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  1. Sweet, I am so sorry to hear of your sad news and hope you find joy and comfort in memories of good times with your furry friend. This evening I have been burning Brown Apple Betty by Darsee & David. They had 50% off candles at Hobby Lobby when we stopped in earlier today, and I just couldn't resist. It's in an old fashioned mason style jar with a rustic silver metal lid. Great throw and wonderful scent! MaggieMae, hope you heal quickly and that you at least had lots of fun at the beach getting the burn!
  2. Have fun with the gals today, Mpfand! It sounds like you chose some perfect scents. I just turned off my melter containing YC Ocean Star because it finally faded out, but I still have my CBV Salty Sea Air candle going upstairs.
  3. Hello to you all! Today I have been melting CBV Fruit Loops. Wow-- powerful throw! Honeybear, prayers going out for you, your mom and your entire family. Hang in there! It sure sounds like you have lots on your plate right now.
  4. Hi! Hope everyone is enjoying your weekend so far! I turned my melter back on to remove my YC Sweet Strawberry tart, remembering that it had faded only to discover that it still has some life in it! So I guess I will light up my two-wick candle in the same scent and call it good. Here in Colorado we finally are getting a break from the smoke that had drifted down from the fires in Canada. What a beautiful morning! My lungs are much happier!
  5. Hi everyone, and happy Independence Day Weekend! I've been away from the forum for a long time but I am still into candles as much as ever. However, I am no longer working for that candle store. It was great fun for a long while, but it wasn't the same after my manager/friend retired. Besides, you can only explain just so many times to customers why they MUST trim their candle wicks before you start to go a little loopy! This way I can spend a little more quality time with my teenaged daughters before my oldest one goes off to college this fall. I don't know how she will manage in her dorm room without the vast variety of scents she is used to here! Ha ha! Anyway, it's awesome to see so many familiar "faces" are still around on the forum. Hope you guys and our newer candle friends are all doing well. Last night I noticed that my CBV Blackberry Walnut jar candle (about half burned) was struggling with a weak flame, probably due to an over-crisp wick and the age of the candle. I scooped out an inch or two of wax and put it into my melter to refresh the candle. And that wax is the fragrance I have going right now. I will probably switch to one of my patriotic Yankee candles later after this wax fades, perhaps Let Freedom Ring. Hi Sweet! Do you mind if I ask what OOB stands for? I've ordered from LOL before, but it has been ages. Thanks!
  6. Hi everyone! This morning I am trying to finish up my large jar of YC Seaside Holiday. I am also using some fragrance oil in Ocean that compliments it nicely made by Peak Candle Supply. The fragrances are fresh and clean, which I hope will inspire me as I clean house today in preparation for company coming over on Friday for a July 4 cookout. Should be fun, but I am feeling a little overwhelmed by everything to be done before then. Can't decide if I want to brave the traffic and crowds to go see our city's fireworks display Friday night. My DH hates fireworks and won't go with me (it is the loud booms he hates.) What all do you guys have planned for the fourth?
  7. Hi everyone! This afternoon it's Watermelon Smoothie by Cross Creek Country Candles. I was rummaging around looking for some summer tarts to go with certain candles and realized I had forgotten about these CCCC goodies and a few others perfect for hot weather. Yummm!
  8. Hi everyone! I lit up a new YC Aloe Vera jar candle early this morning when I got up and made coffee. It is still going and smelling good. It has sort of a non-descript sweet, fresh, botanical fragrance. Guess I better get a list together for grocery shopping, but I thought I would stop in for some candle fun first.
  9. Definitely sounds like a fun project, Laurie! I did some of that the other day, too. I sorted out some floral candles and melts that I will probably enjoy using over the next few weeks, especially now that I am coming down with a bit of early spring fever. Then, realizing that my tropical scents could altogether be put in a separate category than my summery scents, I gathered those up to use in May when I typically put out my beach/ocean accessories for decoration. I figure the rest of my summer scents can be used after that on up into early fall. I doubt I will strictly stick to this "schedule", but at least I will have some suggested scents to use on those days when I just can't make up my mind. I had enough floral earlier in the day (an older candle from Colonial that I can't remember the name of at the moment) and found myself in the mood for YC Whoopie Pie. My daughter was getting ready to bake cupcakes for some friends to decorate with her and actually angrily accused me of starting the baking without her! It totally smells like chocolate cake with vanilla icing, which was just what she was planning to make!
