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  1. Hi there all! Michele ~ I’m suddenly craving lasagna! I have about a dozen LSC scent shots and store them upright to prevent the mess. Amy ~ The Empire Alchemy are all from this past year. I had never ordered before. The oils seep through the bags into my boxes. I need to make sure I don’t keep them in my nicer cardboard boxes or they will ruin them. Speaking of EA, I melted a sample of Woodcutter’s Cottage the other day and we loved it! Maggie ~ Hope your dad is all better by now! Swanky Movie Star ~ Strawberries and Cream Waffle Cone Teddy Bee’s Milk & Cookies Teddy Bee’s Strawberry Pound Cake Have a good day!
  2. Amy ~ You reminded me to take a peek at my Empire Alchemy stash. I have a good amount. Need to start melting because looks like it is a wax that leaks. Michele ~ I wouldn’t have expected those scent notes in the Mrs. Claus tart. Sounds good though! Maggie ~ Good news about your Dad. As for the move, it’s complicated. We value our freedom, and New Mexico is one of the Soviet states. Neither of us have bought into the lies since last March, and we’ll not be participating in the experiment, so not sure yet if being closer to the girls will matter much. We are excited to get ourselves situated on our land and in a better position in case my DH is forced to retire early. That’s basically our strategy. (I apologize if that’s more than any of you wanted to know. Just being real.) SGA It’s My Party ~ Hello Lover Birthday Cake SB Heart-Shaped Cookies CFTKR Cinnamon Donuts Okay, I’m off to check the mail for my Teddy Bee’s. As if I need more! Have a great weekend!
  3. Dropping in to say hello! Hope you are all doing well. From the few posts I’ve seen, looks like that is the case! We’re doing well, still in Arizona, but again in positioning for going back to New Mexico. Last year, the project was cancelled, but this time it is full steam ahead. Maggie ~ Sorry to hear about your Dad, and sorry it’s at the beginning of your Spring Break. Hope he recovers quickly! Amy ~ Nice to hear you’re enjoying the fresh air! We’ve gotten a lot of use out of our bicycles this past year, in fact, mine is starting to look old. Lol Michele ~ I always hate that when a long post disappears into cyber land. I’m curious what the scent notes are for Mrs. Claus’ Nightgown. Beezy Tarts ~ Pink Sugar Bread CFTKR Lavender Mallow Zucchini Fluff CFTKR Nectar & Mojito Have a great day!
  4. Michele - My first Bunny Sisters tart was Mermaid. Love, love, love! Swanky Cocoa Puffs Sugar Cookie Cake Cotton Candy SB Heart Shaped Cookies ST Winchester Inc. ST Candy Man Sending love to you all!
  5. Hello Fortunately, I haven’t fallen prey to any ordering these past several weeks. LOL I do, however, have a few outstanding preorders with Salt Mountain, WDBB, and VCS. I’m going to need to rent a refrigerated trailer to haul my stash back to New Mexico in a few months as it is. That is , IF, we go back. WDBB At The Beach Salt Mountain Lemon Dream Cake Waxy Taffy Butterscotch Cone Dip SGA Little Mermaid Homemade Pink Sugar Lavender Salty Sea Air Vanilla Bean Noel Hope you all are doing well and grounding yourselves in love. It truly is, and always has been, the answer.
  6. Hi Oops! I was here the other day and started a post I didn’t finish! I also love Lavender Paris. I’ve spent a lot of money at Swanky thanks to a sample Maggie sent me. Amy - Never did figure out the mystery. It was a nice floral, and it’s all gone now, leaving a beautiful glass container I will reuse. Swanky Salty Sea Air Pina Colada Marshmallow LSC Strawberry Wedding Cake Swanky Sage & Chamomile Super Tarts Susan - Chocolate Orchid, Fireside, Cotton Candy Frosting, Fluffy Mallow Hope you are all doing well!
  7. Michele - Do I have that one?! I don’t remember seeing that SMT blend. It sounds scrumptious! Was it in one of our many samplers? Swanky Crushed Candy Cane Swanky Red Maple Leaf WDBB Code Red - Fresh Picked Strawberries and Let Them Eat Cake Started a new mystery Gold Canyon candle. I’m suspecting it will be a floral. They used to have a scent of the month thing. Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying their weekends.
  8. Hello peeps! , Debra! Hope you enjoy your special day! Amy - How nice you get to be home next week. Susan - Your scent choices have me dreaming of a vacation. Maggie - I’ve heard some about Empire Alchemy, but I dare not look. Lol Michele - Do I detect a slight desire in you to place a tiny order with Carol? Sharon - I was called by my salon Saturday and scheduled for early June. Lunch last Saturday was great, except they didn’t have our prime rib sandwiches on the menu anymore. We had to scan a code to see the menu online. No one was wearing masks (except the hostess) and that was so refreshing! Swanky Buttery Toast & Jam Strawberry Sugar VCS Spearmint Man Enjoy your days!
