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The software upgrade has been completed. We've lost some of our personalizations, but otherwise the forum seems to be functioning properly. If there are any problems, please contact us to let us know. (admin at candlefind dot com). 

Thanks & Merry Christmas!


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    Candles, candles - wax and everything else scented!
  1. Lol Amy Jo, Yes, I will back up all the emoji's prior to the upgrade so I can reinstall them again. The only thing that will change with the upgrade will be the outside colors of the forum. The header and sides etc... I'm not doing the upgrade until the very last second of explosion so hopefully, that won't be for awhile. We shall see.
  2. Hey Candlefiders!! So sorry for the super long delay getting the forum back up. What a total MESS!!!! Long story short... my hosting company I moved Candlefind to 3 months ago up and went POOF on New Years day and that meant the entire data that "is" Candlefind was held hostage. It took days to get it all back and then the forum was messed up when it got moved and it took even longer to fix that. So here is what will likely happen with the forum.... I'm eventually going to have to upgrade the entire forum to the updated software version. I've been procrastinating doing it because the design (cute girl above, colors) will be gone and I'm not sure I can get it back. So, when I do it, I'll just change the colors to match the site but it will just look a little more plain. You guys good with that?
  3. Hi Sandy, Welcome to the Candlefind forum. Like Debra said, if you want to post any info on your company, please post all of that in the Vendor section at the bottom of the forum. The rest of the board is for candle consumer chat only. No solicitations.
  4. Hey guys. Just in case you didn't see my post in the announcement section. We're going to be doing some upgrades to the forum soon.... security patches, software updates etc.... so the forum may go offline for a little bit, or go all wonky till we fix the bugs. We also might lose all emoties which I'll reinstall if that happens. That be it.
  5. Hello and welcome to Candlefind. If your main interest is candle making, you may want to try Candletech. This forum and site is just for candle consumers, not candle making. Good luck!!
  6. HI Christine. Welcome to Candlefind!! I LOVE Game of Thrones! I've watched it from the first season. We're seeing Jurrasic World this weekend. My boys are huge fans.
  7. Hey Sweet & Maggie.... you two were the only players - so you looks like you both get to pick. So each of you pick 5 scents and email me your choices with your addresses.
  8. Thanks for the recs... will have to try those.
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