and I do have a tickle type cough that comes and goes. I'm melting Autumn Romance again today from Goose Creek. It's nice to see the sun shine and a couple of very nice days on their way. Have a great day y'all.
  3. Enjoy your trip Mpfand... I have a little tickle in my throat today. I hope I am not getting sick...it's been a long time since I've even had a cold. Some recent melts are: Sugar & Spice, Mystery tart, Apple Crisp Ice Cream, Serendipity Coconut Cream Pie, Bonfire, Bliss. LSC-Autumn Lodge, Goose Creek- Autumn Romance, and TDC-Tis the Season. We are finally thawing out here in our area and it's nice to see the ground. Have a lovely afternoon everyone!!
  4. Candlelove: I miss LSC. I could usually cut those babies in half and get several meltings from a single tart. I'm burning a Goose Creek candle: Dark Vanilla Bean. It's creamy and yummy. I'm also melting S & S Caramel Apple Waffle Cone and Caramel Praline Zucchini Bread. Both of these scents are so good!! They have some wonderful bakery scent concoctions. More snow in our forecast for next week and very cold the next couple of days. I have become a hermit over the winter, so looking forward to spring time.
  5. I'm happy you were able to get your car unstuck... DS got his hung up the other day backing out of the drive way. and DH had to come and pull him out with a chain. I hope this winter is bidding it's adieu very soon...
  6. Guess What??...Just waiting for a mixed bag of rain, sleet, ice, and or snow...I need sun and warmth.. I am burning my Goose Creek Fireside Woods candle. It really does smell like a fireplace in a good way in my living room. I think I may have to order another one of this scent. Some recent melts are: Makes-scents candle-Sweater Weather, TDC-Pumpkin Crunch Pie (extra Yummers!!), TDC-Frosted Pumpkin, Sugar & Spice-Apple Crisp Ice Cream, Vanilla Sugar Waffle Cone, Lasting Scent Candles-Peppermint Bark...I have been watching for an opening for over 2 weeks but nothing yet and I will probably miss out when ever they decide to open. I hope all is well with everyone. Be safe, and stay warm!!
  7. Maggie a little of both..just glad I didn't break anything.
  8. I'm so glad you are ok...I fell outside in my drive way this week and could not get up for the life of me.... I hope no one saw me... Yes the VCS roses throw much better. I think they are opening on the 20th, so maybe I will try a few more.
  9. We have a Meijer close to us in Greenwood. It's been quite awhile since I have been there, so maybe a trip to check out the wax section is in order. Tomorrow will be a heat wave in Indy...26.......bring it on!!! Some melts from yesterday are Vintage Chic Scents. Aunt Bea and War of the Worlds. The "roses" are throwing much better than the tart cups for some reason. TDC- Vanilla Pine Cones, Saints & SInners, and Sugar & Spice-Caramel Apple Waffle Cones....such a wonderful scent...Have a great afternoon!
  10. Happy Friday to all...another round of snow heading our way. 1-2" this time, so that isn't much at all. I've been running errands today but burning my Goose Creek jar candle Fireside Woods.. It's a really cozy scent and I can walk into my living room and it smells like a fireplace with some wonderful smelling wood. It's definitely not over powering and smells wonderful. Also I have been melting the following:Sugar & Spice: Ghost Munch (to die for)., & Marshmallow Fireside (awesome)., Long Cane Primitives-Caramel Funnel Cake (love this company and I hope they reopen soon). TDC-Elf Snaks, and LSC-Christmas Splendour. I wish y'all a great weekend.
  11. I'm so sorry Honeybear...this must be so hard. Our fur babies are such a wonderful part of our life, and such a heart ache when they are gone. Today's melt is Sugar & spice Sugar Cookie Dough Bread...yummy delish!! Yes, we have SNOW!!! It looks like around 8 ". Some day spring will arrive.. Have a great day and stay warm..
