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  1. This evening I am melting Carol's Pumpkin Crunch and Homespun Goodness. Earlier melts were Carol;s Pilgrim Pie and Thankful. I hope y'all have a great weekend!!!
  2. Mpfand: It's nice that your sis and nieces will be close during their transition. This morning I am burning Goosecreek jar candle in Caramel Apple. I love this wonderful fall scent. I think the rain has moved one and it is suppose to be a pretty nice week here in Indy. I will be walking this afternoon since it's a nice day. Have a great Wednesday everyone.
  3. Sounds like a great name for a tart Sweet-Pumpkin Bliss...
  4. Today is rainy and humid ...the rain needs to let up for a few days... I am burning a Goosecreek - Autumn jar candle. The jar candles have been throwing well in my home, better than Yankee. This is your typical Autumn scent , but my living room smells great!! Have a good afternoon....
  5. Throwback Thursday: I found a remaining Cottage Hill Creations Sugar Plum Spice. Although it was on the lighter side, it still smelled .. Also melting Carol's Apple Cinnamon Donuts and Fall Harvest..Both smelled great!!! Getting ready to go for a massage. Have a wonderful Thursday afternoon!!
  6. Just started melting Carol's Pumpkin Harvest. It's another gloomy day and I am ready for some sunshine.
  7. It is gloomy here this a.m. Trep...but we really needed the 1" of rain. I have been melting a few scents over the weekend which included CFTKR-Fireside Yankee Type, Pumpkin Harvest, Christmas Thyme(love this), Can- Do Nilla Wafers, and one of my last Cottage Hill Creations Bamboo Cabin...this is an all time fav. of mine and I'm always trying to find a dup. for this scent. Have a great Monday!!
  8. I just happened to be on line and I was able to order. I was completely out of Carol's tarts, so I am glad to have a fresh supply in the house..
  9. Greetings on this lovely Friday... I'm finishing up a Goose Creek candle in Vanilla Cashmere. It was a very nice scent and also melting CFTKR Vanilla Bean Noel and TDC Oak Barrel Cider. Last night I melted LSC Autumn Lodge in my family room and I think it needs to be in a larger area. I really like the scent but was even a bit strong for me. Wishing y'all a great Friday.
  10. This afternoon I'm melting LSC-Autumn Lodge and TDC-Sweet grass and Cedar and enjoying a lovely fall day in Indy.
  11. This morning I am melting TDC-Bergamot Spice. I really love this scent and it is always a nice, strong, clean smell. We are having lovely weather here and this is my walk day, so I will be heading out a little later. Have a great day friends.
  12. Well at least you will be decorated for fall...It's been in the 70's here, no humidity. I could do this year round.
  13. Rivercat: I hope you have good news from your vet this morning. My kitty Tip is 21 years old.. This morning I am melting LSC Black Pumpkin. I missed her last opening, so I hope I can get in on the next one. I hope all is well with everyone this beautiful, crisp, Fall morning.
  14. This late after noon I started another lovely TDC scent Cinnamon Bread Pudding...yummers!!
  15. I think summer has returned...but I am melting TDC-Pumpkin Crunch Pie and it is sinfully wonderful! Happy Friday to everyone!!
  16. Hey y'all...I woke up to a nice shower this morning. My flowers are so happy for the rain. I am melting TDC Leaves and it's smelling wonderful in my house. Have a great day!!!
  17. This evening I am melting TDC Fall Festival. I am loving this scent.
  18. This is GOOD news Trep...prayers do work. I'm melting TDC-Rustic Lodge which is very fitting on this crisp, Fall like day.
  19. Today I'm burning my new B&BW Black Pepper Bergamot 3 wick candle. My walking buddy surprised me yesterday with the candle. It is a really nice scent and a great one for this time of year. It's a gorgeous day in Indy and I am loving the cooler temps..wishing all a great weekend.!!
  20. Candlefan: Stay safe from the rising waters. My cousin lives in Bellevue. He said they are ok because of the elevation but his neighbours a mile or so away not so safe. Today I am melting TDC-Havana and expecting an order of Fall scents from there next week. I hope y'all have a great weekend. It is 70 here today and I am walking outside a little later today.
  21. to you too Maggie and Sweet...I've missed every one of you. This morning I am melting TDC Cedar and Saffron. Cedar scents are a nice prelude to Fall and I think I am going to place a couple of small orders with TDC and Can-Do soon. Trep: I'm glad to hear DH is doing well..attitude is 99% I believe. Have a great day y'all.
  22. This summer I have been melting through my hoard of stashed scents. I'm ready to place some fall scent orders. Any suggestions, or new places, since I have been MIA for too long. Today ,I am melting LSC -Vanilla Bean Mousse and TDC-Geisha. Trep: I'm glad your hubby is home and Maggie so sorry about your debit card hi-jack. It's 96 here this p.m and I am staying inside where it's cool with "old man Tip". Have a great afternoon y'all.
  23. Nancy, Prayers that your hubby will be ok...and extra prayers to keep you strong... I've been working on 2 Goose Creek Jar candles lately: Spun Sugar and Vanilla Cashmere...both are wonderful!!! I'm ready for Fall the my favorite types of scents. I hope all is well with my candle buddies...
  24. Happy 4th everyone!!Today I'm melting TDC Bergamot Spice and Can-Do Prim Wishes. We had periods of rain for several days so I'm hoping the sun will shine a little this afternoon.I hope everyone is having a great day!!
  25. Hey y'all.. .just checking in and I have been thinking of my candle buddies.. The wedding was beautiful and a fun time. Now, on to getting my youngest ready to finish his degree in audio recording at Vincennes University in southern Indiana where I grew up. So, it will really be an "empty nest" this Fall. I've been melting lots of great scents, too many to mention and I also just placed a order with TDC to stock up on some of my favorites. I hope everyone's Summer is going fabulous. Have a great day and hugs to all.
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