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Thanks & Merry Christmas!


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  1. I am so sorry to hear about your cousin.
  2. Granny's Kitchen by Almost Country....YUMMY!
  3. Burning Beignet in kitchen and Autumn Donuts in LR...both from Bella's. That is just about the end of my Bella tarts...
  4. I am so sorry to hear that sillysmom...My thoughts and prayers to you and Doe.
  5. Hi Annie and Sandra! :P WELCOME and ENJOY!!! It's fun to be with people who love the same thing....CANDLES and TARTS!
  6. Birdy's Baklava from CanDo Holiday Cinnamon Delight from CFTKR Candy Corn from Gramma Frans I am lovin' the scents! And Yes! I love the CH Haunted House too!
  7. Good Morning All! Got Can Do's Deja Vu burning all over and I love it! Perfect for this cold morning! Yesterday I tried CFTKR Banana Spice Bread and it was DELICIOUS!!
  8. Cozy Fall Nights by Front Porch...nice!!!
  9. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
  10. [smilie=th_Animated20Dogs20waving] Hello Mish! Welcome!
  11. Happy Thursday... Hot Baked Apple Pie in the FR and Amish Friendship Bread in LR and Kitchen both from Country Button...smells good!
  12. Hi Abby! It's so fun reading and discussing our favorite "smelly" things!
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