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Thanks & Merry Christmas!


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  1. Hi everyone. Melting: Time Out by CFOW. Have a great day.
  2. Good morn ladies. Melting today: Winter Cherries by Mystical Cool citrus Basil with cucumber type by Mystical. Amyjo, yes I missed a couple days of work, I couldn't see well enough to drive and I felt like a vampire, the light about did me in. Doing much better, and I hope this thing never comes back again. Have a great Monday.
  3. Hi everyone. Melting: Fruity Loops by Mystical Blackroses by K's kreation
  4. Good morn everyone. Melting today: Tis the season by BBW Apple Martini by Kittredge Candle Co, etsy Candle: Berry Waffle Cone by BBW
  5. Happy hump day everyone. Melting today: Disneyland by CFOW. Have a great day.
  6. Hi everyone. Melting today: White Wedding by CFOW I am finally done with med for eye, go back in 2 months. I can see better, and no longer in pain. Have a great Monday.
  7. Hi everyone. Melting today: jellybean by Mystical. Hope everyone has a great Friday.
  8. Afternoon everyone. Melting Apples to Apples by CFOW Zen Garden by Hayden Rowe. Have a great day.
  9. Hi everyone. Melting today: Vanilla Cream Puff by CFOW Lollipop Guild by CFOW Candy Cane by Mystical. I am hanging in there, Thanks for all the well wishes.
  10. Hello everyone. I want to give you a update. I am having a eye problem . I am being treat for it. It's been a rough time so far. Maggie, sorry to hear about the deaths in your family, hugs to you. Hope everyone has a nice Sunday.
  11. Hello everyone. I'm going to MIA for a while, I hope I can come back at some point. Love you guys.
  12. Hi everyone. Melting today: Caressed Peach by Cleanse your soul Scrumptious Cake by Satin Suzie. Hope everyone has a good Wednesday.
  13. Good morn. Melting today: Christmas Rose by K's Kreation.
  14. Hi everyone. Melting: Gingerbread by Swan Creek. Amjo, I also have christmas clouds by Hayden Rowe, mine came in the mystery box. Very good The one wick candles do ok, wish that they had a better throw.
  15. Afternoon everyone. Melting today: Apples to Apples by CFOW Sinfully Hot by Cleanse your soul Have a great weekend
  16. Hello, anyone here. lol melting today: Lemon Bundt Cake by Satin Suzie Circus Cake by Bathing Garden Vanilla Bean by Satin Suzie Candle: Snowflake & citrus by BBW, one wick
  17. Good morn ladies. Yes we had some snow here on Tuesday. This is what I melted yesterday and today: Clue by CFOW Cereal Number by Satin Suzie Danish Butter Cookies by CYS Amyjo, punny wicks, which is why I haven't bought any candles from BBW in a long time. Will see what the other three wick I have from them will do.
  18. Morn ladies. Melting today: Christmas Clouds by Hayden Rowe More than four by Hayden Rowe, sugar cookie and frosting Tis the season, chopped up the candle didn't want to burn right, BBW Have a good day.
  19. Good morn everyone. Melting today: Snowcake by Hayden Rowe Risk by CFOW State Badger Coco by Rosegirls Debra, love her tea lights work wonderful for me.
  20. Good morn. Melting today: Holiday Sprinkles by Mystic Tealights: Peppermint by Mystic Have a good Saturday. Add a candle: Hollyberry by Crossroads candle co. New to me company, found this on vacation.
  21. Afternoon everyone. Melting: Candy Cane by Mystical. Have a great Friday.
  22. Good morn ladies. Happy New Year. Melting: silver bells by scentsy. Candlelove, happy you are doing ok with the knee. Hope the bridal shower goes well.
  23. Morn ladies. Melting today: Cookies at Tiffany's by CFOW mixed with Gingerbread Cookies by Rosegirls Cinnamon Apples by Scentsationals. I will be staying at home, and in bed before midnight, working tomorrow. Maggie sounds like a fun night, love playing games.
  24. Good morn ladies. Melting this morn: Ellen by Hayden Rowe: Meyer Lemon, Ginger, Persian Lime, fizzy Blackberry Ginger Ale by Hayden Rowe Pineapple, Spearmint, and melon mist by Mystical
  25. Morn ladies. Candle for today: Tis the season by BBW. I pack wax to bring with me but I must have left it at home. Going home later today so no biggy. Have a great Sunday.
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