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  1. I am now melting Nene's Frosted Pumpkin and it is heavenly// It looks like rain this evening and it is chilly, so I turned the furnace on to make sure it still works!!//Kim
  2. Today, I have Nene's cornucopia going in my living room, a YC votive Evening Air in the small bath. I tried both of my candles of Keona Candles and the Walk-in-the -Woods is still "not the scent". It is nice, but I'm not getting alot of throw since they are small jars. The Autumn afternoon smells nice also, but again not alot of throw from the size of the jars ( These scents are included in the sampler freebies so many ordered from Greenlite). I am still on the hunt for my "Walk-in'-the-Woods scent." It is a beautiful Fall day in Indianapolis, everyone have a great afternoon!!//KIM
  3. Ok ya'all - my free samples came from Greenlite candles, and they really smell nice in the baggie. . Since I ordered small jars of Walk int he Woods and Autumn afternoon, I received both samplers FREE. I will report if this is "THE" Walk-in-the-Woods, that I so dearly love. // Kim
  4. Good Mpnday afternoon. I had lots of interruptions in the a.m. so I am now burning Cottage hill- Candy Corn, - I 'm not getting alot of smell and Can-Do Candy Apple in my living room. So far, it smells delightful//Kim
  5. Yes, Debra I agree with last night's SNS was a killer. I asked for advice on favorite SNS product vendors and Jules and cyngreen so willingly replied to my plea. So, I ended up placing orders with Cozy Moments and Magic hands; not huge orders, but still orders...I justify that Christmas is coming, but my problem is I can't seem to stay out of my gift stash. Anyway, thanks girls and I plan to lay low for a couple of weeks until I see where i am at.// KIM
  6. This late afternoon it's YC Fireside in my bath and Can-Do's De'ja' Vu in my living room. I smell alot of cinnamon and it smells so good. ///// KIM
  7. Hello, Mish and welcome. You will love it here. There are alot of wonderful supporters of our "smelly " addiction/ KIm
  8. This morning I am burning : Merlin's Forest from my awesome order from Carol, Nag Champa, going strong from yesterday in my family room YC cinn. sugar votive in my bath. It's a beautiful fall day today in Indy, so I hope y'all enjoy your weekend.//KIm
  9. me too- I will keep you posted if it "the scent" __Kim_________________
  10. OK, so I just placed a small order with the Greenlites Candles. I ordered a small jar -walk-in-the-woods, also autumn afternoon and a free fall sampler to boot, AND free shipping on my items. What a deal!!! KIM
  11. This morning I started with a YC patchouli in the bath and Lessie's Haunted House from Can-do in my living room. Another beautiful here in Indy. Have a good one. ___________KIM
  12. Wow- Thanks Cat1 for your help. I am so excited and will be giving them a shout for my free samples, and who knows what else. Have a GREAT day.!!!/ Kim
  13. Stardustgirl Wow- I only wish it was me. I live about a mile from the Greenwood Mall. I used to go to the Yankee store there, but now i am concentrating on web retailers. Thanks for the welcome!! ____________ KIM
  14. Debra99 The description is earthy, woodsy, cedar blend with notes of patchouli, sandlewood ,and cypress. To me this is the perfect scent. ___________ KIM
  15. Hello: Hope everyone is having a good evening. I used to buy from Candlelicious the jar scent of Walk- in- the- Woods. It is one of my all time favorite scents. They have discontinued this scent (of course), and I have tried many numerous scents from different companies trying to duplicate this scent. I have not yet found a duplicate. Maybe one of you all have tried this scent, and have an idea where I may find a duplicate scent or very close. Thanks for any input or thoughts. _______________ KIM
  16. This morning I am melting Nene's Rustic Blend. A great spicy fall scent to go along with the beautiful day here in Indiana. ______ Kim
  17. Welcome Abby!! I'm also new to the group, and I love it. . Have a great day. __________ Kim
  18. I have also added Zionsville Candle Company-Cool Springs jar candle, YC Fall festival votive, and Busy Bee-homespun sugar ww in the bath. I need a SALE!!!/ Kim
  19. Good morning!! I am melting Can-Do Perfect Autumn. Very yummy!!
  20. Hello: My name is Kim and I luv candles. It's a full-time job changing scents!!!. I live in Indy, with hubby, kitties, and my 2 awesome sons. Ryan is a senior at Purdue and Seth graduated HS in May . He is "searching" for his life's path and became employed as of today- PT. I love earthy, woodsy, fall, winter scents. Most florals do a number to my head. I look forward to sharing all that is "well and good" in the candle world, and other worlds. Greetings: KIm
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