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  1. I'm still using summer scents w/our temps in the 90s week after week. I did purchase some of the new YC scents in August(Cozy Sweater, Lake Sunset, November Rain, Vanilla Chai) to try. I didn't like Lake Sunset & swapped it for Sun & Sand. The November Rain votive is a little strong for my bedroom & too faint for my family room, but I do like it. I have the medium jar & tarts to try in the family room if we ever get cooler weather. Haven't tried the others yet. Perhaps by November the weather will be suitable for Fall fragrances. I have quite a few leftovers (mostly BBW) from last year I should use up anyway.
  2. I have YC MacIntosh & Peach in my kitchen. Its almost gone, but it smells so good! Using BBW Fresh Bamboo in hallway & Beach Cabana in the bedroom. May switch to Lake Sunset or November Rain votives later. I need to try these out before the weekend. Gotta plan my shopping trip to Yankee & I have no clue as to what I want.
  3. Thanks for the replies! I'm ready for a change too, but our weather will be hot for another month. I'll mix in some apple scents soon, but many of the fall scents aren't for me (headache/allergy issues). I'm planning to check out the new fall scents in stores later this week.
  4. I'm looking for insight into why retail stores like YC & BBW change to the next season months ahead of the actual season. Here in the south its too warm IMO to use fall fragrances. I'm using mostly fresh, beachy scents & sweet, fruity scents for August. Many of these are sold out or discontinued during the semi annual sale in June. Any thoughts on why these stores push one season when they could continue selling certain scents pretty much all year or at least several more months? Is it a marketing thing where they're limiting certain scents to increase sales/demand? Perhaps I'm the only one that has an issue with this.
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