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Thanks & Merry Christmas!


Dancing with my scents - December 2019

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Nice to hear from  you Valerie!  I hope you are feeling a lot better!

Susan, I am so glad you were heading home today so there was no scent-withdrawal!

Amy, I am also a fan of L3 herbal lavender blends. :sHa_thumbgoodjob:


Tonight a gift from a candle-buddy:  Melting Duck - Mocha Mint Coffee. [smilie=thank_you]

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Hi Everybody!

Belated Merry Christmas to all !  I had written a post the other day but it got deleted.  I hate when that happens. 

I am still recovering nicely from my knee replacement. I now go to physical therapy 3 times a week. I am able to drive now as well.  I’m still walking with my cane though for support. 

I have been extremely busy preparing for oldest DD’s bridal shower next Saturday.  It’s a lot of work and thankfully my younger DD has helped me A LOT.

I'm still not melting.  My allergies are driving me crazy   I am going to try again tomorrow.

I have been good about not ordering wax but I can’t say the same about bath and body. I placed a nice order with Lush on Boxing Day. Only 3 items were half price though.  

Thanks Sharon for the history of Boxing Day.

Valerie-Glad your DD is home now.  Sorry you weren’t feeling well. For some  reason I don’t remember Holly.  Can someone refresh my memory?

Hope everyone is doing well. 

Have a good night all!!




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Good morn ladies. Melting this morn: Ellen by Hayden Rowe: Meyer Lemon, Ginger, Persian Lime, fizzy

Blackberry Ginger Ale by Hayden Rowe

Pineapple, Spearmint, and melon mist by Mystical

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Good morning everyone and nice to hear from pretty much everybody over the last few days!  I'm off this week and my goals are to work on the hospital songbook, do some cleaning, and spend some time with some friends.  DH is playing at a closed New Year's party so I will have to stay at home in the peace and quiet. 🎉🎉🎉

Susan, glad you're back home and resuming melting.  Your fizzy Ginger ale scents sound wonderful.

Debra, yes it's funny, I always loved herbal lavender growing on the plant, but I had to get used to it in wax, and now I can't get enough. 🤔

Michele!  You're driving!!  Nothing keeps a good woman down!  I'm so glad this has gone smoothly overall.  I'm so sorry your allergies are keeping you from melting, just not fair at all!  Good luck with all the shower preparations and I'm glad your younger DD has helped you so much. 👍

Valerie!  Good to see you!  I'm so glad your DD is back and only one state away.  Also I'm glad you're feeling better, no fun to be sick in the middle of the holidays and while car hunting!  I'll bet your homemade Plum tart is delicious.

Well we had a power outage much earlier this morning due to wild, high winds, and so I lit a candle in various rooms so we could see what we were doing:

BBW Frozen Lake

BBW Spiced Chestnuts

BBW Pink Lilac & Vanilla (divine)

Homeworx South Seas Gardenia (gorgeous)

And this morning it's:

YC Sparking Snow, in the melt cup, which is a beautiful pine scent.

Hershey's S'mores - wax cubes - a gift from a sweet CF buddy and this is excellent!  Realistic!   Thank you! ♥️

I will move on to a scoop later today.

EDITED - Gave all the candles a rest and switched to L3 Frostbite scoopable, which is Berries and Peppermint.  This is so strong, it is going through the walls.  I'm sure the neighbors can smell it and my eyes are actually watering.  Gorgeous scent but industrial strength!!

Happy Monday all!

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Hello, hello!

Valerie....glad you are back and hope you are feeling better! I'm sorry you were sick but having the girls around must have been [smilie=cloud_9] Thanks for the update on a Holly...please tell her hello!

Debra...isn't that silly though? I try not to rush through when they are still throwing great but just in an old bag....but I just can't help it! [smilie=th_fear8]

Amy...you have a lot of things on your "to do" list! I hope you are getting time to relax as well!! That peppermint pink sugar buttercream blend sounds delightful! 😉

Michele....sounds like you are doing amazingly! Yahoo! [smilie=th_23_32_7] I'm glad you've got help from your DD for the shower...perfect! 
Susan...the family trip to Billy Graham library sounds interesting and it looks like you had such fun! 

Sadly, I haven't changed the scents in two days...ugh. I put on Pink Peppercorn by Colonial and although I've been turning the warmers on and off...I think I'm fired. LOL.  I've been so busy planning my annual "Friend Christmas Get-together"....that I've been slacking. This year I'm doing an Italian Murder Mystery and a few rounds of $25,000 Pyramid. Couldn't decide which...so I'm doing both. LOL

Now it's going to be...

Brown Sugared Pears by Rockets

Have a nice evening! 


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Greetings all!

Well the last day of 2019, and this year sped by... Are you going out tonight, or spending it curled up at home?  I will be in bed as usual when the New Year rolls around. 💤🛌 Unless there are firecrackers, in which case I will need to bring Clem and Eli the Large White Beast down off the ceiling.

Maggie, I stand in awe of your annual Friends party - so creative.  And two major games?!  I have no such abilities.  How is the Rockets wax performing for you?  That sounds like a delicious blend.

Well this morning it's been:

Scentworx Blushing Blossoms three-wick from Kohl's - pink currants, cherry blossoms, peony, spiced vanilla - beautiful sweet floral, light but fills the bathroom, nice burn until the two-hour mark when it started sooting.  I will keep the wicks short. 

L3 Scoop in Strawberry White Cake - love, love, love!  Filling the house within minutes.

The Melting Duck Naughty Noel - a gift from a dear CF friend - Strawberry, Peppermint, and VBN - absolutely delicious, in adorable little duck shapes, thank you my friend! ♥️😍

Happy New Year's Eve everyone and be careful out there tonight. ♥️🎉

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Morn ladies. Melting today: Cookies at Tiffany's by CFOW mixed with Gingerbread Cookies by Rosegirls

Cinnamon Apples by Scentsationals.

I will be staying at home, and in bed before midnight, working tomorrow.

Maggie sounds like a fun night, love playing games.

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Afternoon all, only 7.5hrs left of this decade for me. Hope you all have a lovely evening. Staying in for us. 

Melting Frosty Moonbeams by Darley Lama all downstairs. 

Happy New Year everyone xx

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Hello All!

Dad just left after his weekly dinner here....zoomed away faster than normal...lol! I think he wants to get into bed and sleep.[smilie=th_slider_bigsleep] 
Amy, no big plans here. Never been a big NYE person and I'd be happy if the stores were open so I'd have something to do. Although, I do know that others have lives so....a boring evening in for me. You are sweet about my party, thanks. And Rockets is doing well...even with a short cure time. (Yup....I made a little purchase...shhh). As for tonight....Maybe I can get someone to play games with....[smilie=th_dancing_smile]

Susan...oh...I love games too! Can ya tell? [smilie=th_foolish1]

The Rockets is still going for now....

Happy New Year Everyone! 

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Happy NYE!  It is almost time for the big celebration for some of you!  It is just past dinner time here.

Michele, I am so happy for  you!  The worst is behind!

I am also alone tonight - but I suppose I should factor in the flock of kitties!   I am dreading the fireworks for the little furballs.   I usually wake up just time time for them to dive under the covers.

Sharon, I hope the New Year is going well for you already!  My son is celebrating ahead of me also, he is in Glasgow right now.

Amy, you are finding some unusual candles!  Do  you burn through them quickly or do you have a bunch of half-burned ones waiting for their next turn?

Maggie, you have amazing energy!  2 games?  I would be impressed with myself if I could get one up and rolling.

Tonight - SGA, Pink Serene Waters.

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