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  1. Good Morning! Michele ~ Midnight snacks is sweet lavender, shortbread cookies, and frosted sugar cookies. I am loving Teddy Bee’s! It’s super strong! A little goes a long way! Maggie ~ I loved your Peace in the Grass scent! SGA Pink Sugar Lavender Mist Swanky Coffee with Extra Sugar and Milk VRC Vanilla Latte Seemo Raspberry Glazed Cheesecake ~ Thanks to a sweet CF friend. Have you all seen that cute little Pluto on YouTube? She’s really won the hearts of millions!
  2. Hi! Everyone’s tarts sound amazing! I’m grateful to have such a soothing, albeit a bit obsessive , hobby during this challenging time. Amy ~ That Bunny Sisters tart sounds delicious! But the food you mentioned. Ick! Maggie ~ I get it now. Makes sense why you’d rather it be sunny out. Michele ~ Glad you’re enjoying them! Swanky Pink Violets Swanky Salty Sea Air Pineapple Coconut Rain S&S Fruit Loop Fluff Cake Teddy Bee’s Midnight Snacks Sending love to all!
  3. It’s so quiet here. I hope everyone is doing well. Maggie ~ I have to admit I’m confused by you saying it’s easier to stay put when the sun is shining. I find it easier to stay put when it’s overcast and rainy. Salt Mountain Melts ~ Ohhh Fudge! ~ White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Butter Fudge Swanky Ivory Wedding ~ Amber Romance Sandalwood Pink Sugar Vanilla Lace Teddy Bee’s Midnight Snack ~ Sweet Lavender, Shortbread Cookies, and Sugar Cookies Sending love to all.
  4. Hello Hope everyone is doing well. Amy ~ I cannot believe you put those containers on the street! You’re definitely a stronger woman than I’ll ever be. Maggie ~ Glad to hear you’re back at home. There truly is no other place like it, is there? Michele ~ I’m happy you placed some birthday orders. We have to keep the joy alive in the midst of all of this. Susan ~ Hugs back to you, too! SGA Pink Sugar Lavender Mist I need to change out other warmers, but it’s been kind of a hectic day. My older daughter is having a lot of anxiety and it’s awful to be so far away. Take care all.
  5. Amy ~ It sounds as if your company is about as serious about this as my husband’s. They have employed “red shirts” as safety police to make sure everyone adheres to all the new requirements. My husband is working only 50% from home, so knowing they are doing this helps ease my mind just a bit when he’s there, like today. Michele ~ Sounds like you’re getting some really good melting in! Your scents sound delicious! Swanky ~ Lavender Pink Sugar Marshmallow Southbound Strawberry Marshmallow Cookie VCS Friar Lawrence’s Potion ~ Whoever the heck Friar Lawrence is! Thinking about everyone and sending love.
  6. Hope everyone is doing well. I’ve had a sore throat for over a week now and the other day woke up with a massive headache. I got it to subside with ice packs and meditation, but it’s still there to a lesser degree. Also, a little cough the past few days, but no fever. It’s definitely a challenging time. I’m having to tap into all of the tools I’ve been studying over the years for sure. News is a no-no for this girl, instead doing lots of self-soothing. Michele ~ “This too shall pass.” Amy ~ Yes, our wax collections are such a big help! Maggie ~ Thank you the birthday wishes! Glad to hear you’re doing better. We’ve been watching funny things all week as well. I found this Family Feud compilation that is so hilarious. It’s called Dumbest Answers Ever! Steve Harvey. Check it out! Sharon ~ I had a couple of packages come in this week, too. Deb ~ Thinking of you! SB Cotton Candy Cream Cake Swanky Kimono something or other ~ I can’t get up to check the name because I have a Kitten in my lap. Homemade Pink Lavender Chamomile And burning the Yankee Mint candle I thought I would need to return. It’s just okay. Love to you all!
