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  1. Good morn everyone. Melting today: Cotton Candy Craze by L 3 Raindrops keep falling on my head by Mystical. Maggie, sorry to hear about the damage, how scary for you. Hugs.
  2. Hi everyone. Melting today: Breakfast of champions by Hayden Rowe Expresso by Mystical.
  3. Good morn ladies. Melting today: Cape Cod by VCS Blackberry Jam Cashmere by L 3 Baby Powder by Mystical Mystic by Scentsationals. Amyjo, be safe on your travels. Have a great everyone.
  4. Good Sunday morn everyone. This is what I have been melting: Tangerine Gelato by Haydn Rowe Agave Nectar by OPT Blueberry Truffles by Bathing Garden Lucy & Ethel by VCS The time is now by L3: Berry Pound cake, Strawberries and Whipped Cream Mango Peach Slice by Swan Creek, free sample. I placed on order with them last week. Love this one. Daylight candle: Apple Basil by Kringle.
  5. Hi everyone. Melting today: Agent 66 by Satin Suzie: pear, fig and brown sugar.
  6. Good morn ladies. Melting today: Fresh squeezed orange juice by Mystical Vanilla Cupcakes by Mystical Have a great day.
  7. Good morn ladies. Melting today: Hideaway by Scentsationals Pink Lemonade, Mango Sorbet and Blond Moments by L3 a sample Honeysoaked Apples by Swan Creek and a candle in the same scent, this is my favorite apple scent. I hope everyone has a nice day, with no problems of any kind. Love you girls.
  8. Good morn ladies. Melting today: Blue Skies by Hayden Rowe Sea Salt by Hayden Rowe Awapuhi Sea Berry by Hayden Rowe Club Med by Hayden Rowe: Citrus, Cedar, Light Floral, Clean Laundry, green herbs.
  9. Good evening everyone. This is what I have been melting: More than four by Hayden Rowe The Sweetest Things by Bathing Garden Dorothy by CFOW: Love spell, cotton candy and pink sugar Beach Glass by Hayden Rowe Ocean Mist and Cotton Candy by CFOW Have a good night.
  10. Good morn ladies: Melting today: White Tea & Berries by Hayden Rowe, very refreshing scent.
  11. Good morn ladies. Melting today: Black Orchid by Hayden Rowe Black Cherry Bombs by Mystical.
  12. Good morn ladies. Melting today: Black Roses by K's Kreation Fresh Strawberries by Mystical Apple Blossom by BHG Festival Bliss by Scentsationals. Maggie, the bookworm has ceder and musk and leather in it, that all I can remember. Hope everyone has a great day, stay safe.
  13. Hello everyone. This is what I have been melting: Bookworm by Hayden Rowe Coconut Vacy by Scentsationsals Enchanted by Scentsationals Vanilla Sky by Hayden Rowe Flamingo Shore by AmbiEsents Cotton Candy by AmbiEscents.
  14. Good morn ladies. Melting today: Risk by CFOW. Hope everyone has a great day.
  15. Hi everyone. Been melting:Gain Fresh by Mystical Pink Poppies by BHG Lemon Mint Leaf by OPT Brimstone by Hayden Rowe
  16. Good morn ladies. Going to be hot here today. This morn I got my headlights fixed on the car, I helped a little bit. Melting: Black Raspberry Vanilla by Mystical. I hope everyone has a great weekend
  17. Hi everyone. The last couple of weeks have been very stressful. On my way to work a deer decided to hit my car, I am fine. The car is drive able, so I bought it back. Other than that I'm doing fine. This is what I have been melting:Coconut Leaves by CFOW Agave Nectar by CFow Juicy Watermelon by Hayden Rowe Glenda the good witch by CFOW Ursula by CFOW Lavender, Pink Sugar, Vanilla Lace by CFOW Toto by CFOW. Take care everyone.
  18. Hi everyone. Melting today: Strawberries & Cream by Scentsationals Pink Poppies by BHG Fantsy by CFOW
  19. Hi everyone. Melting today: Vanilla Musk by CFOW Yellow Brick Road by CFOW Augustus Gloop by CFOW
  20. Good morn everyone. This is what I have been melting since Sunday.Beauty & Beast by CFOW Red Velvet Cake by CFOW Vanilla Cupcake by Mystical mixed with Peach Papaya by Scentsationals Toasted Marshmallow by Satin Suzie Golden Sands by yankee Darkwing Duck by CFOW. Hope everyone is doing ok, see you next time.
  21. Good morn everyone. This is what i have been melting: Over the Rainbow by BHG Lemon Verbena by OPT Purple People Eater by CFOW Wedding Cake by Ashley, I don't like this scent at all, I am glad I only payed a little over a !.00 for it. Have a great Sunday.
  22. Hi everyone. Melting today: Iced Lemon Sugar Cookies by Scentsationals Whole Peach Mango by BHG. Have a great week everyone.
  23. Hi everyone. Melting: Unicorn Party by CFOW Peter Pan by CFOW Lavender Martini by CFOW. Amyjo, hope your husband is feeling better. I'm doing ok, and so are my clients.
  24. Hello everyone. This is what I have been melting since my last post. Lavender Lemonade by BHG Coconut Coast by Hayden Rowe As you wish by Satin Suzie Jasmine & ylang ylang by BHG Pineapple Lily by Main Stay
  25. Good Sunday morn everyone. Melting today: Deep Fried Coffee by CFOW Vanilla Cupcake by Mystical Michael Myers, cream cheese frosting, pumpkin pecan waffle, toasted marshmallow by CFOW Really enjoy CFOW. Have a great one.
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