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Thanks & Merry Christmas!


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  1. Its BH&G A Thankful harvest @ work this morning....I love this one!!
  2. Melting Haley's Caramel Cinnamon Latte @ work this morning :)
  3. Melting Olde Primitive Treasures Zucchini Bread this morning @ work :)
  4. Melting FussAssMcGee's Cornbread @ work this morning :)
  5. Melting Olde Primitive Treasures Home Sweet Home today @ work :)
  6. Melting Fuss jerk McGee's Cornbread....LOVE this one!
  7. Melting Olde Primitive Treasures Autumn Blessings this mornign @ work :)
  8. Melting Dessa's Cinnamon Garland this morning @ work...Happy Monday everyone!!
  9. Melting Dessa's Holiday Eggnog @ work this morning :)
  10. Melting Dessa's Christmas Tree @ work this morning....smells really good :) So Christmasy!!
  11. Haven't received mine yet. I think delivery will be tomorrow or Tuesday. Definately Cider, cinnamon and Clove should be a strong scent.
  12. Tree up and decorating done. Melting lots of scents today but really living Dessa's Gingerbread House????????
  13. Melting Haleys Insane Zucchini Bread and decorating for Christmas today????????️
  14. Usually cider, cinnamon and Clove is a strong scent. I hope I can smell it. Haven't received mine yet.
  15. U thought it says they are parafin. Dang j hope I can smell it. A candle that size should scent up a large space.
  16. I ended up ordering on of the Keystone Scrooge 64 oz. candles. Is it super strong....love the cinnamon, clove, cider scents for the holidays. Can't wait to get it!
  17. Melting Lake Providence Lodge's Harvest @ work today :)
  18. Melting Lake Providence Lodge's Southern Banana Cake this morning @ work...loving this vendor
  19. BRRRRR....its sooooo cold 12 degrees this morning...hard getting up to get in a cold car! Melting Lake Providence Lodge The Lodge this morning @ work....I am loving this vendor and Dessa's....SUPER strong and wonderful scents! Have a great day!
  20. Melting Dessa's Hansel & Gretel @ work this morning...love all of her scents!!
  21. Snow yesterday, more snow today!! Melting HHS's Celtic Moonspice. Love this scent from Haleys
  22. Melting Dessa's Mulberry Spice this morning @ work....loving this one!
  23. Melting Dessa's Pumpkin Pie this morning @ work :)
  24. Melting Dessa's Cinnamon Bun @ work this morning!!
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