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Thanks & Merry Christmas!

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Who's That Ghoul in Your Wax Pool? October 2019

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Hahahaha Maggie, I love this month's title! 👻🤣♥️

Cool and rainy here yesterday.

Debra, I hope you get your computer fixed soon, missing you here.

Two great scents going:

Savannah Blue Long December, a lovely minty blend, and yes it's a bit early but still.  

Rocket's Peach Pie - Oh. My. Goodness.  This was a sample and let me say, it's on Day 3 with a tealight, I like it so well.  I am not the biggest bakery fan, especially if there is a lot of buttery background involved.  But this is soooooo good.  The peach is authentic and tasty, and the pie crust note is always present and delicious, golden brown and fresh from the oven.  Absolutely beautiful.

Have a good day all!

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Thanks ladies! 😉

Good Afternoon all. It's a lovely Fall day here...beautiful!

Pulling from the singles jar again...so many lovely scents in there that I tend to ignore because they look so cute...like candy. 

Woofwix Salty Sea Air-Strawberry Frosting-Funnel Cake-Coconut Cream Pie

L3 Salty Sea Air-Mango Sorbet-Coconut Extreme

CFOW Sea Hag :Ocean Mist-Pink Sugar-Beachwood

...these scents are blowing me out of the house with deliciousness! ❤️

Have a good one!



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Hello everyone! I’m back from Albuquerque. 

Maggie ~ LOVE this title! [smilie=th_slider_hi5]Glad you’re feeling better.

Michele ~ So sorry about your brother. 🙏

Amy ~ I melted a good peach scent from Swanky the other day. I think it was Queen of Cupcakes Peach Sugar Cookie. Yummy! 😋 

Susan ~ Happy to hear you got your car fixed. Hope it wasn’t too expensive! 😬

Had a scare with my mom in the middle of the night last night with her not feeling well and going to the ER for a bad headache and dizziness. They just released her though after not finding anything. So glad she won’t have to spend her 80th birthday tomorrow in the hospital. [smilie=th_slider_flirt]

DD#2 also had a stressful day, but it turned out well in the end. Sure do miss her.

CFOW Butterscotch Coke Float ~ Disappointing throw here. [smilie=th_sad-1]

Swanky Carrot Cake Cream Cheese Buttercream Frosting 

Swanky Strawberry Blueberry Queen of Cupcakes

Homemade Lavender Blue

Burning a Parylite Marshmallow Vanilla candle, and it’s almost done, so I’ll need to pick what’s up next. 


Have a good night!🌙 

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Hello!  I am back from the 1990's!  No computer for almost a week - you sure get a lot more done.  Seems I am always looking things up when the computer is working...🤔

Glad the peachy one is good, Amy - I have a love/hate relationship with peach scents.

Good news about your mom, Honeybear!  Sorry she had to take a little trip in to be checked, but sounds like all will be well for the big event!

Maggie, clever title! [smilie=th_ahaaha]

Tonight it is Scentsy - Shaka, (sandalwood, bergamot and lime)




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Good Morning All!

We didn’t get the best of news yesterday.  My brother was diagnosed with lymphoma.  Please keep him in your prayers.  From what I’ve read so far this can be cured.  🙏🙏🙏🙏  I’m sure hoping.  He will be having surgery next Thursday to remove the mass in his neck and his tonsils.  🙏🙏🙏🙏

I have so much to melt yet in my melting basket.  It’s been so busy I haven’t been able to melt as much as I like. 

Melting this morning SB Coconut Cream Float.  It’s going to be a hot one here.  

I am meeting some friends for lunch and then going to wish my good friend well tonight.  She’s leaving to retire to Florida in the morning. 

Have a good day!

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Good morning everyone,

Michele, I'm very sorry to hear about your brother's diagnosis.  I have known people who were cured of lymphoma so many prayers for a complete and speedy cure.  Big hugs and I'm sorry for the worry your family is going through with this.  I hope your friend who is retiring to Florida will love it down there, such beautiful beaches, and you can go visit her there.

Maggie, I hope your cold is much better.  I remember loving that CFOW Sea Hag.

Debra, isn't that the truth, with peach?  I love to eat peaches, but the scents can really be hit or miss.  And welcome back from the 90's, lol!  Hard to believe we weren't always fixated on a screen.

Speaking of peach, Honeybear, it sounds like you found a good one in the Swanky melt!  Next year I will buy a few things from that lovely vendor.  Happy 80th birthday to your mother!  I hope your daughter is getting settled a bit oversea.

