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  1. Morn everyone. This is what I have been melting so far this week" Tin Man: Stanless Steel, White Cake, Blue Sugar and Marshmallow Bomb by CFOW Iced Cinnamon Buns by Mystic Fall Morning by YC, cut up votive White Woods by OPT Candlelove, sending prayers for your brother and hugs to you. It was 20 this morn when I left the house. Have a great day.
  2. Hi everyone. Spent the weekend with my parents, nice visit. I did order a mystery box from Hayden Rowe's this morn, like I don't need anymore wax, but decide that a treat would be nice. Hope everyone has a great holiday weekend.
  3. . Candle for today: Macintosh Apple by Country Candle. Hope everyone has a great Saturday, off this weekend.
  4. Good evening everyone. Melting today: Green Apple by Mystic. Have a great evening.
  5. Good morn everyone. Melting today: Honeysoaked Apples by Swan Creek Dream catcher by Satin Suzie. Amyjo, I didn't know what day it was today, but figured it out. Don't want to go too the wrong client. lol
  6. Good evening. Been melting today: Apples & cinnamon by Mystic, off to work shortly, filling in for someone who called in sick. Have a great night everyone.
  7. Happy Friday everyone. Melting yesterday & day: Happy Haunting: Smokey vanilla, wood smoke, twisted peppermint. Very strong Vanilla Vooodo Lavender Halloween: Cinnamon sugar donut, pumpkin pecan waffle, vanilla bean marshmallow and white cake. All by CFOW
  8. Good morn ladies. Melting today: Danish Butter Cookies by CYS Baker's Delight by CFOW Amyjo. he is doing well. Doing some overnights with him 12 hours shift. Did 5 this month. Hope everyone is having a good week.
  9. Hi everyone. Melting today all by CFOW: Cult Enter Sandman. Have a great Monday.
  10. Good morn ladies. Melting today: Blackberry & Tangerine by Mystic, etsy shop Hope everyone has a nice Saturday. Debra, sorry to hear about your furnace.
  11. Happy Friday everyone. Melting today: Welcome Home from Satin Suzie: graham cracker, caramel and vanilla frosting. yummy
  12. Morn everyone. Melting today: Banana Nut Bread by Up North Creations French Vanilla by CFOW Honeybear I would say it is a mix bag, on chuck bags. Most of my things from her are singles and I like that better.
  13. Good morn everyone. This is what I have been melting this week so far: Fizzy Pop Soda & Plum Crazy Lily Pad Black Cherry Bomb all by CFOW Lavender by Up North Creek Creation Hope everyone has a nice Wednesday.
  14. Morn everyone. Melting today: Yondu by CFOW: Blue Cotton Candy, Blue Sugar. Have a great Day.
  15. Morn everyone. Melting: Pink Sugar by Satin Suzie today. Amyjo, I hope so. Thanks.
  16. Morn ladies. Melting today: Salted Gingersnap by Candle Warmer Apple S'more by Scentsy. Have a great Monday.
  17. Hi everyone. Melting Clue by CFOW Amyjo. yes I have the client back. Other's things going about the same no contact with BF for over a month.
  18. Afternoon everyone. Melting today: Yahtzee by CFOW Michele, I hope your brother's surgery goes well.
  19. Love the title for the month. Melting: Honeysoaked Apples by Swan Creek Apples to Apples by CFOW
  20. Michele sorry to hear about your brother, hugs scent and prayers. Hope your Dad has a nice birthday.
  21. Happy Saturday everyone. Melting today: Danish Butter cookie by CYS. Yummy.
  22. Morn ladies. I got my car back this morn. Melting today: Western Cider by CFOW
  23. Morn ladies. Melting today: Pink Sands from Hayden Rowe Raspberry Four by Hayden Rowe I love Hayden Rowe, well worth buying from. Hope everyone has a great day. Thanks for the well wishes on the car.
  24. Hi everyone. The car is in the shop, waited 2 hours for the town truck, they didn't charge me, because I had to wait for so long, which was nice. The starter went out. Melting: Beach Daisies by Hayden Rowe Lovespell by OPT Have a great day.
  25. No Amyjo I am back home. Wish I wasn't though. Car broke down today after work today, I'm ready to scream. lol
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