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  1. Hi. Melting the time is now by l3 Rose petal gel to and vanilla pound cake by l3. I am doing ok.
  2. Good morn. Been melting; catcus & sea salt by that smell good shop. Old fashioned white cake by l 3. Strawberry by yum yum. Have a great day.
  3. Good morn. Melting today mango&peach slices by swan creek. Amy my arm hurt for a couple of days after getting the shot.
  4. Good morn everyone. This is what I have been melting: Monkey Smooche by OPT Frosted Cake by Candle Warmer Peach Belline by Country Candle Roasted Espresso by Candle Warmer Lemonade Pops by Ambiescents Blue Harbor Cove by BHG Dream Catcher by That smell good shop Lavender by Mystical. Amy sorry you had a reaction to the shot, hope you are feeling better. I hope everyone has a good week.
  5. Happy Saturday everyone. This is what I have been meting this week. Beach Nights by OPT Lemon Berry Twist by OPT Roseberry Sorbet by YC Strawberry Pound Cake Salty Sea Air by L3 Breakfast with Mickey ? Floridian Lobby by ? Liberty Square by ? Hope everyone has a great weekend.
  6. Hi everyone. This is what I have been melting this week. Bourbon Salted Caramel by Satin Suzie. Candle: Honeysoaked Apples by Swan Creek Beach Nights, Downy April Fresh by L 3 Mallo, Fireside, Palo Sanot, Butter Cream Frosting by L 3 What dreams may come true by L 3 {omegranate Sorbet by DD, Hobby Lobby is where I got this from. I am doing fine, I was able to get my cov 19 vac in February since I work with older people. I just had a very sore arm. Our Library is this area is still closed, they are doing curb side pick up. I will post when I can. Love you all and hope you are keeping safe out there.
  7. Hi everyone. Melting today: Applewood by Woodwick one of my favorites. I hope everyone is doing well
  8. Happy New Year friends. This is what I have been melting lately. I"ll get you my pretty by CFOW Vanilla Amber by OPT Pazuza by L 3 Candle: Coco crisp by Goose Creek Amyjo, my clent is doing ok. I'm also doing ok, I have had some time off to with my family. Take care everyone has please be safe. I may not be on very much, our number of cov 19 have gone up and the library isn't open right know. Love you guys.
  9. Happy Saturday everyone. Melting: Applewood & Pearberry by VRC, I mostly get pear. Take care everyone has please stay safe.
  10. Hi everyone. We got some ice and a little snow. I was to work but called out. Melting: Carrot cake by VRC. Sorry to hear that Sweet is having problems.
  11. Good morn everyone. Melting: Alphine Cheer by Yum Yum Snow Mitten by Yum Yum Rudolph's Reindeer Games by L 3 Santa's pm keto don't crss streams by L 3.
  12. Hi everyone. Melting" Cabin Fever by Mystical Nightmare before xmas by yum yum wax Forest Pine by Yum Yum
  13. Good morn everyone. Melting: Old Fashioned Cranberry Bars by VRC Pumpkin Sugared Donuts by Yum Yum wax, new vender to me Dashing thru the snow by Yum Yum wax, we had a dusting of snow on Monday.
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