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  1. Hi everyone. This is what I have been melting since I last posted.Barbie by CFOW Strawberry Passion by CFOW Raw sugar by CFOW Carbs Noel by Rosegirls There's no place like home by CFOW Honey Clementine by Hayden Rowe Catcus & Sea Salt by Hayden Rowe Bahama Breeze by YC Hope everyone is doing ok. Love you gals.
  2. everyone. I have been doing some on line class for my job, since we can't meet in person, and I finally finished them, Doing the happy day. I hope everyone has a great week.
  3. Hello everyone. Melting : Canbana by Hayden Rowe Pecan Waffle Marshmallow Fluff by CFOW Fire Roasted Marshmallow, cinnamon sugar donut, pumpkin pecan waffle by CFOW Citrus Explosion by Hayden Rowe, favorite in this bunch. Have a great Sunday.
  4. Good morn ladies. I hope everyone is doing ok. this is what I have been melting: Summer Mango by Candle warmer Coral Shores by Scentsationals Peach Papaya by Sentsationals Ice cream shop by Scentsationals by favorite so far. Take care everyone.
  5. Good morn everyone. This is what I have been melting: Strawberry Passion, Pink chiffon by CFOW So White by Rosegirls Coconut Coast by Hayden Rowe Strawberry Jam by Satin Suzie Alaskan Wilderness by Mystical.
  6. Amyjo, hope you have a wonderful day. I have two candles that I am burning: Sugared Wildflower by YC Lovely Lilac by YC. Hope everyone has a good day and stay safe.
  7. Happy Mother's Day everyone. This is what I have been melting: Coconut Cake by Hayden Rowe White Sage & Lavender by Hayden Rowe Olive Branch by Hayden Rowe Someday over the rainbow by CFOW Black Orchid by Hayden Rowe
  8. Hi everyone. Hope everyone is doing ok. This what I have been melting: Frosted Cranberry, Kettle Corn, Donuts by Rosegirls The Slusher by CFOW Banner by CFOW Garden Sweet Pea by YC The Diet by CFOW Mahogany Coconut by CFOW Blonde Moments by CFOW Blue Sugar, Plum Crazy by CFOW. my favorite of the week. Daylight candle: Sweet pea by Kringle, finsihed.
  9. Hi everyone. This is what I have been melting: Dead Sexy by CFOW Rainbow Bridge by CFOW Disneyland by CFOW Love Yourself Fluff Puffs by Rosegirls Early Sunrise by YC Golden Sands by YC Vanilla Sky by Hayden Rowe jamsine Musk & mint, cucumber water by CFOW Amyjo, I pick mystery/romance from the library. I was happy they did that, since they are closed. Stay safe everyone. Until next time. Hugs to everyone.
  10. Good morn ladies. I don't have access to a computer every day. We are to wear a mask while we are on the job. This is what I have been melting: My soul does sing by CYS Jazz Baby by CFOW Lemon Bundt Cake by Satin Suzie Pistachio Ice Cream by CFOW Remote Island by CFOW Kupo by CFOW Blue Summer Sky by YC Started chopped some votive up to use in the wax melter. One this that was nice this week, one of our local library had a blind date with books, you told them what type of book you like to read, they gave 3 books to everyone is a paper bag. Fun. Stay safe everyone. See you soon.
  11. Amyjo, you did such a good job on your youtube video. Be safe
  12. Hi everyone. Michele I'm sorry to hear about your dad. Hugs to you. Melting: The Olive Branch by Rosegirls Lemon Cotton Candy Ice Cream Cake by Rosegirls. Stay safe everyone.
  13. Hi everyone. Melting: Peppermint Patty by Mystical Stormwatch by Mystical
  14. Hi everyone. Melting today; Pina colda by Hayden Rowe.
  15. Happy Easter everyone. Melting today: Jellybean by Mystical This what I have melting last week: Fresh Linen by CFOW Vanilla Bean Noel by K's Apple Orchard by K's Apple Blossom by BHG Shirley Temple by Hayden Rowe Vacation Fling by Hayden Rowe Michele, sending prayers and hugs your way. Stay safe my friends, until next time.
  16. Hi everyone. Melting today: White Strawberry Bellini by YC Have a great evening. Stay safe.
  17. Hi everyone. Melting: Lemon Sugar by Candlewarmer.
  18. Melting today: Black Rose by K's Kreation. I am doing ok, still working and washing my hands a lot. Take care, hugs to everyone.
  19. Hi everyone. Melting Lavender by Mystical. Stay safe, and wash your hands.
  20. Good afternoon everyone. Melting today: Americana Peeps Cake by Rosegirls. Amyjo, yes my eye is doing much better. Thanks. Take care everyone.
  21. Good morn ladies. Melting today" Peppermint Bark by Mystical. Take care everyone.
  22. Good morn ladies. Melting today: Fresh Gain by Mystical Lemon Sugar by Candlewarmer. Have a great day.
  23. Morn ladies. Melting today: Girlfriend night by Scentsationals Jumping on clouds by Rosegirls. Have a great weekend.
  24. Happy Friday everyone. Melting today: Lemongrass by CFOW.
  25. Good morn everyone. Melting: Avobath by Rosegirls
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