  12. Hello all!! I'm waiting for our next round of snow 6-9" forecast. I'm so sick of the snow and being inside. I have attempted to melt Vintage Chic Scents two different times and so far the melt it is not throwing very well. I tried letting them "cure" for an extra week. The scent is Bogie & Bacall and is a blue sugar sort of scent, so I'm not sure at this point. I also have been melting Can-Do Mimi's House, Creme Brulee Cupcakes and TDC -Sweetgrass and Cedar. If you are in the path of the latest snow apocalypse stay safe and warm..
  13. I'm so sorry Honeybear...it's a hard decision to make and hugs to you...Today we have rain and 40 degrees. Tonight, more snow and Tues..Wed... I don't think I really want to know. Some recent melts are Lather & Lights - Cinnamon Cappuccino, Sugar & Spice Candles-Eggnog French Toast, Mystery tart, and Apple Crisp Ice Cream...all very yummy scents. I'm also melting my Goosecreek candle-FIreside Woods. Have a great weekend y'all and we're rooting for Peyton and the Broncos!!
  14. I have been using Giddy Up Cowboy soap and it has not lost any scent. It's a great scent and maybe the note I smell that I am not familiar is the tumble weed. I will also be sampling my Raven soap from Alamo Candeleria tonight or tomorrow and I will let you know how I like it.
  15. Hey y'all....just checking in on this cold, but sunny day. I think the weather is taking it's tole on many people. I am so very lucky that I do not have to be out and about every day in this stuff. Today I am melting Vintage Chic Scents-Bogie & Bacall , Sugar & Spice Marshmallow Fireside, and Alamo Candelaria-Ooh La-La and Bella Bohemienne. Great scents on this cold day...
  16. I moped my floor this morning, onto sweeping my floors. I guess the bad weather has it's positive side. My indoor kitties are driving me insane. Mr. Tip wants to constantly eat and our "guest" Mr. Cole just does whatever Tip does... I have been melting from my new Alamo Candelaria order Hildagoand Heart and Crowns. These are definitely a moderate throw tart, and I am loving the scent combos available. I also have melted TDC-Bergamot Spice, Sugar & Spice- Praline CInn.Zuch. Bread, Sugar Cookie Bread Dough, Caramel Apple Waffle Cone. I'm with Aria..I love each and every one I have tried!!. I have a huge pot of vegetable soup on for dinner. So, stay warm everyone...and if you are in a warm climate I am SO jealous!!
  17. Sweet, I think we are in for it...They say our wind chills will be -40 with actually temp of -15. I feel like I live in Minnesota
  18. I tried the Giddy Up Cowboy in my much needed bath last night and it smelled really nice and long lasting scent power.
  19. I've been itching to try some new B & B companies lately, I placed an order with Faith, Soaps and Love. They have a really nice selection of soaps. I ordered just a few days ago and my soaps arrived today. The scents are already "thawing" out and I will be trying one this evening. The scents I ordered are Indonesian Teakwood, Under My Spell, Bonfire Bliss,Giddy Up Cowboy-Wild Wild West.,Beau Brummell and a sample of Peppermint and Rosemary. Check out this site for yourself at www.faithsoapsandlove.com. A very nice variety of scents.
  20. Snow,snow and more snow, and bitter cold temps through Tuesday. I desperately need some Some recent melts have been LSC-Snow Creme,Sugar & Spice-Ghost munch ,Country Christmas, Praline CInn. Zucchinni Bread, K's Creations-Holiday Cheer, CFTKR, Christmas Thymethis one too!!!. I plan to watch some of the play off games since our Colts are out I can root for Denver and Peyton. Have a great day y'all.
  21. I'm so glad the snow has almost all melted!! My kitty guests have now returned to the outside. They did pretty good, but 2 kitties most of the time is all I can handle. I will bring them back inside, if it gets that cold again. They do have outside shelters. Some recent melts are Sugar & Spice Gourmet Soy Candles-Bonfire Bliss, Praline Cinn. Zucchini Bread, Eggnog French Toast. Lathers & Lights -Cinnamon Cappuccino, Makes-Scents Candles- Christmas WIsh, Can-Do- Honey Pear Cider, and Nene's- Persimmon Spice (thanks candle buddy). I hope everyone is having a good week so far.
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