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  1. Happy Sunday everyone. Meltng: Ginny by L 3 waxy wonders Coffee Pumpkin Pecan Waffles Don't cross streams, by L3, if you like coffee this scent is for you. Both of these were in her mystery box. Candle: Fig by Woodwick. Have a great day.
  2. Good morn ladies. Melting OPT today: Pumpkin Pecan Waffles Pumpkin Gingerbread. Hope everyone is doing ok.
  3. Good morn. Melting: Carrot Cake by Vintage Road Candle Daylight: Spiced Apple Chalder by Country Candle (kringle) Have a great Sunday
  4. Good morn everyone. Melting today: Amber Vanilla by Mystical. Candle: Lemon Butter Pound Cake by Cheerful Giver Hope everyone is doing ok. Have a great Saturday.
  5. Hi everyone. Just got back from a mini vacation. We went to West Va, for a couple of days. A family friend has a cabin there. We went to Smoke Hole caverens, very nice and also Spruce knob. Had a great time with my family and laugh alot. Michele, the greek island is citrus with ozone and water notes. Very nice. Did melt: Bobbing for apples by K's Kreations. A woodwick candle has lavender, and I can't remember the other two scents. I hope everyone has a great week.
  6. Hi everyone. Melting: island cabana, beach cabana, island fresh gain by CFOW Greek Island by Satin Suzie Bride of Frankenston by CFOW
  7. Hi everyone. Melting today: Pink Sugar by Satin Suzie If I only had a brain by CFOW Vanilla Mocha Cafe Latte by Mystical. Hope everyone has a great Sunday.
  8. Hello everyone. Been melting: Spiced Blackberry Tea by Vintage Roads Love Spell by Mystical Bourbon Salted Caramel by Satin Suzie Sweet Grass by Hayden Rowe Daylight: Dewdrop by Kringle Candle: Rosewater Lily by BBW
  9. Hi everyone. Melting today: Apple Orchard by K's Kreations Picnic in the park by Hayden Rowe Passionate Kisses by Mystical.
  10. Hello everyone. Melting today: South of France by Hayden Rowe So White by Rosegirls Monkey Farts by Mystical Daylight: Blooming Plumerica by Country Candles, Kringle
  11. Good morn everyone. Melting today: Honeysoaked Apples by Swan Creek. Michele sorry to hear that. Have a good day everyone.
  12. Good morn ladies. Melting today: Ocean Mist by Mystical, a beautiful scent, shaped in shell design. Votive: Gardenia by Root. All my root candles and votives are on the old side but still smell great. I have 2 orders coming in, then I'm done, I hope. For some reason I am in candle buying mood. One of our local greenhouses has kringle candles. I bought 30 daylights, they were on sale for 2.00 each couldn't help myself. I hope everyone has a great Saturday. Off to watch some netflix and youtube.
  13. Happy Friday everyone. Melting today: Big Ben by Hayden Rowe Grape Jelly blue raspeberry cotton candy waffle cone by L 3 Same candles as before. Glad you were able to go away for a few days Maggie.
  14. Morn ladies. Melting today" Fireside by Mystical, having heavy rain here in VA Sleepy Blueberry by CFOW As you wish by Satin Suzie. Amyjo, I like Root candles. Long burning.
  15. Good morn everyone. Melting today: Jack Sparrow by CFOW Gryffinder by L 3 Working on some candles and votives: French Vanilla by Root Katherine by YC Very Violet by Root.
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