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Thanks & Happy Thanksgiving!


Dancing with my scents - December 2019

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Great title Susan!!

Burning BBW Toasted Vanilla Chai today. Had my melters on yesterday but had to shut them off.  They were irritating my throat and had me coughing. 

Hope everyone has a great day!

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Good morning all,

Michele, I'm sorry your wax had you coughing, that is simply unacceptable!! Hope you feel better.

Last night was Trivia Night with the work group at a local restaurant.   We didn't win but it was a blast.  Each of us has our stronger categories (history not being mine) so everyone is needed.

So this morning it's:

TBG Mrs Cratchit's Christmas Pudding - ohhhhhh, just exquisite - cake, plums, raisins, carrots, brown sugar, cinnamon, vanilla brandy.  This clam is a year old and cured to perfection.  I must write this one in the To Repurchase list.

Today is very full.  Have a good Wednesday all!

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Hi All!

I'm continuing to make great progress with my knee. I can’t wait to have full use of it again.  

Amy-That trivia night sounds fun.   I’m so mad that I missed TBG Christmas collection.  Next year for sure!  

Still no melting.

Enjoy all!


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Hello ladies! [smilie=th_autumboy]

Hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving. It was quiet here with breakfast for dinner. So nice for a change, but missed our girls. 
DD#2 finally put in her resignation last Friday and I changed her ticket to come home a few days earlier on the 18th. She is of course happy to be done with the job and coming home, but grieving her dream not having been what she envisioned.

VCS Spearmint Man

S&S Strawberry Raspberry Guava Cotton Candy Cookie Butter Crack

SB Pink Lavender White Cake

SGA I Bake It You Take It




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Hello All! Congrats on the title Susan!!

I just can't get off the couch....what a big blob I am being. I have so many things to do....yet....here I sit. [smilie=th_pardon] Yep....pretty much a wasted evening...but in my defense...I'm exhausted...haven't been sleeping well

Michele....sorry to hear about your cough...could it be from the anesthesia? But very happy about your progress! Yahoo!
Amy...Looks like you had a fun evening last night...I love trivia!

Honeybear....glad your DD is coming home early. I know she must be disappointed because her expectation was very different from reality but she'll come up with a new dream to pursue....there are so many!

Its still the same tarts going. I must admit the 8 hour shutoff has been messing up my schedule. Usually when they go all night there's not much scent left in the morning...now I can keep turning it on 3-4 times...which takes days. Upstairs it's Colonial Candle Falling Leaves

"I really need to decorate for Christmas"....she said as she rolled over. 

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Good one, Susan! [smilie=th_ahaaha]

Maggie, I am in the same place...I know what I need to do, I am just not motivated enough to do it when I get home!

Michele - that is great about your knee!!  Some people have a rough time with that, but you seem to be progressing nicely!

Amy...waiting to hear what your area of expertise is?  I am happy that your group had a good evening socializing! It makes those times when they are annoying easier to go through! [smilie=th_roll]

Tonight it is Man Cave by Sparkle.


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Good morning all!

Maggie, LMAO, I'm glad you actually sat down for five minutes.  You have been moving children in and out of houses... Teaching... Helping your father, endlessly....You always have so much going on and it's no wonder you are exhausted.   I see you turning wreaths out right and left on Instagram... those didn't just make themselves.   Sometimes the couch is the answer and I'm glad you took advantage of it.   As my mom used to say,  "Even God rested!"

Michele, I'm joining Debra in cheering about your knee!! I think you have a great attitude about it, just getting on with the job.  I saw the trouble you were having before and am so glad this is working out so well. 

Valerie, it's good to see you!!  I know your daughter is disappointed, but hopefully she will still have some good memories about the experience, or at least good learnings.  There may be things that will play out in wonderful ways down the road that she has no way of anticipating now.  In any case, I know you've been terribly worried and will be relieved to have her back on this side of the ocean.

Debra, my trivia category...Well, history and geography are surely not it... Not too bad with Authors.... But they really haul me along for the Rhyming section.  Every answer must be two words that rhyme.   For your pleasure, here are three clues, followed by their three answers:


1.  Instruct Students in Elocution

2.  Frumpy Doody

3.  Faux Gateau


1.  Teach Speech

2.  Dowdy Howdy

3.  Fake Cake

This is so useful and necessary in life, which is why I can do it.  Just don't ask me which US state is closest to Bermuda.  

Well I'm going home today!  So this morning I'm melting more of that ST Santa Clause snap bar - the eggnog and cinnamon one, fabulous.

Also burning:

WoodWicks Petite Candle in Pumpkin Butter, very nice. A little sputtery towards the finish.