Hi Susan, I hope you are well.  How is the client with the broken hip doing?  Will you be able to care for him again soon?

Cyn, hope you are doing well and Happy October!

Well, some lovely scents the last two days:

Ava's Dreamy Lavender - this is an herbal lavender, absolutely gorgeous.

SGA Clementine - I put this sample in the hotel bathroom and it blew me out of the room and onto the little balcony.  So. Strong.  I love this scent.

TBG Pagan Moon - apple and strawberry, and I finally brought myself to melt the adorable moon face.

Today is the last work day, traveling tomorrow. 🎉🎉🎉. Enjoy your Thursday everybody!

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Afternoon all.

Michele, sorry to hear about your brother, hope the surgery goes well. 

Honeybear, happy birthday to your mum 🍰🎉💐🎁

Amy, yay for Friday tomorrow, safe journey. 

Just got back from a few days near Matlock in Derbyshire in England. Weather was hit and miss but we had a lovely time. 

Electric melters switched on as soon as we got home, can't remember what's in them, lol but I'm still getting a bit of fragrance from them. Will change them tomorrow morning, start afresh. 

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Morning, it's a wet and blustery one here this morning. Just got back from getting a hair cut, good job it was just a dry cut and not the full shampoo, cut and blow dry. That would've been a waste as I got wet and windblown walking back to the car! 

In the melters I have

Autumn Stroll by the Rose and Thistle Wax Patisserie in the kitchen

Hibiscus and Sea Breeze by Daisy Chains Wax in the hallway 

Almond Blossom by Cleaves in the living room 

Hope you're all well. Have a good day everyone 

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Evening all!

Home again, wonderful.

Susan, I'm glad you're back with your regular client.  And I'm truly sorry for this difficult time with your BF.  I'm thinking about you, sending a big hug. (((((Susan)))))

Sharon, glad you survived the wet and wind!  It sounds as though fall is finally arriving for some of us.

Well I thought I had melted all the apple scents, but I was wrong.... And sometimes it's lovely to be wrong because this one is just fabulous:

Southbound October - golden nectar, Mac Apple, and spiced berries.  The spicy berries are winning here and wow!!  It's one of the best fall scents I've ever smelled.   It didn't smell like that on cold -  I had no clue!!  I would buy a bag of this.  Someday.

Have a good night all.

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Amy, I think adding berries to any scent makes it wonderful!

Susan, I am also sorry to hear about your BF situation. 

Sharon, we have our wind and rain back already here - total hairdo busters.  I often wonder why I bother before work!


Today it is Cheryl's Pomegranate Clove.



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Hello All!

[smilie=th_Welcome1-1] back from your travels Sharon and Amy! 

Michele...I'm sorry to hear about your brothers diagnosis but hope and pray he can beat this!

Honeybear...I'm sorry to hear about your moms rush to the hospital...musta been scary but glad things are ok. A big [smilie=th_8d1933ff] to her!

Debra....welcome back to you as well! It sure is weird without the computer working!

Susan...very sorry to hear about the BF! I hope it works out in the best way for you!! [smilie=th_empathy]

Today has been Apple Press by Scentsy (❤️) and upstairs it's Hayden Rowe - Rocky Mountains.

Have a great day.

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Hi All!!

Thank you Everybody for all your concern. It means so much to me. 

Susan-Hope everything works out for you.

I have been super busy so not much melting. I have been really missing it.

Melting tonight SMT Pink Sugar Type Rosemary Mint, Juicy Grapefruit. It’s wonderful!

Goodnight All!


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Good morning all!

Just came in from feeding baby carrots to the horses next door.  Two of them are Clydesdales and huge.  One is a mini horse and the most cheeky of the bunch.  All four are fond of carrots.

Michele, I continue to send prayers for your brother.  ♥️♥️ The Grapefruit Rosemary Mint sounds amazing.

Maggie, how wonderful to see you...I miss seeing you every day on here.  I love that HR Rocky Mountains.

Debra, your pomegranate clove scent inspired me to buy a pomegranate to eat!  Love, love, love them so much even if those juicy little seeds must be earned... No easy packaging there.

Well I've been melting away, and I will say that I'm enjoying this pumpkin scent:

ScentSationals Pumpkin Marshmallow Cream - a fav from last year - so creamy and comforting.  DH is also a fan.