  7. Good morning Amy - I got that same message in my morning meditation...This too shall pass. Michele - I’m glad you’re with your DH. Did you bring a trunk load of wax with you? SGA Dairy Goddess - Pink Sugar Starburst Summer Scoop Tangerine Cotton Candy Birthday Swanky Juicy Fruit I got a free Strawberry Pound Cake hand cream last week from B&BW and I am in love. Not only is the scent TDF, but the texture is incredible. Anyone else obsessed with it? Take care all!
  8. In staying with the green theme... L3 Frogger - Frosted Lime Cupcakes Toasted Coconut Strawberry Rhubarb Swanky Sage & Chamomile SGA Jack the Clipper Hope everyone is getting out for some fresh air and sunshine (if the sun’s shining near you ). We went for a bike ride yesterday and today going on a motorcycle ride and out to lunch.
  9. Hi Michele - Glad to hear you had a good one! Debra - Thinking of you! The media is really going all out to scare the crap out of everyone, aren’t they? Why don’t they report that the majority of people DO get better?! I’m trying to watch as little as possible. Maggie - How are you doing? I certainly hope you’re okay, but if you do get a fever, they’re saying that’s not the time to go to the doctor. What I’ve heard is if you get symptoms, you simply treat it like any other flu. It’s when you don’t get better...that’s when you should go to the doctor. They don’t want everybody running to the doctor at the first sign of something because they will be overrun and not able to handle it all. Amy - I’m very unsettled because I’m supposed to go see the girls on the 25th, and they both have trips here in April for my birthday, but we’re not sure if any of that’s going to happen now. So it’s only good for people to stay home and connect more with one another if they can actually be with one another. Amanda‘s fiancé’s parents live in Albuquerque, but she told me they aren’t going to be seeing them for a while because his dad is 75 and his mom is in her early 60s but smokes. Unfortunately, I think it’s going to create even more of a divide causing people to feel more isolated than ever. Hope this all resolves sooner rather than later! Swanky Roasted Vanilla Pine Cone Pink Sugar Wonderberry Luna I need to change out more warmers. I’ll be back to update. Happy melting!
  10. Hello girls! Amy - I can’t wait for you to get home, my friend. Yes, things are certainly just a bit crazy out there. I went to Costco for a few things today and found it busier than I’ve ever seen it, with lines longer than during holidays, and people buying mass quantities of things as if the end of the world were coming. Maggie - How is it going out there with your school? I just heard schools in New Mexico are closing for the next three weeks. I’m missing my girls terribly this week. Yesterday was Shayna’s 23rd and tomorrow is Amanda’s 25th and it is the first time ever I have not been with them on their birthdays. I’m longing for the day when we all live in the same city again. On a positive note, I am extremely grateful things didn’t work out for Shayna in France with that program she was in. If she had been enjoying it, she would be stranded there right now. Swanky Meyer Lemon Swanky Pumpkin Donuts SGA Let The Water Hold Me Down - Mango Coconut Cooler Salty Sea Air Hope you all are doing as I am, trying your best to stay out of the mass consciousness of fear that is swirling about our planet. Love to you all!
  11. Good morning! Susan - Love me something, anything Lemon Sugar! Amy - So glad to hear you had an enjoyable trip in the car! Yes, traveling is exhausting and does indeed get old. Even the only once a month me going to California for 19 months a few years ago when Ron was there got to be tedious near the end. Michele - Sorry about your dad! I know it is hard for you. I’m glad you’re getting to enjoy some of your fabulous wax in between it all and I hope he recovers quickly. Swanky Lavender Vanilla Noir VCS Friar Lawrence’s Potion - Cucumber Mint, Salty Sea Air, and Eucalyptus Spearmint VCS Backwoods Barbie - Strawberry Satsuma Cotton Candy - I put this on in my bedroom last night, and I can still smell it throughout the whole house. So good I’m giving it !! Lit a green candle in Yankee Alpine Mint this morning. Let’s see how it does. I already have one Yankee banana nut bread in my car ready to go back for exchange because it has zero throw. If this one is a dud, it’ll be going back too. I have the receipt in my wallet.