Enjoy your Thursday all!  And, since I know this is eating you up, the US state closest to Bermuda is.... North Carolina.  And yes, we got it wrong (Florida? South Carolina? Puerto Rico?  Wait, that's a territory...).

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Good morn ladies. Melting today: Cake Batter by CFOW

Mulled Cider by The Candle Cottage

Candle: Spiced Apple Toddy, small candle by BBW

Candlelove, happy to hear that you are doing well.   Have a great Thursday.

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Amy, that game sounds like great fun!  I have to say I was 1 for 3 - I got the "fake cake" one!  And thanks for not making us Google the states!

Hooray for Thursday night. That means it is almost Friday!

Tonight it is Log Cabin - Cheryl's.  I smell that woodsy, smokey note.


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Good evening! Just got home from my work Christmas party...lots of fun. 

Amy...sounds like a lot of fun....and you have a quick mind!!  However...I got none of them! (Good going Debra!) Clever girls. 

I've been melting Nancy's wax in Pumpkin Friendship Bread....delicious.

Goodnight all. 

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Afternoon all, hope you are all well


Bluebell Woods by Daisy Chains Wax Melts in the kitchen

Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow by Rose and Thistle Wax Patisserie in the lounge. 

Happy Saturday!! 

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Well good morning all!

I hope everyone is enjoying the start to the weekend.  Happy to say that I decided to forego going in person to BBW Candle Day and successfully ordered the two candles I hoped for online. 🎉🎉🎉

I'm glad you ladies enjoyed the trivia questions...I just hide my head during some of the sections...🤪

Maggie, I'm glad you enjoyed the work party!  Also the Pumpkin Friendship Bread sounds delicious.

Debra, anything with Cozy Cabin in the name is going to get my vote, especially from Cheryl's. ♥️

Susan, I like that BBW Spiced Apple Toddy... How was the throw from the smaller candle?

Sharon, the Bluebell scent sounds interesting...I must admit that I am looking forward to the spring scents.

Well it's been:

Colonial Candle Snow Day - my beloved soft wax in the little oval clam - luscious and so strong that I had to turn it off.  Eucalyptus, juniper, mint.

Southbound Winter Palace - pink sugar, plum, cherries, oranges, peppery woods.  I love this one so much and after a year it was very strong.

ScentSationals Iridescent - I had high hopes for this one, but to my nose it was too heavy on the pink sugar.  Waaaaay sweet.   It says spearmint and vanilla woods but I'm not getting those notes. 

BBW Hot Cocoa & Cream - absolutely delicious.  Huge wicks that must be kept very short or it burns violently.  

And the star of this week, while granted it has nothing to do with Christmas:

Enchanted Peony four-wick candle by Harry Slatkin off QVC - bought on clearance "as is," not a thing wrong with it - Oh. My. Goodness.  Such a beautiful fruity floral, and I love it so much that I reordered the scent.  Gorgeous heavy hobnail jars.  Again violently huge, hot flames and must be kept severely trimmed, so hot that I couldn't touch the candle without a mitt.  Last year I guess they had wicks that would drown and not stay lit, so they went completely to the other extreme.  In any case, I want to smell this scent forever.

Enjoy your weekend all!

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Good Morning Al!

Hope everyone is doing well. I’m continuing to make good progress. Thanks everyone for your good wishes.

Everyone’s scents sound wonderful.   

Amy and Susan-I love that BBW Spiced Apple Toddy.  

Amy-I also got the 3 BBW Candles I wanted online.  

Trying to burn a candle today.  I want to finish it before I start a Christmas candle.  It’s BBW Toasted Vanilla Chai and it smells good. I’m now also melting VRC Peppermint Marshmallow.  

Happy Saturday!

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Maggie, 'tis the season - I just came home from my work Christmas party also.

Sharon - I am intrigued - can you smell the "woods" on your bluebell?

Michele, I am glad to hear all is going well!

Amy, I am going to have to look for the Peony.  You make it sound fabulous!

Tonight - CFTKR. Wild Air. I smell ocean and eucalyptus and some greens.

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Good Morning All!

Debra...I hope you had fun!
Michele...the Peppermint Marshmallow candle sounds wonderful....I think I'm going to burn something like that today! I'm glad you are doing well! 
Amy...Thanks! The PFB scent was wonderful....sadly, it seems she's now OOB. I am sad that so many vendors I love keep closing up shop. ☹️ That hot candle is pretty scary! Be careful!! 
Sharon....ohhhh.....what does Bluebell Woods smell like?
Well...since I've finally completed my Christmas decorating...I can play the music and warm the scents. Yesterday and this morning is...

Sweater Weather/Cranberry Salsa/Bayberry Forest by Ten Digit...[smilie=cloud_9]...another OOB that I didn't even know about when I ordered in October. I would have bought more.[smilie=th_cry2yw3]

Have a great day!

