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  1. Hello! Sorry I’ve been so out of touch. We’ve been dealing with my husband’s mysterious health problems since the 8th when I took him to the ER. We have no clear cut answers, and though Wednesday he finally went back to work, it has been up and down and he is still not feeling well and having all kinds of scary symptoms. Taking him to a urologist Monday, and then I’ll decide if I’m still going to Albuquerque for a few days on Wednesday to see the girls. Any and all prayers and good thoughts much appreciated. ST Ron LSC Caribbean Cupcakes I hope you all are doing well and I apologize for not having the energy to respond individually. I feel emotionally exhausted.
  2. Happy New Year! I’ve been catching up on all I’ve missed. Sounds like everyone is doing well. Maggie ~ Your party sounds like loads of fun. Enjoy! Also, love the title. Me, times two or three or four. Michele ~ How exciting! The big day is finally here. Well, the first big day anyway. Debra and Amy ~ I didn’t have to deal with any scared kitties on New Year’s Eve. We heard fireworks, but the kitties didn’t mind a bit. Sharon ~ I melt whatever I feel whenever I feel like it. I’m swimming in wax. Susan ~ Mystic sounds like a vendor that might have scents up my alley, but I will resist looking, Swanky Buttery Toast & Jam Strawberry Sugar and Buttery Toast & Jam Blueberry Cookie Crunch Homemade Passion Fruit Limeade Started up a Partylite Peppermint Snowflake candle today. The Holly Jolly Berry candle was very nice this past week. These truly are the best candles, no huge black soot bombs and mess. Clean burning all the way down and throw is fantastic! It’s been a difficult week. DD#2 headed back to Albuquerque on the first and it’s been stressful ever since. Unfortunately, we didn’t have a lot of quality time with my having been so sick her first week back while car shopping and getting ready for Christmas, then boyfriends and all, but such is life. I savored every moment and I’m grateful she’s not going back to France!
  3. Hello! A Belated Merry Christmas to you all! Lots going on here. On top of Christmas, I got really sick while also on a mission to find DD#2 a car. She’ll head back to NM after the holidays, and while I’m sad, at least she’s not going back to France. Maggie ~ Holly is doing well, just busy with the family. I miss her here, too, but we keep in touch regularly. Debra ~ We spent a lot of time doing dishes this past week, too. Ick. Amy ~ Your Snow Bunny wax sounds delish. SGA Cookie Monster in Montego Bay Homemade Santa’s Whiskers Mallow, Main Street Christmas, Plum Tart, and Lavender Barbershop Burning PL Holly Jolly Berry. Hope everyone is having a nice Sunday.
  4. Hello ladies! Hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving. It was quiet here with breakfast for dinner. So nice for a change, but missed our girls. DD#2 finally put in her resignation last Friday and I changed her ticket to come home a few days earlier on the 18th. She is of course happy to be done with the job and coming home, but grieving her dream not having been what she envisioned. VCS Spearmint Man S&S Strawberry Raspberry Guava Cotton Candy Cookie Butter Crack SB Pink Lavender White Cake SGA I Bake It You Take It
  5. Good morning. Glad you’re feeling better, Amy. And a speedy recovery to you from your surgery, Michele. Sharon, your outing with your mom sounds so nice. ST Ravenclaw Swanky Coffee with Extra Sugar and Milk SMT Pink Sugar Sticky Marshmallow Birthday Cake Have a good day!
  6. Hello my lovely friends! Sorry I’ve been MIA. Amy ~ So glad you have a week at home to enjoy with your DH and the furries. Michele ~ I’m really wishing I would have gotten that VRC Lavender Sampler. How was Swanky’s Candy Corn Cupcakes? Susan ~ I love the Yankee Chocolate Cake candle. I have about 1/4 left in my big jar and I save it because it is one of DD#1’s favorites. Swanky Amber Romance Pink Sugar CFTKR Prairie Kitchen SGA Cookie Monster Pretzel L3 Palo Santo Buttermint Adipose Burning Partylite Cinnamon Woods and Gold Canyon Salt Water Taffy Four more weeks until DD#2 comes home. It’s a shame this program is so lacking in support for its assistants and that the French teachers have overall been so unwelcoming and downright rude. Last week a 23 year old assistant from Boston was found dead in a hotel room. She had been struggling with anxiety/depression and they’re not sure yet the cause of death, but she had been placed in a very small town and felt rejected, same as my daughter. Cannot wait for her to get out of there. Just hope the strike ends before the 21st! Hope everyone has a good weekend!