  9. Michele - Your VCS tarts sound delicious! Glad you were able to get your hair done. Swanky Lavender Marshmallow Pink Sugar something or other (can’t remember exactly and too lazy to get up to check ) We got the police report the other day and saw the crazy story about my daughter’s car. It was a male and a female after all, and I’m happy to say they are behind bars. Today we are going to lunch at a bird sanctuary/restaurant we love. Ought to be interesting! Have a nice day!
  10. Thanks everyone for your thoughts for my daughter and her car. I actually got a call in the middle of the night Tuesday from a police officer (not conducive for a good night’s sleep ) that it was found. It’s looking like they will total it out because of the use of hard drugs in it, as well as considerable damage. It appears the work of females (well, maybe not) based on all of the make-up, hair care products, curling iron, etc. found in it. On a positive note, we found an acre of land in Corrales, and a purchase agreement is being drawn up at this moment. I was asked when I would like to close, and looking at the calendar, decided on June 22. That’s the 29th anniversary of the day we met, and the day before is our 28th wedding anniversary. What a nice gift to give each other, don’t you think? ST Granny’s - Cappuccino, Pie Crust, and Sugar Milk Salt Mountain Crunch Berry Pound Cake Swanky Lavender Paris Vanilla Lace Pink Sugar Marshmallow Have a nice day everyone.
  11. Amy! Enjoy your day! Michele - Thinking about you and sending hugs. Maggie - I also love lilacs since I grew up with them all around me in Chicago...those and peonies. In our last two houses I made certain to plant a couple and they are tricky, but if they can take in the desert soil of New Mexico, I’m sure they can take by you. Check with a nursery! Speaking of New Mexico, looking for property is a time-consuming process! Also, my daughter‘s new car was just stolen last week, so that’s been a real bummer. Hope everyone’s had a good Mother’s Day. Mine was rocky, but it’s okay...to be expected. What I can say is we’re happy things are beginning to open. We don’t wear masks, nor do over half the people we see. For those in hotspots, yes, it may still be a necessity for now, but we’ve got to get this economy moving everywhere else. The whole point of shutting down everything was to flatten the curve and prevent overburdening our healthcare system. That happened weeks ago. I’ve been watching Sweden since the beginning. They are the only country that didn’t follow the rest of the world, and though they may have a higher death rate than neighboring Denmark and Norway, many other countries who did lockdown have higher death rates, including Belgium and the Netherlands. Belgium’s death per 1 million population is more than double! Sweden chose a public health policy they felt would be sustainable over the long term. All along they have emphasized the need to protect society from other health problems, like those that come with a spiraling economy. The only thing that appears to be true is that there’s no rhyme or reason to any of this. It’s all just a giant experiment. Salt Mountain Berry Go Round and There’s Always Money In The Banana Stand Really loving this wax and planning to get in on the pre-order this Friday! Have a good week.
  12. Thank you, Amy! I’ve been spending my day talking on the phone and doing laundry. Later I’m thinking we’ll get a carry out meal from a restaurant we like called Firebirds. And I need a thing or two at Trader Joe’s, so since they’re right across the street, I may run in for that. Yes, I did talk to the girls both for long times today, and planned for a FaceTime later with a birthday candle wish on raspberry cheesecake. Michele ~ I can’t imagine how difficult that must all be. Especially not to be able to hug your loved ones. So sorry. LSC Watermelon Wedding Cake Swanky Zucchini Sugar Cookie Lemon Ice Box Cookie VCS Happy Birthday Mr. President ST It Wasn’t Just A Dream ST Leprechaun HM Berry Mallow Bundt Cake It smells good everywhere I go here!
  13. Thank you for the early birthday greeting, Maggie! It’s actually tomorrow. it’s going to be a tough one because I won’t get to have either of my girls with me, and that’s a first. I will make the best of it, though! Soon enough, we will be back in New Mexico. Hopefully in the Fall! Amy ~ I also saw your cute video, but I prefer not to ever ”shame” myself for my crazy love of wax! It is what it is! Cyn ~ I thought I had one of those Scarlet Sunflower candles, but I must’ve given it away. Oh well, I’ll try to catch it on a future order! Michele ~ Sending lots of love! Waxy Taffy Copper Peach Coconut ST Mystic ~ Pink Sugar Shaving Cream Homemade Pink White Tea, Pink Sugar Cookie, and Raspberry Lemon Colada Cake Have a great day!
  14. , Maggie! Hope you find a way to make it special. Michele ~ Thinking of you in this time of sadness and sending love. Amy ~ I love your scent choice for the happy reunion! RM Snuggable SGA Little Boy Blue
  15. Michele ~ Big hugs to you!! And I am sure he is happy being reunited with your mom. No doubt in my mind. Amy ~ That Spearmint Vanilla Lace blend sounds heavenly and like something I need in my life. SMT Cookie Bread Coffee Bean Pumpkin Sugared Donuts SGA Chocolate Orchid Beach Nights Take care
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