  12. Darn! I forgot about melting greens! Oh well, at least one of mine is green. Swanky Sensual Amber Clean Cotton Let Them Eat Cake SMT Cornbread Candy Corn Brown Sugar Sugar Milk - That’s a mouthful! ST World of Imagination- a Serendipity blend I enjoyed throughout my sleepless night VCS Spearmint Man Not to rub it in, Maggie, but it’s going to be 82 here today. Going for a bike ride this afternoon. Enjoy your days!
  13. Hello my friends! I’m sorry to not have been posting. I’ve missed you all! It appears there is a very good chance we’re going back to New Mexico soon after all. So the past two weeks have been spent trying to come to terms with it. Because as much as I want to be with my girls, that is the big driver, and of course my husband’s job because we need income, there are reasons that complicate the situation. I have relatives there that...let’s just say are extremely difficult. And Albuquerque over the years has really degraded, lots of crime and homeless people everywhere. I love the area we live in, I feel safe here, and I love our new home. So the thought of having to start all over again is a little daunting to say the least. Taking it one day at a time, but we should know more in the next few weeks. Currently I am in the process of looking for a piece of land so we can build another house in Corrales, a small farming community right next to Rio Rancho and Albuquerque, and where my husband was born and raised. Whether we do this now or in a few years, I’m going to focus my energy on getting plans together to build a new house there again as owner builder. Shari - and welcome to our group! Susan - Glad to hear your eyes are better! Maggie - Do you really get an extra hour, or isn’t that in the Fall when you “fall” back? Heck, I don’t know. I’m probably wrong. We don’t change our clocks here in Arizona, so I have to get used to the girls being on a different time half the year. Amy - Enjoy your time in Houston! That sounds like fun! Michele - i’m glad to hear you’ve been melting again to work through some of that stash. I’m not making much of a dent, and it doesn’t help that I haven’t stuck to any ban. Debra - I’m with you on being an old lady down the road with a lot of wax. SMT Toasted Marshmallow Red Apple Caramel Apple Vanilla Waffle Cone Zeep Santa Baby - Pink Sugar, Marshmallow, Cake (or something like that) I didn’t have high hopes for this one, but it smells really good, enough for my husband to even comment. L3 Coffee Bean Sugar Cookie Royale - from a scoop sampler Have a good day!
  14. Hi there! Where did the week go? Maggie ~ Glad to hear you are feeling better! Debra ~ I love SB’s longevity overall and the Pink Sugar ones last especially long. And yes, I do make Pink Sugar blends as well. Sharon ~ So sorry to hear about such damage close by! Hope everyone is safe. Susan ~ Are your eyes better? Jellybean sounds delicious. Michele ~ Thanks for reminding me about my Wonderberry stash. Your Taffy Cake sounds yummy. Amy ~ Helloooo! How are you?! ST Harry’s Holiday Swanky Lavender Paris Vanilla Lace VCS Merry Unbirthday ~ This was so delectable last night I had to see if it was going to be restocked today. Luckily not! Started a Gold Canyon Plum Dandy candle this week. Very good! Hope everyone one is doing well.
  15. Hello girls! Amy - Hope you get your phone fixed soon! I’ve seen those candle warmers you’re talking about. Glad to hear they work well! Maggie - Sure wish you could report soon that the cough is a thing of the past! Hugs to you! Sharon - Hope you didn’t have any flooding near you! All Southbound this weekend to see what to order in the preorder- Winter Lovespell, Pink Laundry, Gingerbread Cake Pops, and Heart Shaped Cookies. Ugh. I’m a sucker for the Pink Sugar ones, and though I certainly don’t need any wax, placed a nice order. Rachel had her baby earlier this month and that seems a good enough reason to support her business.
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