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  1. Hey Y'all..it was a beautiful day her in Indy...I hope it stays this way for a few days. Today's melts were Can-Do Mimi's House, CInnamon Toast and Sugar & Spice Candle Co.-Grandma's Kitchen. I hope everyone has a peaceful, relaxing evening.
  2. It's a gloomy Nov.1....but it's Friday!!! Some recent melts are Can-Do Lessie's Coco-Mint Frost, Orchid Lake-Coco Zucchini, Long Cane Primitives-Toasted Pumpkin Noel Zucchini Bread, Tara's Brown Sugar Fig. Wishing y'all a great day!!
  3. My Moona order came and it was in record TAT time. The soap scents are to die for. I wore the Sweet Smoke and Woods roll-on perfume yesterday and it is really a nice, not over powering scent. I'm set for a while and will be smelling so good!!
  4. Happy Halloween!!! Trick-or-Treat has been postponed until Friday evening in our area because of impending storms. I'm melting Vampire's Kiss -Orchard Lake and Sugar & Spice- Warm Apple Crisp. I will add Evening Eclipse Voodoo a little later. I loved this company with their rich,earthy,dark scents. I wish they would re- open some day. Have a great day and be safe those roaming with little ones.
  5. I have been wearing the current Cambienne Per Fume and it is just one beautiful scent. Fabienne has some gorgeous scents.
  6. Thanks Boogie: I will check these places out!! I have been on Alchemic Muse and checking them out. I will check out Paintbox...always appreciate every ones input!!
  7. I'm melting some new companies this week. Sugar & Spice Gourmet-Warm Apple Crisp...yummers!! Tara's Candle Cottage-Twilight Woods, Orchid Lake Candles and Soaps -Fall Festival-smells great could have been a bit stronger and also Vampire's Kiss...great scent!! I'm heading to an Arbonne skin product demo/luncheon today. Anyone heard of their products? Have a great afternoon.
  8. I had Winchester and Burying Tree before in the soap and glossing oils. I loved the Winchester scent for sure!! Burying Tree is also a great scent. I am waiting for Archeo to cycle through the list at some point. I just finished my glossing oil in Archeo and I am also working on Palmist which I really like because it brings out my "inner hippie".
  9. I just got a perfume order from on of my fav. perfumers Possetts. I love so many of Fabienne's scents. My newest ones are the current Cambienne and Hyde Park. If you are into scents, you should check out this lovely site...I know you will find something you can't live without.
  10. Yes, I am feeling the same way with several great vendors. I was able to get: potion lotions in Caramel Apple, Fir all up in yer face perfume roll on- Sweet Smoke &Woods Hydrating mister-Fir all up in yer Face Hydrating mister-Mabon 1 x 4 gel-Sweet Smoke & Woods bar soaps-Black Bread & Marmalade, Hocus Pocus, Gooey Goblin, Caramel Apple. yip...yip..
  11. This gorgeous Friday afternoon I am melting Long Cane Primitives-Caramel Apple Tres Leches Cake. This is one wonderful, yummy scent. Have a great day y'all.
  12. This afternoon I am melting Carol's Green Apple and Goose Creek Maple Butter. Have a great afternoon!!
  13. Yes, Christina I love Haunt. She is having a sale this evening at 8:00 but not going to have soaps this time around. I forgot about Gloi. I have some great places to check out. Thanks for your suggestions.
  14. So sorry to hear of your mishap Debra...heal soon!! I am lucky. Although my left hand is my dominant hand, I do many other things right handed. I am melting 2 new vendors and love both of them. Long Cane Primitives-Tres Leches Nutmeg Cake and Sugar & Spice Gourmet Candles-Warm Apple Crisp. I wish y'all a fabulous Sunday..Our Colts play tonight and Peyton is coming home so lots of hub bub in the city.
  15. For sure Debra...I have done some major damage this week...
  16. Hey thanks, Jules! I have tried TDC soap. The scent was Patchoulli Passion and quite nice. I will check out the other ones you offered.
  17. I just wanted to give props to a new vendor that I stumbled upon during the VCMA flash sales this week. I got a Fall Sampler from Long Cane Primitives and just had to melt one of these little jewels. I chose Mac Apple Butter Cookie..The scent is pure, deep and filling my house and down the hallway. I am so glad I tried this company and I hope they are around to do so again.
  18. Yes, you should try... It is wonderful and different. I'm glad you may be getting a little more sleep soon!!
  19. I've noticed that a couple of places I used to buy soaps from don't always carry the bar soaps. Any thoughts on a company that has great smelling soaps. I am the Earthy type scent girl for those of you that doesn't know this already.
  20. and It's a beautiful Fall day. Becky, I am also melting on of my most fav. scents today Can-Do's Mimi's House. I love this one and hope it sticks around for a long time. I hope y'all have a great weekend!!
  21. This gloomy Fall morning I am melting Pumpkin Corn Pudding from Carol. Yummy!!
  22. I'm melting some apple scents today..CFTKR- Caramel Apple Pie and CFTKR Hot Apple Pie. Both are mouth watering good!!
  23. I'm so sorry to hear about your friends passing. I am sure her passing will leave very big shoes to fill at the shelter and to her friends. I am sure she was greeted by all of the fur babies she has helped through the years that are over the Rainbow Bridge.
  24. Debra and MaggieMae: Please fill me in on the Happy Hippy. This could be a new place for me to try. This gloomy afternoon I am melting TDC Cinnamon Baklava. I'm trying to get motivated today, but it's not happening. I need some more coffee!!
  25. I'm so sorry to hear about your Koosh Rivercat You will be together again some day. Koosh will be waiting for you across the Rainbow Bridge. This afternoon I am melting CFTKR Family Gathering and TDC Fall Festival.
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