  7. Hello! Bunny Sisters Merman ~ Day 3 Bunny Sisters Counting Sheep ~ Day 3 VRC Fresh Bread & Lattes ~ From a sweet CF friend SB Blueberry Zucchini Noel Dessa’s Strawberry Spritzer Hope everyone is having a good weekend!
  8. Happy Belated Halloween! It’s been a busy week. Maggie ~ Yay that your daughter wants tarts!! My older daughter prefers candles, and has lots of them. LOL My younger daughter likes both, but right now is just using candles sparingly that I send her. It costs $92 to ship a large flat rate to France. I’ve sent two so far, and planning a third. She can’t find good coffee there so I center coffee beans and lots of other goodies, too. Candles are not really the priority now. Amy ~ Enjoy your afternoon off! And happy melting! Debra ~ Sorry you had to replace a furnace. Definitely motivation for skipping orders. But maybe not. Susan ~ glad to hear your patient is doing well. Dessa’s Caramel Apple French Toast Swanky Zucchini Sugar Cookie Lemon Ice Box Cookies Bunny Sisters Avobath Fizz Homemade Pink Sugar Serendipity Have a good day!
  9. Susan ~ Good to hear about the CFOW singles. I have a Sterilite drawer of samplers from her. Hope those do better! Amy ~ You’re really making me wish I would’ve gotten that lavender sampler from VRC. I think you missed your calling, my friend. You really should work in advertising. And yes, I am getting more sleep, but missing talking to my girl now! DD#1 is coming for a visit in a couple of weeks, so looking forward to that! S&S ~ Strawberry Zucchini Cream Cake Dessa’s ~ Fresh Bread and Jam SGA Sugared Violet Cookies VCS Strawberry Jackie O Burning Gold Canyon Caramel Pumpkin Kiss. Hope everyone is enjoying their day! I’m so happy it’s Friday. My husband has been working 12 hour days and I miss him!!
  10. Hello ladies Wow, you girls have been chatting up a storm. LOL I’m sorry I’ve missed out on so much. I’ve been struggling with lots of anxiety, but happy to report my daughter has her boyfriend visiting in France. He got there yesterday and will be with her on her Fall break these next two weeks. It definitely is a comfort. Michele ~ Happy Belated Anniversary! Amy ~ Your “come to mama” comment was so cute. You never fail to make me smile. Thank you! Debra ~ The Hocus Pocus scent is seasonal. They had it the past two years. Do you remember one called Mystery Potion? They brought that one back this year and I have some on the way. Susan ~ How did your CFOW do? I was really disappointed with the chunk bags from that vendor. And I have a bunch of sample cups yet to melt... Maggie ~ Thanks for reminding me I have some She Loves Cake wax tucked away in a cute little box somewhere. SB Blackberry Lemon Birthday SB Pink Frosted Cake Dessa’s Pumpkin Caramel Confection VCS Deep Slumber This morning I woke up really enjoying what I was smelling, but when I got out of bed, I noticed that I forgot to put the cup back in so there was nothing in it! Last night I put the glass cup in the freezer and fell asleep before I changed it out! Hope everyone is having a nice day.
  11. Hi hi! Sharon ~ Hope you didn’t have to wait too long for your blind man, and also hope he had a driver. Amy ~ Thank you for the hugs! And I’m pretty sure it’s sugar cookie dough bread, but your soggy diaper guess gave me a good chuckle. Maggie ~ I’m happy to hear you got timers on your warmers so you won’t forget to turn them off anymore. Michele ~ Hoping all goes well for your brother! Swanky Strawberry Blueberry Queen of Cupcakes Dessa’s Zucchini Noel S&S Fruit Loops Fluff Cake I’m grateful it’s finally Friday. My husband has been working twelve hour days and needs to sleep this weekend!