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Afternoon all, hope yours all having a lovely Sunday. 

Maggie, Debra, Amy, I got more Bluebell than Woods. A very strong floral scent, a bit grassy though. 

Today, I'm cooking a curry so in the kitchen I'm burning a lemon scented candle, just a supermarket generic brand. 

Living Room I have a Kringle Apple Cider Donut daylight. 


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Good morning dear all,

A rainy day in Ohio and it looks as though it will get much colder this week.  Back on the road for this week and next, then the holidays!

Maggie, congratulations on completing your decorating!  I hope you can now enjoy them and relax - once the concerts are finished!!  So many vendors going OOB, it's too sad, and I think caused by our collective low-buy...🤪 And it's not just us.... On social media it appears that many people are on a vendor wax ban of one kind or another, after massive overbuying....gee... Not that I ever did that.... 🤔

Debra, thank you for the reminder, I have been neglecting my CFTKR.  Once we get into January, I must re-focus on the wax baskets.

Sharon, a curry?!  I'm on my way. 🤣 Your Bluebell/grassy scent sounds lovely.

Michele, I continue to be thrilled about your knee.  And that VRC Peppermint Marshmallow is one of life's gifts.

Well it's been:

ST Christmas Vacation - Christmas tree and spearmint - lovely and strong.

TBG Sleigh Bells - sugared pine, orange, peppermint, clove, apple - very different... love, love, love.

BBW Fresh Balsam 3-wick - spectacular and fresh.  One of the wicks broke off when I was trimming, but with a bit of candle surgery, DH and I have fixed it. 🎉

Homeworx Enchanted Peony - 4-wick - continuing with this beloved candle.  Keeping the wicks very short and limiting burn time to two hours has resolved the extreme heating issue.

Have a lovely Monday all!♥️

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Good evening!

Thanks Amy. I do love it when the house is decorated....but things are so crazy these days so not home much to enjoy it. Ugh.  Tomorrow is my first concert of the three we do. Here's hoping.🤞🏻Two weeks till some relaxation for you....hopefully without any fevers!!  🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻
A massive over buying you say? Nahhh....never heard of that. [smilie=th_giggle]
Sharon...thanks for the update on the candle. And curry, you say?? Looooove curry!💕💕💕

Tonight is...Colonial Candle Sage Leaf and Honey

Have a good evening!

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Oohhh, Maggie!  Sage, you say?  Sign me up!  I hope it is as good as it sounds!

Sharon, another curry fan here!  I bet it was delicious!

Amy, this ban  has been tough! Normally I would get a last purchase from some of my fav ones going OOB, but I have held strong and avoided buying. I hope I won't regret it when I use up the last of one of the baskets!

Tonight is a chunky blend from Cheryl's - Strawberry, Mint blend and Shaving cream. I suppose I should break out the Christmas scents...


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Hello all!

Maggie, I will be thinking about you at your concerts and hope the children will enjoy themselves!  Soon you can relax a bit...I hope! The CC Sage Leaf sounds so beautiful.

Debra, yes, it was tough to avoid the last Wonderberry sale last week... Sadness! I think you have been more rigorous than I have on this ban.. I've done well with the vendor wax but candles are another story!  The Strawberry/mint/shaving cream sounds amazing.

Well here in the hotel it's been:

OPT Tinsel Tree - a big fav from last year and my last piece - never did get all the scent notes but there is grapefruit and pine in there.  Amazing and of course she is going OOB.

YC Balsam & Cedar - in the little wax cubes - Soo strong and beautiful.  I had forgotten how much I love this one.

WoodWicks Petite Candle in Fireside - honestly not much scent but it is coming to the end.

Enjoy your Tuesday all!  Looks like colder weather is coming. ❄️❄️❄️

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Oh Debra....that Mint Shaving Cream sounds wonderful!! 💕💕 And good going on that ban!

Amy...the first concert went perfectly...even with 2 sick with the flu and 1 with stage fright! Couldn't be happier! Lots of great scents going in your hotel!

Actually, the honey in the Sage Leaf and Honey tart ruined it for me. I love sage but honey is tricky. 
Today is SGA Blue Spruce Homespun Sugar...love it!

Have a great evening! Hope your knee is doing well Michele!

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I wondered about the honey part in that, Maggie...it is often too much!

Amy, we are finally back to our rain. I prefer that to the cold, though! Those rain clouds keep things a little blanketed and warmer.

I  have a kitty going in for a dentistry early in the am...how to keep her from eating when I have a whole flock that will be ready for breakfast?!? I am stressing out all ready.  I will be glad when it is tomorrow night and everything is over except her being mad!


Tonight - Scentsationals - Leaves.


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