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Thanks & Merry Christmas!


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  1. Caramel Cinnamon Marshmellow Latte this morning @ work....SGA has the VERY BEST Latte blends EVER!!!!
  2. Melting BH&G's Banana Bread Pudding @ work this morning :)
  3. Melting Swan Creeks Maple Drenched Belgian Waffles @ work this morning....yummmy!
  4. Melting SGA's Caramel Cinnamon Marshmellow Latte!!! It is really good! :)
  5. Melting The Country Scent Shacks Vanilla Bean Noel Pastry this cold morning @ work.....28 degrees when i got up...brrrrrrrr
  6. Melting The Country Scent Shacks Vanilla Bean Noel Pastry this morning @ work :)
  7. Melting Old Primitive Treasures Zucchini Blueberry Buttercream Bliss....YUMMMMM :) @ work today!
  8. Melting Super Tarts Casper this morning @ work....WOWSIE, love this one :))
  9. Thanks Maggie!! Will pick up mail at post office when we get back????????
  10. I took a look at her goodies....LOVE the clamshells :)
  11. Anytime is fine Maggie!! Post Office is holding everything :) thanks again!
  12. Melting Swan Creeks Vanilla Pound Cake this morning @ work....speaking of sisters, my sister also moved to Texas in June...I miss her soooo much, there are 3 of us, no brothers, and we have always lived right by each other in Illinois. Was horrible when she had to move. Anyway, going for first time to visit in Texas on Thursday. Flying there for 6 days...can't wait to see her, and her new home. So hard when our sisters move away!
  13. Love Fall Bakery. Just finished mine. Will have to order more????????
  14. Melting Swan Creeks Vanilla Pound Cake @ work this morning...a fav of mine :)
  15. Melting Cooper & Kraft Spiced Vanilla this morning @ work....Not a very strong scent, but ok!
  16. Melting SGA's Pumpkin Noel Birthday this morning @ work :)
  17. I love the Dumkin Donuts in my Latte too Sweet!! It's so yummy.
  18. I've been melting SGAs Fall Bakery and Fall Bakery latte today. LOVE it????????
  19. Yes she had Christmas clammies. When she opens its usually on a wed then closes on Friday.
  20. Yes, good seeing you Jules!! Missed you here!!!
  21. I got a few things at Super Tarts but not a lot. I think 8 clammies????????
  22. Friday finally...and a 3 day weekend for me!! Anyone getting in on the HUGE restock at SGA tomorrow....Not going to have another till October 31...this one supposed to be a big one!! Melting Super Tarts Doctor Who this morning @ work :)
  23. She has a restock tomorrow.....I LOVE that one too!! :)
  24. YAYYYY, its Friday finally!! Melting Super Tarts SAW at work this morning!!
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