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Thanks & Merry Christmas!


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  1. Melting Alamo Candelaria's Rasberry Boom Boom @ work this morning....LOVE it !!!!!!
  2. Melting Candleberry's Vanilla Dipped Cinnacrisp @ work today......YUMMY!!
  3. I know...her site is dangerous to me......LOVE her scents!!
  4. I am in love with this vendor!!!!! Can't stay away from website!
  5. Melting CFTKR's Celtic Moonspice @ work today :)
  6. I couldn't resist the Etsy store that sells the Disney Theme melts....I tried a few, can't wait to get them :)
  7. Thanks...Its me and my sister....I have 2 sisters, but this was just when it was the 2 of us. We are 2 years apart, I'm the oldest.
  8. Melting CFTKR's Baked Bread this morning @ work :)
  9. Melting OPT's Banana Nut Bread this morning @ work!!
  10. Melting Crosscreeks Maple Pancakes @ work today....making me hungry!!!
  11. Melting Crosscreeks Cinnamon ZUcchini Bread @ work this morning!!
  12. Melting Candleberry's Vanilla Dipped Cinnacrisp....YUMMMY!
  13. Melting Gramma Rita's Zucchini Bread from Tuscadero's this morning @ work.....LOVE this one!
  14. Yes they do.....I am LOVING them....first time order for me. Love the packaging too!!
  15. Melting Alamo Candlarias Cucumber Mint. Omg I'm loving this company's wax????????
  16. Melting Can Do's Lemon Bean @ work this morning :)
  17. Melting Tuscadero's Gramma Ritas Zucchini Bread...YUMMY :)
  18. Melting OPT's Banana Nut Muffin this morning @ work :)
  19. Melting OPTs Cinnamon Buns this morning @ work...YAYYYYY its Friday
  20. Melting Dessa's Lemon Cheesecake, yumm!!
  21. Melting Tuscaderos Cafe Amore....another fav from Tuscaderos :)
  22. Yes, Gramma Rita's ZB! I Love that one:)
  23. Melting Tuscadero's Zucchini Bread....LOVE her Zucchini Bread :)
  24. Melting OPT's Autumn Blessings @ work this morning :)
  25. Melting Tuscadero's Amish Harvest this morning @ work!
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