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  1. Hi friends Melting CFTKR Hot Orange Bear Claw and it's heavenly Rainy start to our weekend here. DH finally finished working on the suspension on my car. It took him longer than expected since he had to wait for parts to be delivered. I'm very thankful that he is able to maintain our vehicles himself for the most part. Otherwise it would have cost at least double and likely more to have someone else do it. More money for wax lol. So I am going to go shopping to refresh my summer wardrobe a bit. Have a 30% off Kohls coupon that expires tomorrow. Have a good one
  2. A rainy Saturday here. Waiting for DS to finish his guitar lesson...think we’ll stop for a bite to eat on the way home. This morning I was melting CFTKR Lemongrass & Sage and it’s spectacular! My order arrived a couple days ago and can’t say enough great things about it. Carols wax has remained a favorite of mine since my first order many years ago. CFTKR, FP and RG are my top 3 favorite vendors. Melted a couple from my first Zeep order back on April. Beach Bound smelled like suntan lotion and a bit strong & perfumey. Another was Mambo Something? (can’t remember the exact name) that was good but fizzled out quickly. Push Pop did the same. Have a good weekend!
  3. Amyjo, so sorry you lost Montgomery. :( Such a sad time but at least he knew you were right there beside him. Your post got me all choked up. Hugs. Susan, sorry about your loss... I'm sure it must be difficult since you care for them and can't help but be attached emotionally . Hugs. Maggie, 3 weeks left?!! Wow! My DS will be done this week with Weds, Thurs and Fri being half days for final exams. Hang in there girl. I placed an order for some CFTKR melts yesterday. I've been ordering from Carol for at least 13 years or so. Everything is just so consistently incredible about her and her waxies! I cannot wait to get these since my stash of her tarts has dwindled down to only a few random scents. Have a nice Sunday. Our High School graduation is today and since DS is in the band, he will be playing today. He's not looking forward to sitting through the entire ceremony though lol.
  4. Melting a gorgeous chunk from a long forgotten small box of tarts I found in our basement. The vendor is Kimrie Anne's and the scent is Key Lime Pie/Serendipity/Vanilla Smoothie. Smells fantastic and throwing incredibly well. Very tropical! Have a great day!
  5. Kirby does not combine shipping on multiple orders. $10.40 flat rate for each order.
  6. Quickie post Melting FP Wildberry Mousse ZB... a favorite No orders from restocks for me... have enough summer scents considering I melt way less in the summer. Also, no interest in wedding and don't get the hype. I suppose that makes me a real B. Amyjo, regarding AC and melting; for me AC really cuts down on scent throw in our house. I have no clue why. Not much help, sorry. Debra, I'm sorry I missed wishing you a Happy Birthday ????
  7. Hello everybody Drinking some coffee and enjoying FP Blue Cow Cotton Candy. Ozzy is snoring loudly and I just watched a bunny hop through our yard. RG pre-order from April arrived yesterday. Loving everything I ordered. Berry Lovely Birthday Cake is a favorite. HS spring band concert last night was out of this world! I must say we have a very talented bunch of musicians here! Love seeing DS in his tux... such a change from his usual teen attire! Heading out in a few to run errands... getting DS ice skates sharpened, groceries, and picking up some annuals for my pots. Have a nice Friday.
  8. Honeybear, so sorry to hear about your little Zoe Amyjo, Melting SGA Fantasy Island Wishing all the moms a Happy Mother's Day tomorrow
  9. I don't think I posted my melts yesterday. I had two warmers going... FP Nana's Banana Pudding and RG Mango Coconut Waffle Cone. Both super yummy and strong. Today only one warmer going so far... SGA Honolulu Sun My oldest melt is probably the last two slices of a chunk pie from RG in Strawberry Frankenberry... from 2014. Other than that I really have no wax that's older than 2016. Honeybear continued healing for Zoe. Michele, safe travels Maggie, I love VRC too... Her wax is very soft so maybe it doesn't hold up over time? Do you remember Scensei? I think that's how you spell it. Her wax was super soft! Well off to walk Ozzy...