  12. Hi! Thank you for all the kind thoughts and hugs for my daughter. It means a lot. Sharon ~ I’m happy to see you can melt again. Debra and Maggie ~ Who is this Night Owl you speak of? Is it a newer vendor a blast from the past? Amy ~ I think I have that Hot Cocoa candle. If it’s the one I’m thinking, I burned one last year and had to get another because it was so good. DD#1 told me how much she loved it. Michele ~ Your VCS tart sounds awesome! Swanky Cashmere Glow Pink Sugar Rocket’s Cosmic Pumpkin S&S Funnel Cakes & Waffle Cone Hope everyone is having a good week.
  13. How’s everyone doing? Just a quick drop in to say I’ve been missing you all. It’s been a stressful week with my daughter in France. She’s needed lots of talking at all hours throughout week and then got sick on Friday. Nothing more scary than hearing your daughter throwing up nearly 6000 miles away and being unable to do a thing to help. She’s a bit better today, but still not feeling well. I feel so helpless. S&S Mystery ~ A nice Fall blend, maybe Cider Lane with Cinnamon Toast S&S Mystery ~ Bubblegum and Buttermint maybe? I’m not a huge bubblegum fan, but this is amazing! LSC Serenity ~ A lavender mint blend LSC Southern Belle ~ A delicious sweet wedding cake with a slight floral note Dessa’s Beach Bonfire Burning a Gold Canyon Salty Caramel Apple candle. Take care, all.
  14. Hello everyone! I’m back from Albuquerque. Maggie ~ LOVE this title! Glad you’re feeling better. Michele ~ So sorry about your brother. Amy ~ I melted a good peach scent from Swanky the other day. I think it was Queen of Cupcakes Peach Sugar Cookie. Yummy! Susan ~ Happy to hear you got your car fixed. Hope it wasn’t too expensive! Had a scare with my mom in the middle of the night last night with her not feeling well and going to the ER for a bad headache and dizziness. They just released her though after not finding anything. So glad she won’t have to spend her 80th birthday tomorrow in the hospital. DD#2 also had a stressful day, but it turned out well in the end. Sure do miss her. CFOW Butterscotch Coke Float ~ Disappointing throw here. Swanky Carrot Cake Cream Cheese Buttercream Frosting Swanky Strawberry Blueberry Queen of Cupcakes Homemade Lavender Blue Burning a Parylite Marshmallow Vanilla candle, and it’s almost done, so I’ll need to pick what’s up next. Have a good night!
  15. Hi everyone. I’m here in Albuquerque for a few days with DD#1. DD#2 is better than Sunday, but still having a tough time. Monday she had to walk back and forth to a laundromat to get everything washed, to the tune of about 10 miles (maybe a slight exaggeration ), and has been vacuuming and vigilantly inspecting the place ever since. She still hasn’t put the sheets back on the bed, but says she hasn’t seen any more bites, nor has she seen any more than that one bug. On top of this she has a cold, is homesick, couldn’t use her credit card for a few days because of an error, and is having problems getting a much needed bank account set up. I’m ready for things to start looking up for my baby girl! Susan ~ Sorry you’re having car trouble! Cyn ~ I love your puppy’s name. How cute! Sorry you’re missing her. I wish I could have brought my little Heidi Pie with me here. Deb ~ Oh, I how I miss Deana’s tarts. So good! And she was super nice! Maggie ~ How did your OPT do? I tried some the other day from my only ever order last year and was really disappointed. Amy ~ Your TBG melt sounds interesting. Michele ~ I’ve been doing that Swanky Lavender Paris a lot this week. I don’t have anything going here yet. My daughter has B&BW Fresh Fall Morning and PL Autumn Glow candles burning. I brought some Swanky with for later on.
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