  10. Well, I am finally getting over my recent head cold enough to smell some of my stronger scents, though I certainly am not able to detect some finer nuances in my more complex wax scents. I have had a YC Merry Marshmallow tart going while burning CBV Marshmallow Campfire, but I think I might switch out now that the tart has faded. I'm trying to figure out what sort of scent I am now in the mood for. Maybe in browsing some of these posts I will get some ideas and inspiration. So excited, my latest order from CBV has officially shipped! I'm hoping to have my nose function at 100% by the time my package arrives. From browsing through posts, it looks like I haven't been the only one suffering from sinus/cold issues. Hope everyone is on the mend!
  11. As a matter of fact, Rivercat, the winds have been coming from the West! Thanks for your insight, and all of you for wishing me luck with my allergy attack. Still not melting or burning today because I can't smell a blessed thing, but I just started some steroid nasal spray and will hopefully be back in action within a few days. In the meantime, I will just live vicariously through the noses of my candlefriends!
  12. Hi everyone! I had Slatkin Hot Chocolate burning this morning when I got up, but I got discouraged with my allergies and gave up on scent for the time being. I hate going without my smellies! Yesterday my whole family started sneezing our heads off, itching and draining as a wind blew in here along the Colorado Front Range. It was very sudden, and I can't think of anything unusual in our home that would have set suddenly set off our allergies otherwise, practically in unison. The only thing is, I can't imagine what would be blooming or pollinating this time of year when it has been so cold and dry. And air particulates are listed as low. Has anyone else ever had a sudden attack of allergies in the dead of winter?
  13. Started the day out with YC November Rain, but I'm starting to get restless. Maybe I will switch to something bakery? I just hate it when I can't pinpoint exactly what I'm in the mood to melt or burn! Hope all of you are having a great day and staying warm.
  14. Wow-- I'm feeling bad for all of you stuck in that "polar vortex" deep freeze! I remember back about four or five years ago that Colorado went through a couple days when our high temperature was well below zero, and it was just miserable. Hang in there and light up those candles for warmth! (I have complete faith that all of you are quite well stocked up on wax. ) I have some leftover wax from my empty YC Happy Thanksgiving candle melting in a couple warmers, plus I am burning CBV Pumpkin Vanilla. Smells pretty good in here!
  15. Hi Everyone! I'm burning Season of Peace by YC this morning. I've got a pretty good sized melt pool going now in the candle and am anxious to see if the soft fragrance will throw the way some people have reported it does. Apparently it is one of those fragrances that is said to fill up a room but is at the same time rather delicate and soft. I absolutely love the fresh, clean fragrance of this candle and am sure hoping I will be able to smell it beyond right up close to the jar!
  16. Wow-- my whole world has been rocked: Up til now I didn't think it was even possible to refuse a wax delivery. I can certainly see where Biolaeagles would be scandalized to receive such a nasty accusation as deliberately refusing delivery of wax! Seriously, that's the first I've ever heard of that happening! I just blew out my YC Sweet Potato Pie collector edition candle, which had been burning all this afternoon.
  17. I've had YC November Rain in a large jar burning for most of the day. I didn't think the scent was all that noticeable in my large, open floor plan upstairs until I woke up from a nap. Opening up my bedroom door was like walking into a wall of beautiful citrusy scent! Hope everyone is having a great afternoon. I have the day off and am enjoying some time to catch up on stuff and rest.
  18. Happy Anniversary, Debra! Congratulations, and I hope you guys had a great time out celebrating the occasion. How many years? I've had YC Autumn Leaves burning all afternoon and evening. I sort of have to be in the mood for that scent, but in small doses it smells really fresh and good to me. It was a gorgeous autumn day here along the Colorado Front Range. I went for a hike with my DH through a forest at a nearby state park. It was just a perfect day!
