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Thanks & Merry Christmas!


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  1. So sorry to hear about your Mom Honeybear....sending thoughts and prayers your way.
  2. Melting Haley's Juniper Breeze @ work this morning :)
  3. Melting Tuscadero's Sugar Cookie Supreme @ work today :))
  4. Happy Monday! Melting FussAssMcGees Cinnamon Vanilla this morning @ work!
  5. Yes, I saw them...trying to stay away from there!!!
  6. Melting Alamo Candelaria's Cirque du Yum! And it is YUMMMMMMY :))
  7. I love that acne from Alamo Candelaria too! I love her wax crack????????
  8. Melting FussAssMcGee's Cornbread today at work....it's making me hungry!!
  9. Happy Belated Birthday!!!! Not sure what's in that Fall Bakery either....but i LOVE it!! :)
  10. I definitely want to try that one????????. Yummy!!!
  11. NOOOOOOOO...not already.....I can't believe how fast time is going!
  12. Melting CFTKR's Maple Brown Sugar this morning....I am LOVING it....making me hungry!
  13. I love Tuscaderos. I order from her all the time????????
  14. Yay:) Its Friday!!!! Melting BH&G's Orange Buttercream Cupcake @ work this morning!
  15. Morning!! Melting BH&G's Orange Buttercream Cupcake this morning @ work! I LOVE this one!!
  16. YAYYY, its Friday finally :) Melting FussAssMcgee's Corn Bread this morning @ work:)
  17. Melting FussAssMcgee's Berry Crunch...making me hungry for Captain Crunch with Crunchberries :))
  18. Melting Allure's Home Fragrance's Ambrosia at work this morning ;)
  19. I like them...some better than others, but they are all pretty strong :)Would definatley buy again....they really do smell like DisneyWorld. :) really love the Soar Over and Tonga Toast!!
  20. Melting Simple Gals Main Street USA @ work this morning :)
  21. Melting FussAssMcGee's Berry Crunch this morning @ work :)
  22. Meltilng Candleberry's Watermelon Rancher @ work this morning!
  23. YAYYYY....Its Friday Melting Cross Creeks Cinnamon Bread Pudding @ work this morning!!
  24. Melting CFTKR's Celtic Moonspice this morning :)
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