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  1. Julie has had site closed, shes working on a new website, hoping to have it up and running by her restock on Saturday I think. I have to set this one out...I have ENTIRELY too much SGA goodies!!
  2. So sad, I read this article on facebook! I too ordered a few times from her in the past years.
  3. I am on What Smells So Good too, kinda remember her....This is so sad....Also, the young girl Brandy, was known on alot of the waxie boards, chatted with her a few times, she died the beginning of this year from a fall. So very sad, that is what the scent from SGA, Brandys Birthday Zucchini was named for.
  4. Yes it's horrible and so sad. Oh my, you mean there was someone else in the wax world that died that terrible death??
  5. Good Morning, Melting Pumpkin Noel Birthday from SGA at work this morning. Didn't know if you guys are familiar with Cozy Moments or not, or have heard about Michelle that runs the Etsy store, but she was killed in last week. Just horrible. I know I have bought soap and things from her on Etsy. Her husband killed her and her daughter, then killed himself. So horrible!!
  6. YAYYYY, Friday finally!! Melting BH&G's Orange Buttercream Cupcake...yummy, at work this morning!
  7. Melting CFTKR's Pumpkin Cornbread @ work this morning....Have a great day everyone!!
  8. Melting Super Tarts RedRum....love this one!!
  9. Melting CFTKR's Pumpkin Cornbread this morning @ work :)
  10. Melting SGAs caramel pound cake latte and Super Tarts Sixth Sense. Lots of coffee goodness ????????
  11. I didn't get anything....I am saving my $$$ for Sassy Girl :)
  12. YUMMMMY! I love that one too...I also am hooked on the Brown Sugar Pound Cake Latte....yummy! She has that on list for restock tomorrow!!
  13. Melting Swan Creeks Vanilla Pound Cake @ work this morning...HAPPY FRIDAY!!!
  14. Melting Super Tarts Doctor Who this morning @ work :)
  15. Melting The Country Scents Shacks Cornbread this morning @ work :)
  16. Maggie....I have now placed three order!!!!
  17. Melting Super Tarts RedRum today at work....and LOVING it!!!
  18. Can't believe it's Monday already...WOW did that weekend go back too quickly! Melting Copper & Krafts Cardamon Spice Cake this morning @ work....Thanks for reviewing this company Maggie!! LOVING their melts!
  19. Sweet, what company is LCP? Can't think of it!!
  20. Melting FussAssMcGee's Fruit Loops @ work this morning!! Its Friday....yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!
  21. Hard to explain. Very spicy. All kind of spices mixed up. Love it????????
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