  10. Maggie, I love The Merry Smelly Month of May! I have a few STW jars here in various scents and I always feel a sense of accomplishment when I scoop out the last bit of wax and can toss the Jar! Biolaeagles, thanks for clarifying your move to Nashville for me! As soon as I read your post, I was like "oh yeah, now I remember! " I know those boys are keeping you busy!! I remember when my boys were little. Whenever DH was gone, I literally would be ready to run out of the house the minute he returned. Honeybear, I hope Zoe is doing better. Yes, I feel like these hot flashes will be ongoing for awhile. Amyjo, you are home! I just got a box from FP as well. As much as I order from Angie, I was actually dangerously low on the darling little grubby melts! I love how you kept one in your pocket during your travels! I've heard of taking a small mason jar, poking a few holes on the lid , putting your wax in the jar and setting it in the cup holder of your vehicle. I think I may try this soon. Trying a new scent from FP... Twisted Mermaid (sweet deep berries, sugar and rich vanilla) Delightful!
  11. Hi friends Haven't posted in a week or so and not going to lie...I've been not in the best moods. I think I am starting "The Change " and it hasn't been pretty. The mood swings are terrible. I go from :wub: to :angry: to Of course, DH doesn't get it at all. I've read everyones posts and enjoyed them all. Melting SGA My Little Pony and really enjoying it. I'm not sure of the exact scent description, but it has Avobath, lavender and cotton candy in it. Ordered it in chunks on a whim and am glad I did.
  12. Hello everybody! :sFun_eye: honeybear, sounds like you had a fun birthday outing! biolaeagles, I'm confused, could have sworn you live in CA. Refresh my memory, did you move? I feel like I'm losing my mind Amyjo, your Zeep melts sound great for a cleaning day. My first Zeep order arrived a few days ago and I'm very impressed with the way she packs her orders! So pretty with the toile tissue paper and crinkles. The scents I ordered smell yummy... Luke's Diner, Mambo Beach, Beachbound, and a few others. The shapes are adorable and love that she lists the scent notes on the label! I've been tempted to melt but will give them another week or so. Safe travels to you. Maggie, I have a love/hate relationship with Serendipity too. It can be overpowering! I find that if I blend it with a bakery scent like birthday cake or even marshmallow, it becomes much more smooth and creamy. debra or Amyjo, is cactus readily available at the store? I'm assuming it would be in the produce aisle. Does it have health benefits? Today I have FP White Gardenia melting for some springtime fragrance. Off to grab another cup of coffee and hop in the shower
  13. Happy Monday lol We finally got spring weather here this weekend! I spent a good majority of time outside in the yard, walking Ozzy and even took a bike ride with DS#2! DH was working out of town and should be home tomorrow. Amyjo, I really liked Her Shaving Cream from Wonderberry! It was much sweeter than plain shaving cream. For me, I like shaving cream in fruity blends rather than straight up if that makes sense. I have a Strawberry Mint Shaving Cream loaf from SGA that is good, but I always throw in some extra fruity wax with it because the shaving cream note is so dominant. BTW, FP Mommas Blueberry Cobbler is my all time favorite blueberry scent ever! Yesterday I melted FP Peony which is a beautiful floral...perfect for the lovely weather we had! Right now, it's VRC Wildberry Zucchini Maple Donuts... To die For! Thank you CF friend! Off to the grocery store... the boys have nearly eaten every morsel of food in the house.
