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Thanks & Merry Christmas!


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  1. Melting all my SGA Lattes today. Ready for some cooler weather here in Texas. Still 80s
  2. Melting SgA's Fresh Baked Bread and Lattes. Nothing better than SGA latte blends ????????
  3. Melting Dessa's pumpkin maple this morning @ work...yummmy!!
  4. Good morning friends!! Melting Swan Creeks Salted Caramel Popcorn this Monday morning @ work...
  5. Melting Dessas Pumpkin Cookie Crunch @ work this morning :)
  6. Melting Dessa's Fruit Loops @ work this morning :)
  7. So sorry Ive missed birthdays! HAPPY BIRTHDAY girls!! Been so busy with my Dad. Melting SGAs Cider Lane Pumpkin Pecan Waffle Sugar Cookies at work today....thats a mouthful!!
  8. Good morning everyone! Melting BH&G's Thankful Harvest this morning! Have been absent for awhile. My dad has been in hospital and rehab for 4.5 weeks, has been sick. Missed everyone!
  9. Yes, it was too hard to pass up. I just started using mine yesterday....so far I love it! I was thinking of letting wax cool, and throwing in freezer to remove. I am going to use SGA wax in it, like i do my Yankee Scenterpiece melters. I only bought 6 of the tins, definately reusing them :)
  10. I just started one yesterday, how long do they last? I am definately going to scrape out and use SGA wax for sure. I only bought like 6 of those tins.
  11. Sorry I missed so many birthdays....happy belated birthday to all!!! My Dad has been very sick in the hospital...He had a large bleeding ulcer, surgery, and just has been really sick.. Recovering and will go to rehab. Been so stressful! melting BH&G's Thankful Harvest this morning. Also, have any of your bought one of the CandleAire warmers yet? I ordered one, ive heard good things about them. On candlewarmers.com they are offering 50% off one time only with a code welcome16. I am trying on and bought 8 of the smelling trays to go in them, but like the yankee warmers, you can use other wax in them also. Can't wait to get mine!!
  12. Morning, Melting BH&G's A Thankful Harvest....a year round fav for me :)
  13. Melting yummmmy SGA's Vanilla Hazelnut Expresso Pizzelle this morning @ work :)))
  14. Happy Friday everyone!! Melting Nene's Pumpkin Crumble this morning @ work :)
  15. Melting Super Tarts Manny @ work today :)
  16. Happy Friday!!! Its going to be 70 today...WOOOHOOOOO :) Melting OPT's Carmelized Pralines this morning @ work :)
  17. Hard waking up and moving this morning, after a 4 day weekend....wish i could retire (yeah right!!)_ Melting SGA's Sugar Cookie & Toasted Marshmellow this morning @ work!
  18. Melting SGA's Sugar Cookie & Toasted Marshmellow this mornign @ work :)
  19. Melting Super Tarts Banner this morning @ work!
  20. Melting Nene's Pumpkin Creme Brulee @ work this morning....YAYYYY its Friday
  21. Thank you!! No sure why its so blurry! Had a hard time getting it small enough to put on there..
  22. Melting Super Tarts Banner this morning @ work :)
  23. Melting Super Tarts Morning Monster this morning....LOVE the coffee in this one :))
  24. Melting OPT's Buttered Maple Syrup today @ work, this one is making me hungry!!
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