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Thanks & Merry Christmas!


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  1. I thought the same thing Maggie. I would burn this scent year round. Of course, if all has to do with the notes and I am that woodsy, cedar , musk type of gal.
  2. Thank you for the kind comments about our outside kitties. The 2 "guests' are really doing great. The older one is just so grateful to be inside he has stayed put on his rug and "area". The juvenile kitty is much more playful but he is doing well too. Tip and Rawhide are not thrilled with the "guests" but it is suppose to start warming up considerably tomorrow. It will be in the 40's by the weekend. Today I am melting Mimi's House from Can-DO. This is an old favourite and is great for today. The wind chill is a bit better this afternoon -20 at times, so it can be movin' on any time. Have a great evening!
  3. WINTER BLAST 2014!!!This morning it's even too cold to make a snow angel;12" of snow with -41 wind chills. DH and I have been trying to get the outside kitty shelters ready for this Artic Freeze. He lined extra straw and I have heated pads and wrapped tarps around them...We have 4 outside kitties. One came in yesterday afternoon and he has been such a good boy and sleeping on his blanket. The other ( maybe 8 months old) came in last night. He is doing pretty well but wanting to roam around and my Senior Citizen kitty Tip and his sidekick (Mr. Nosey Rawhide) are not liking the "guests" Hopefully by Wed. the temps are suppose to start rising so they will be safe outdoors again. I have been melting lots of Holiday scents and the Vanilla Wonderland candle from Goose Creek is perfect for this type of day. I'm also melting Rustic Lodge from TDC. Stay warm everyone..
  4. I hope every one had a blessed Christmas. It can be a tough time of year for so many people. DS and Dil joined us and I received a beautiful dimmer type warmer and some melts from them. Now, I'm just trying to find a place for my new goodies. This afternoon I am melting from Scent Chips a blend called Peaceful (white tea & ginger and baby powder)...very nice..in my new melter. I also have Long Cane melt going in my FR -Caramel Blue Ribbon cookie...a great scent...Happy New Year and a great 2014 to everyone.
  5. to you Trep!!!!.. Melting some wonderful scents from a sweet CF buddy...Tara's Caramel CInn. Gingerbread Latte' is so yummy and Cross Creek 's Christmas Cheer so nice and festive. It's always such a busy time of year but I sure do cherish all of my CF friends...May you have a wonderful holiday season.
  6. Brrrr. It's so cold in Indy and my poor outside fur babies are not one bit happy. We have houses and shelters for them but they are not liking the bitter cold. . Today I am melting one of my last LSC scents- Peppermint Bark. I miss their great scents and I have a hard time figuring out when they open, etc...so I am just melting the ones I have left. I'm also burning a Goose Creek candle scented A Christmas Story. I just lit it so I will report on it later. Have a great evening everyone.
  7. I'm getting ready to go for a walk before the temps. fall and the snow starts. Today I am melting Eskimo Kiss from Makes Scents Candles. I attempted to set up my table top grapevine tree I made years ago and I plug in the lights and nothing... So, I am undecided if I will tear it apart to replace the light strands or bypass it this year and just maybe put up my Barbie tree... I hope everyone is having a stellar hump day...
  8. I love Soltice Scents perfumes. Lace Draped Spectre is not one I would usually go for with the notes, but I love it and also Old CedatrMagus
  9. No black Friday craziness for this gal yesterday. I plan to do 95% of my shopping on-line.. I am melting TDC-Rustic Lodge abd just started a Can-Do melt called Pure Christmas. My nose is "smelling" me this is going to be one great melt. I also started burning a Goose Creek jar candle called Winter Splendor. It's smelling great at my house and now I need to think about some decorating. Wishing you all a safe, productive weekend!!
  10. Chik..I was feeling kinda funky myself last night. My stomach just wasn't quite right. This morning I am melting TDC-Pink Peppercorn and Caramel Apple Cheesecake. We are travelling 2 hours south home for Thanksgiving. Our oldest DS and his bride are coming from St. Charles, MO to join in the festivities. It will be a quick trip as his bride works black Friday at 1 A M . Wishing you all a blessed Thanksgiving and I am thankful to have y'all to listen to my ramblings..
  11. This morning I'm melting TDC-Fall Festival...wonderful, scent. Drizzly here today...yuck!! Going for a therapeutic massage this afternoon. Wishing all a great afternoon!
  12. Hey y'all. It's a bit chilly here this morning too...I'm still walking at the mall but it will be inside today instead of outside. Today's melts at this point are Taras-Citrus Glazed Pumpkin Carrot Cake..a nice scent even if orange isn't my favourite note in a melt. I am also melting Can-Do Pity Pat's Pound Cake. This scent is deliciously buttery, just like I'm baking a pound cake.
  13. I had a sliver of Northwoods. It's a great smell but I'm not getting a lot of scent. Also I have tried my NutKracker and Yuletide and also lightly scented. So, IDK...but the scents are very nice, just wish they were a little stronger.
  14. I'm so sorry about the kitty Sweet. I have one feral left out of an original colony of 8 . He lost his buddy last year and Pumpernickel now buddies up with our outside kitty(Cole) that decided he liked our place a couple of year ago and stayed. I know you will give him a nice resting place for the sweet feral.
  15. Hey ,Peeps I had to asked DH last night if it was Friday..I've been a day behind all week . This mornings melts are Carol's Autumn Lodge and Leaves. I just can't melt the Christmas scents yet. I hope every one has a nice weekend. I need to clean out my clothes closet...and make a couple of floral arrangements to take to my Dad and nephew at the cemetery.
  16. Morning y'all...it's been a cold week in Indy and I just want to hibernate with my fur babies I'm trying to slowly work in some Christmas type scents in with the Fall scents. I will grow tired of them, so I have to do some here and there. SO...today's melts are Tara's Candle Cottage-Winter Wonderland and Orchid Lake Candles-Country Christmas. Enjoy the day everyone
  17. Boogie: I'm not smelling any Nag Champa in this scent. I wish I had ordered more, but you never know with this sort of thing.
  18. We had our first "dusting" of snow this morning...not ready for Winter. Some recent melts from the weekend and today are Carol's- Pumpkin Cornbread, Pumpkin Pie, Baked Apple, Orchid Lake-Holiday Pomegranate, Long Cane Primitives-Pumpkin Pie Fudge, Sugar & Spice Gourmet Candles- Caramel Apple...have a great afternoon candle buddies!!
  19. I put on some "smell good" as my Dad used to say since DH and I made a little trip to Kohls this morning...30% off too hard to pass up.My newest fav. perfume scent is Possets - Cambienne :Per Fume. This was a very limited run (check out her site to read about Cambiennes). I love this scent and a description of this most lovely scent is perfume smoke of incense and precious woods soaked in resins and sprinkled with spices. A hit of camphor, pumpkin, and light lavender compliments oude, vanilla woods, patchouli, opium, and the sweetest smokiness.
  20. It's a rainy morning and the leaves are coming down. Looks like this will be on the "to do" list this weekend... Some recent melts are TDC-Fall Festival, Tara's-Vanilla Sugar and Orchid Lake Candles-Autumn Bounty and Harvest. I wish everyone a great afternoon!!
  21. I will let you know on Snowdrift and Bad Wolf...
  22. My first order is as follows: Bar soaps -Snowdrift, Pipe Smoke, Yuletide, Winter Berry, Krumkake, Nutkracker, Mini body whip-Krumkake Mini cream soap -Bad Wolf, and Countrycide Body Gloss... I'm looking forward to getting my order!!
  23. I'm going to give them a try Jules!! I see some great sounding scent combos!
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