Hayden Rowe Bye Bye Summer - Autumn air, sunlight (what does sunlight smell like?) and burning leaves - gorgeous.

Cantaloupe Cake - a Maggie OPT creation - cantaloupe, birthday cake, marshmallow - absolutely delicious! ♥️

Golden Willow Waxes Bear Creek Comice - pears and vanilla sugar - again I have neglected this excellent vendor and will repurchase next year.

And I broke open the Vintage Road Lavender Sampler after two months of curing - if they are all this good, I will keel over from so much happiness:

VRC Beauty - French Lavender, Rosemary Mint - very herbal, very strong, just wonderful.

I decided not to travel until tomorrow. Enjoy your Sunday, everyone

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Good Morning All!

My brother gets the results of his PET scan tomorrow. Hope that’s promising.  I guess he will find out some treatments then. 🙏🙏🙏

Melting VCS The Elms this morning.  Smells wonderful already.  I’m still overwhelmed by all my wax   Need to melt, need to melt.

We are heading into Manhattan in awhile for wedding dress shopping for younger DD and we have another appointment next weekend.  

Yesterday we celebrated my Dad’s 90th Birthday.  We had a little party for him at my brother’s house.  It was a really enjoyable day.

Wishing everyone a great Sunday!


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Happy 90th to your Dad, Michele! 🎂 I also hope the PET scans of your brother give him good options for treatment!

Amy...thank you my friend. [smilie=th_friends] I've been melting slower than my usually turtle speed so not much to post. I like chatting here daily as well! You have Clydesdale horses next door?? Wow! [smilie=th_OMG] I think some regular sized Stallions are towering....I can't imagine a Clydesdale! 

Today I've pulled from VRC coffee sample from a generous pal....

Route 66, Pumpkin Spice Latte and Chai Tea Latte

Thank you! Smells wonderful! [smilie=th_c61]


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Michele, I am thinking good thoughts for your brother! I am glad you dad had a good birthday.

Amy, that must have been fun feeding the horses!  I love their fuzzy noses and lips when they nibble.

Went for a beautiful drive today though our wine country.  Clear blue sky, brilliant orange and yellow leaves. I love this time of year!

Today has been Midnight Daydream's Brulee Sugar Cookies.



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Good morning all,

Michele, I am thinking of you and your brother this morning.   Prayers for a complete and speedy recovery, and I'm sending you a big hug.  And I'm thrilled that your dad had a wonderful 90th birthday!![smilie=_smileyfacehugging_]

Maggie, I love those coffee/tea scents, even more so with the cooler weather.  How is school going?

Debra, your drive through the wine country sounds fabulous.  Isn't it great to be truly into fall?  Such a beautiful time of year, and I can only imagine how gorgeous the PNW is right now!

Susan, I hope this is the start to a better week.  You've had a lot going on at the same time.

Honeybear, Cyn, sending greetings to both of you.  What's new with you?

On the road and yesterday was rocky at work.  50 pounds of potatoes in a 30-pound sack.

So I've been melting:

ScentSationals Mountain Man

ScentSationals Sugar Pumpkin Cronuts

.... Both wonderful!

And three gifts from generous CF pals:

CFTKR Blueberry Muffin (ohhhhh)

Flower Finery My Neck, My Back, My Anxiety Attack - which I would have purchased for the name alone, but also smells wonderful - coconut milk, lavender, vanilla sandalwood, chamomile

Bunny Sisters Merman - in all its blue sugar wonderfulness.

Thank you all so much!!

Have a lovely Tuesday, all!

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Isn't that Scentsationals MM the one you liked so much, Amy?  I never have found it...but will keep looking!  Sorry to hear about work issues...battle fatigue again?

Trying to use up the YC melt stash - popped Wildflower Blooms in.  I ended up liking this one a lot!




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Debra, yes, I LOVE Mountain Man from ScentSationals, beautiful scent.  And guess what - when the Cronuts one wore out, I changed that melter to WoodWicks Humidor, which is a tobacco scent, and ohhhhhhhhh the two paired so beautifully.  

As for work, today was much better!!  The drama llamas worked out their differences...I saw a Zen Meme this morning of a great herd of alpaca all standing peacefully together in a field.... That was our plant today. 🙏🙏🙏 Until the next time, I will take it.

Wildflower Blooms sounds beautiful!  I am actually enjoying floral scents this year.  What are the notes?

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