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Thanks & Merry Christmas!


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  1. Melting Can Do's Pumpkin Bread Pudding @ work this morning...love this one!
  2. Melting Can Do's Blue Ribbon Lemon Cookies...yummy!
  3. 80 today but back to 50's next few days...50 & 60's rest of week...I'll take it:)
  4. Melting OPT's Autumn Blessing @ work this Monday morning....80 for a high today :)
  5. Yay its Friday finally!! Melting Tuscarderos Amish Harvest @ work today!
  6. Melting Lake Providence Lodge Cinnamon Rolls....trying SOOOOOO hard to smell it!!!!
  7. Not sure what I am going to attempt to melt this morning @ work...sniffer is still not working I definately hate spring forward, I come to work @ 6:30, its pitch dark, feel like i am coming to work in the middle of the night!! Have a great day everyone!
  8. MaggieMae....so sorry for your loss....Sending thoughts and prayers to you. So hard to loose our fur babies.
  9. So happy it's Friday....a week ago I just finished antiobiotics for Sinus Infection....now am sick again with a severe head cold....sickness is bad this year!! Bummer is now I can't officiallly smell anything or taste anything!!!! First day after 2 days back at work today, I am melting BH&G's Orange Buttercream Cupcakes and its a yummy one, and I can't smell a thing!!
  10. Melting Lake Providence Lodge Vanilla Shortbread this morning @ work :)
  11. We are supposed to get to 50 tomorrow I think....then 20's for 2 days, then back to 40-50 for 2 days...crazy!!
  12. 7 inches of snow and freezing cold this weekend....COME ON SPRING!! Melting BH&G Orange Buttercream Cupcake @ work this morning!
  13. Finally Friday :) This week has dragged by!! Melting Tuscadero's Harvest Spice @ work this morning!!
  14. Melting Tuscadero's Cinnamon Yum Yums :) Love Tuscaderos!!
  15. Melting Dessa's Coffee & Donuts @ work this morning :)
  16. Melting Scentsationals Cupcake @ work this morning :)
  17. Good Morning....Melting Tuscaderos Cinnamon Yum Yums...one of my fav from Tuscaderos :)
  18. Melting BH&G's Cinnamon & Spice this morning @ work :)
  19. Dessa's Hansel & Gretel This morning @ work....yummmmmy!
  20. Melting Dessa's Cinnamon Bun @ work this morning....finally Friday!!
  21. Melting BH&G's Cinnamon & Spice this morning @ work!
  22. Melting CFTKR's Pumpkin Pie this morning @ work!
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