  14. Okay, I just lost my entire post somehow Here's what I've melted the last few days... Fall Festival /Honey Buttered Rolls from a CF friend. Thank you! This was spicy and yummy. CFTKR Cotton Candy Party Cake... Yummy and long lasting RG Lavender Coconut Peppermint... Soothing SGA Hello Lover Birthday Cake Zucchini... Nice blend FP Donut Shop... a favorite CFTKR Mango Mojito... light scent Right now, I have another melt from a CF buddy... Her Shaving Cream from Wonderberry Have a great night
  15. Deepest sympathy Michele. Thinking of you and your family. So sorry.
  16. Hello everyone! Feel like I haven't posted in several days. Been in a bit of a funk lately with the weather being still so winter like. I am dying to be out enjoying my yard! Melting right now is SGA Rainbow Sherbet/Whipped Cream/Birthday Cake... Quite a yummy combination I have to say. Earlier today I melted some wax that was sent to me by a sweet gal... LSC Xanadu... another winner. It filled our master bedroom and flowed out to the hallway! Speaking of SGA, my order came and it's all fantastic. I now have 4 more chunk bags and two clamshells to add to my SGA stash. Julie included 2 samples which both smell tempting! Is anyone ordering the beach night sampler? Count me among the peeps who ordered from Zeep this weekend. First time for me...small order. I have the feeling that I will love their wax from the raves I've seen. Also ordered from FP... enough to qualify for the free mystery tart 4 pack. Amyjo, so glad you're liking FP! I love that Angie takes scent requests right on her site. Her customer service has always been top notch IMO. On a desert island I'd have to have my favorite FP blend Apple Pie/Apple Butter/Cinnamon Graham Cracker, CFTKR Sugar Cookie Latte and RG Vanilla Crunch Donut. Hard to narrow it down to just 3 scents because I love so many, but these three are ones I just never tire of and always have on hand. Maggie, hope your birthday was special and GROOVY! mpfand, enjoy your visit with your mom! Honeybear, hope you're DH is okay. When my DS was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes last October, his weight loss was one of the things I noticed and made him see the doctor. Take care dear. Michele, hugs for you at this tender time. biolaeagles, great to hear from You! How are all your little boys? Elisavetta, Have a great night
  17. Good morning Posting from my phone since my tablet is doing a system update. I did order from SGA on Saturday. I also ordered from RG which was a pre-order type thing. Those won't ship until May 12 I believe. Melting VCS Milk Glass/Margot’s Ballerina Clouds/Waffle Cone Congratulations on your Anniversary mpfand! Michele, hope your mom is doing better. Hugs. debra, we used to have a DVD player that would do the same thing. Frustrating! Amyjo, how fun to have a package waiting at home! I’m going to do my daily torture now. I’ll come back later when I have my tablet!!!
  18. Happy Saturday! :D Current melts... FP Lemon Poppyseed...so so good. This has been a favorite for years. RG Black Cherry Gilligan's Brew...really nice and the cherry doesn't overpower. :wub: cookielady, enjoy your CFOW! I haven't ordered from her in a few years but always loved her blends. Is the wax still on the soft side? Amyjo, glad you are home! My DH travels quite often for work. We've been married for almost 20 years and he's had to go on the road since the beginning. I truly believe that absence makes the heart grow fonder! debra, Toasted Apple Cake sounds yummy. I love apple scents!!! Maggie, girlfriend, another vendor I've not heard of! That scent is quite the combo... was it Strong? I love walking and riding my bike but sit ups, leg lifts, jumping jacks etc. is torture to me, sure hope it's doing me some good! honeybear, just think of all the calories you don't consume by sniffing wax while you watch TV instead of snacking! mpfand, high of 36 degrees here today... sure wish we had pool weather like you. At least it's sunny out, so I will bundle up and take Ozzy for his walk. Easily my favorite part of the day. Ozzy's too!! Trying to talk myself out of the SGA restock today!!
  19. Good morning Still waiting for spring to show up here Melting VCS God Bless America - apple pie vanilla ice cream Just finished my daily torture so at least that's out of the way. FYI... referring to exercise! I call it torture. But gotta keep up with it! Keeps me young and flexible. Have a great weekend everyone.
  20. Happy Monday Melting grand old opry from vcs... a very light strawberry watermelon slightly bakery scent. I have decided not to order from vcs in the future. Most of her scents are very light and the ones that are somewhat stronger just fizzle out way too soon. I will quickly melt through what I have just to use it up. As soon as I can't smell it, out it goes!! Rant over... back to your regularly scheduled scent of the day...
