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Thanks & Merry Christmas!


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  1. Hi everyone. I have been on a mini vacation with my family. We went down to Charlotte NC, to the Billy Graham library. We had a great time lots of laughing and playing games. Hope everyone had a great Christmas. Night all.
  2. Morn ladies. Melting today: Gingerbread cookies by Rose Girls Candle: Tis the season. Will be visiting my family. Merry Christmas everyone.
  3. Good morn ladies. Candle for today: Tis the season by BBW. Love this candle.
  4. Good morn ladies. Amyjo, hope you enjoyed your stay in my home state of Virginia. We do have bears in them mountains lol. Melting today: Grandma got run over by a chain chomp by Rosegirls, cherries maybe not sure Spearmint and did somebody say frosting by Rosegirls Hope everyone has a great day.
  5. Morn ladies. Melting today: Wine by Candlelight by Satin Suzie, wish this was a little stronger. Hope everyone has a great wednesday.
  6. Good morn ladies. Melting today: Roasted Marshmallow by K's Candle: Hot Apple toddy by BBW, going to finish this one today. Hope everyone has a great day. Going to chop up some wax today, fun lol
  7. Good morn ladies. Melting today: Apples & cinnamon by Mystic Unicorn Party by CFOW
  8. Morn ladies. Melting: Northern Lights by Hayden Rowe, reminds me of baby powder Vanilla Pound Cake by Swan Creek, love this Pine wreath by bed bath and beyond, very strong Amyjo, the woodwick candle was a medium jar, it made lots of crackling. Would buy it again. I forgot how much I love candles, since I not with BF anymore I can burn candles again. I hope everyone has a great weekend. See you on Monday.
  9. Good morn everyone. Melted this week: Chocolate Layered Cake by YC Frasier Fir by Woodwick Santa's Sugar Cookies by Amedian Itlian Waffle Cookies by CFOW Balsam & Cedar by Mystic Peppermint by Mystic Copper Cinnamon Soice by BHG Candles: Winter Garland by Woodwick, should finish this one up today Spiced Apple Toddy by BBW
  10. Good morn ladies. Melting today: Cake Batter by CFOW Mulled Cider by The Candle Cottage Candle: Spiced Apple Toddy, small candle by BBW Candlelove, happy to hear that you are doing well. Have a great Thursday.
  11. Morn everyone. Melting today: Lemongrass by CFOW
  12. Good morn ladies. Melting today: Silver Bells by Scentsy: Peppermint Snowflake Cookies by YC, very light Candle: Winter Garland by Wood wick tealight: Peppermint by Mystic Smells wonderful in here. Have a great Monday
  13. Good morn ladies. Melting the same thing from yesterday. I will be going home today, I have enjoyed being with my family since Thursday. Thank goodness we don't live a long ways from each other. The next project with be cutting up votives that I have had for a long time and using some of my CFOW, and other things also. I hope December will be a good month for everyone. No sickness or major stress. Take care my candlefind friends.
  14. Hello everyone. Melting this morn: Mandarin Splash by Scentsy. Have a great Saturday.
  15. Good evening everyone. Melting: Midnight Rose by OPT, last of my OPT. Michele, glad to see you back, sorry to hear about your friend. Prayers sent. Have a good evening.
  16. Afternoon everyone. Happy Thanksgiving. Melting today: Raspberry Sangria, Blue Raspberry Sugar Pop Mermaid Hotel, all by OPT
  17. Morn ladies. Melting Driftwood by OPT. Working on my OPT, going to use all that I have even if out of season. I am running out of room, I have 2 boxes of wax still in boxes because I don't have any empty storage boxes. Amjo, I have only bought the daylight from Kringle, like them.
  18. Morn ladies. Melting today: Country Apple by OPT Candle: Baked Apple Pie by Hertiage Candle co Daylight: Winter Apple by Kringle Tealight: Apple Harvest by Root Amyjo, hope you feel better Michele well wishes for your knee surgery I have a short week looking forward to having some time off and spending time with my family.
  19. Good morn everyone. Melting today: Bottom Up by Scentsationals: orange, pomegranate and spice. I only smell the orange. Debra, I would say the tealights did ok, I could smell them a little bit. Trying to used things up. Hove a great Sunday.
  20. Good morn ladies. This is what I melted yesterday: Lavender Vanilla by OPT Serendipity by OPT Pink Peach Noel by OPT tealight: Tangerine Lemongrass by Root Today: Pink Chiffon by OPT Golden Sands by OPT Have a great Saturday.
  21. Good morn everyone. Melting: Chocolate Layered Cake by YC, very old tart, smells good Caramel by Satin Suzie 4 tealights: Chocolate by Root, I have had these for a very long time. Have a great Thursday.
  22. Good morn everyone. Melting today: Wilma Flinstone: Lavender, marshmallow fluff & vanilla bean noel by CFOW Molten Amber by Hayden Rowe in mystery box, cute like duck Africa: Exotic woods, day air, musk and smoke very strong by Hayden Rowe, also it box Clarity by Candle Warmers Candles from yesterday. Amyjo, the frankenstien's got along really well no, fighting Debra, I really like CFOW, I would start with the sample box, that way you get to tried a lot of different scents at one time. Hope everyone has a great Wednesday.
  23. Good morn ladies. Melting today: Vanilla champagne by Satin Suzie Frankenstein & Bride of Frankenstein by CFOW, mixed these Candles: Baked apple pie by Heritage Candle Co Warm & Happy Home by American Home, YC
  24. Morn everyone. Melting today: Coconut coast by Hayden Rowe, this was in the mystery box I received. Love it. Tealight: Peppermint by Mystic. The mystery box has 15 different scents, some ducks, I loaf, 1 scoopable, scent shots. Amyjo, sounds like you had a nice time.
  25. Morn everyone. Burning: Winter Garland a woodwick candle: crimson berries, frasier fir, white teak. Have a great weekend.
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