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Thanks & Merry Christmas!


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  1. Christy~ It really is delicious but I wish it were stronger! I finally have on Cup of Joe Pumpkin (EW).... and
  2. Congrats Twinsmom! I know how you feel, I went back last year. :) Burning Toasty Fireside Snuggles from MD- love it!
  3. Started off the day with Christmas Wreath by Missy's Tempting Tarts- so strong- and just switched to Christmas Kitchen by Almost Country. The house and tree are finally decorated and the stress has been lifted.
  4. Burned Teaberry Mountian's Adirondack Mountian- it's a great sniff cold, but it blasted me out of the house when lit. I burned 3 tiny stars and I had to blow out 2. I think the scent is a bit too strong for me... I never say that! It's one of those scents that's nice for a while, but just too much after about 30 minutes.
  5. Busy day and finally off to bed...burned Ylang & Patchouli by Teaberry and it was wonderful...the Ylang really soften the Patchouli. Even though I love Patchouli, this is wonderful!
  6. Not Me! I will be stuck here in Jersey freezin'! The person below me loves to go sled riding at the first accumulated snowfall! WEEEEE!
  7. Too Funny Cat!!! I was thinking that same thing...but Star got it! STAR! You are really good at this!
  8. Still have Vanilla Pine Cones from MD going and added Nothwoods Christmas from Teaberry.
  9. Twinsmom- Congrats!! Put on Vanilla Pinecones from MD- terrific.
  10. Has anyone ever tried Can-Do's Eggnog? With the sale coming up and all...I was just wondering....
  11. Hi Scented Stamper~ I ordered from MD three times in 1 month... Anyway the first order came very quick...the second order I placed on 11/17 and I got the "Shipping email" on 11/21...the same thing happened to me so I emailed Jennifer and she was great and apologetic and I got my package today. With the big BF sale it might be a while for the last package, but I really love her tarts...so I'm good.
  12. Got Christmas Pear going from Suds & Light...fresh pear scent with a little spice.
  13. Funny talking about the Rockettes... We are going to see them next week with the 4 kids! I can't wait for them to see The Spectacular....it's been a while for me. Burning Cedar & Saffron from Teaberry Mountain and I am BLOWN AWAY! Never smelled anything like it. I have tarts going all over my house and so far no one is complaining...
  14. Great Job Guys!!! I had to leave for work so I missed all the fun!
  15. Sorry had a spill at the computer... I don't know? Can we just continue?
  16. I was toooooo slow in that one so I deleted it....
  17. #4 ~ Blackberry Jam Butter Cookies- Crosscreek
  18. Relit the Under the Mistletoe and its got a lot of scent left in it...added Jack Frost from Country Passion- it's been hanging around for a while but it's still got a lot of kick.
  19. Burning Under the Mistletoe by Soyshine Candles....just love this mix.
  20. Y = Yellow Submarine John: You don't want to be showin' your motor to just anybody!
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