  21. Good morning Mpfand Hope you have a nice day! Melting this morning... been up since about 6am even though it's spring break week here and I don't have to make DS#2 lunch and make sure he gets on the bus. Anyhow, it's CFTKR Birthday Cake and Nene's Orange Pound Cake right now. It's cloudy here and I just threw on some sweats and baseball cap to walk Ozzy. Have the feeling I may just stay this way today. Some days I just don't feel like doing the whole hair/makeup/outfit thing lol. I do have to drive DS to his guitar lesson this afternoon, but don't need to be anywhere else. Michele, hope your Mom is still on the mend honeybear, how's your kitty doing? Amyjo, glad to hear that you're liking FP! My cat is far from finicky when it comes to food. He'll even eat dog food! Actually he has to eat special food from the vet since he is prone to getting crystals in his urine. He's not overweight, but is hungry all the time! Drives me nuts. I'm pretty sure my scent obsession started with Partylite ...used to love their Spiced Plum votives! Also used to love their candle accessories and holders. Still have quite a few. Also recall simmering potpourri back then! Loved the spicy fragrance! As for tarts, I stumbled on a discussion group over on the QVC forums probably around 2005, and learned about Candles by Victoria and CFTKR and that started the whole vendor wax addiction!!!!
  22. Hey there, is it really spring? Amyjo, Well wishes for your kitty. Hope you get some answers today and it's nothing serious. Hugs for you Maggie, so how much snow did you get? I really enjoyed the Lemon Drop Cookie melt from 1803 ...yum. I'm going to try Sugarcane Shore later today. I have a couple of other candles I want to finish before I start the ones I got in my order. It's hard, because both of them smell incredible and I want to burn them NOW. Starting out the day with FP Cotton Candy Fanatic which is a blend of cotton candy, strawberry glaze, mac apple, pink sugar and vbn. This is a really nice combination of scents. debra, I'm intrigued... do your kitties eat the cat grass? I wonder if my Tiger would like it. He loves catnip! Expecting a FP order today
  23. Melted earlier today Fairy Bread - Wonder Wax... Finally getting some scent out of these from July 2017 Fantasy Land - SGA... a nice fruity blend but fizzles out quickly Pistachio Sugar Cookie - SGA... I think this has coconut in it too. Also fizzled out pretty fast. Old Fashioned Vanilla - Scentsationals... Really like it, wish it was stronger. Koopa Troopa Assault - RG... Smells like bubblegum Melting right now I Believe in Pink/Hello Gorgeous - VCS... pink sugar and peppermint to my nose, not sure of the exact scent description.
  24. Hey friends Winding down the weekend with RG Rainbow Sherbet Cereal Killer... it's pretty good but a wee bit tart. Hey there Dabba! Maggie, the 1803 order was totally brought on by me randomly browsing their site and noticing all of the new scents that were added. Couldn't resist. I also enjoy cutting up wax.
  25. Happy Saturday! Got my order from 1803(super quick shipping!) Love both of the jar candles in Kindred Spirit and You Are My Person. Also got cubes in Sugar Cane Shore, Driftwood Shore and Lemon Drop Cookie. So trying out Lemon Drop Cookie this morning...I have to say it's quite yummy with a definite cookie note and a smooth lemony kick. Amyjo, so glad you're spending the weekend home and with some yummy new melts! I just know you'll enjoy FP... And gotta love free shipping! If you order again,Angie offers a 10% discount for orders over $25. Just enter the code frontporch when you checkout. Now I remember you asked about the Swan Creek Cherry Almond Buttercream I was melting the other day. In my opinion, it's more almond and the cherry buttercream takes a backseat. I really like it even though it's more of a medium throw. More of a background scent if you know what I mean. Hoping for a bit of a warm up as far as temps go this weekend. Bundling up to walk Ozzy each day is getting old lol. Lucky for him he has a nice fur coat, but he gets so antsy waiting for me to put on boots, coat, scarf, gloves and then get the old fitbit synced to the phone and on and on.
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