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Thanks & Merry Christmas!


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  1. Hi Sweet. Don't plan to order. If I notice she's open I will let u know. Don't know how anyone gets in on her sales. She's opening somewhere between Thursday-sat she's only open usually 30-45 min if that. I think people just sit on Facebook and do nothing else. Don't get it.
  2. Melting Super Tarts Hufflepuff this morning @ work....lots of Banana yummmmminess!!!!
  3. I'm so sorry to hear this. My thoughts and prayers are with your Mom and family
  4. Melting Super Tarts Big Bang this morning at work
  5. Melting Grammas Sticky Licky Vanilla Wafer from Haleys!! YUMMMMY :)
  6. Melting SGAs Carmalized Pralines latte this morning @ work. Yummmm????????
  7. I am soooo loving SGAs lattes. Today got pumpkin donut latte in the mail. Oh my goodness, it's fab????????
  8. Melting Haley's Apple Butter Caramel Vanilla Wafers this morning ;)
  9. Sweet sending prayers your way.....So hard to loose our babies.
  10. I think birthday cake and zucchini bread....It is WONDERFUL :) SGA has a restock on saturday morning 10Am CST They are going to have some yummmmmmy ones.
  11. I LOVE Brandy's Birthday Zucchini Bread...sooooo yummy!
  12. Had a GREAT time....went by tooooo fast tho! I love Swan Creeks Gingerbread...YUMMY!
  13. Melting Dessa's Lemon Cheesecake this morning @ work :)
  14. Melting Haley's Cider Lane Vanilla Wafers this morning @ work...first day back to work from vacation.....having a hard time getting going today!!!
  15. Melting Haley's Juniper Breeze this morning @ work :)
  16. Melting Dessa's Honey Glazed Gingerbread @ work this morning....yummmy!
  17. Honeybear, so sorry to hear your Mom is ill...sending prayers for her...I have my first Supertarts clam order coming too...thought i might have already received the shipping info today, but nothing yet....First order, anxious to try for first time.....
  18. Souther Star and AMS. Those are names from the past????????
  19. Melting FussAssMcGee's Corn Bread this morning @ work :)
  20. Melting CFTKR's Maple Brown Sugar this morning @ work :)
  21. That's so sweet of u!! I need to send u a few of my yummies too????????
  22. I want to try that scent soooo bad....Going to watch for it next time. :)
  23. Melting Tuscaderos Sugar Cookie Supreme @ work this morning :)
  24. Melting Alamo Candelaria's Cirque du Yum this morning @ work :)
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