  19. I've had YC Oatmeal Cookie burning most of today, but got tired of that one and lit up CBV Marshmallow Campfire. But now I am getting ready to head off to bed, so I guess I will be blowing that one out too. Flood update: We have been pretty fortunate where I live and not suffered much more than having our kids' school closed our local travel plans and activities interrupted-- no big deal. But I do feel super sorry for lots of people just a few miles down the road and beyond. It's crazy. With this flood it seems people either really got smacked with it or didn't experience much of it at all. Here we got around six inches of rain, but just blocks north they got almost 14 inches of rain! I guess the runoff gets concentrated in just certain areas because of the hilly terrain. Thanks for all the well wishes of safety! If we can just get through the weekend the rain should be pretty much over.
  20. My husband and I are hunkered down here in Aurora, along with the rest of the Front Range of Colorado, due to what is already being called a 100-year historic flood. I sure hope we can get the kids home from school ok this afternoon. The city wants everyone to stay put and shelter in place for now. The worst of our city's flooding is a few miles north of where I live, but I worry my own neighborhood will get in on the action later this afternoon when extremely heavy rains are forecasted to fall further south right in our area. Thankfully my house is on high ground, but there are creeks and drainage ditches all around us which are already out of their banks. Our ground is so unbelievably saturated with many inches of rain that there's just nowhere for it to all go. I am most worried about Boulder and Lyons though. Apparently a huge wall of water is headed down the canyons right towards these cities! Please pray for everyone here. I'm glad to be safe at home burning candles. What a comfort! I was burning YC Ripe Current (a glass pillar) but am now switched out to YC Lake Sunset.
  21. Trep (Nancy), I can't imagine how traumatized and exhausted you must feel, but I am so glad your husband pulled through and is doing better. I know it is such a relief to have him back home, resting comfortably. I will definitely add him and your entire family to my prayer list. Hang in there and let us know how things go. I am burning and melting YC November Rain this afternoon. I really didn't like this one on cold sniff, but I gave a tart in the scent a chance and liked it enough that I got a large housewarmer jar in it. It smelled like men's cologne to me when cold, but when the wax is warmed I start picking up lots of citrus and bergamot.
  22. I'm burning a BG&H Honeysuckle candle and melting Scentsationals Sunlit Meadow. Then in my bedroom I've got Scentsy Mountain Retreat going. It's pretty cool how all the scents are blending together so seemlessly when a breeze wafts between rooms. Wish I had tried this combination before! It hasn't been quite so humid here in Colorado, thankfully. I've been "swimming" in heat and high humidity before when living in other states, so I really feel for all of you going through the stubborn dog days of summer. Surely cooler temps will prevail before too much longer!
  23. Earlier today I had a YC glass pillar in Bittersweet Berries going, which to me smells like a jar of mango apricot preserves. That's cooling off though, and it looks like I will be melting and burning Haley's Cherry Slushie throughout the evening. My DD should be thrilled when she walks in the door from school. She loves that one! I took a long nap this afternoon and am still trying to wake up. I think I will sleep so much better at night when it cools off into chilly fall temps. At night it's a little too cool to run the air conditioner, but yet too warm to sleep without a fan blowing on me. With the fan on if I take the sheets off me I get a little too chilly, but if I leave the sheets on I get too hot.
  24. I am excited to see what is new for fall, and even Christmas, but I'm sticking with scents that aren't to spicey for now. I have to agree that YC Lake Sunset and Cozy Sweater have been nice surprises and more agreeable to my nose than the spicier scents I will want to melt later. It's a way to participate in the excitement of approaching cooler weather without going overboard and driving my family out of the house. Wow, that's frustrating that some stores have yanked the more beachy, fresh scents for summer already. I guess the lesson to learn is to pick up what you need for the season ahead, and plenty of it! (Gee, just what I need... another excuse to buy more wax.)
  25. I'm finishing up my fragrance day with YC Lake Sunset in both tart and candle, YC Cozy Sweater, and Colonial Platinum Pearl. I am so wanting the weather to cool off so I can better enjoy my fall scents! I just went for a walk as the sun set, and even as it got dark it felt warm and muggy out. Love your quote, MaggieMae-- so very true!
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