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  1. Hi friends! Melting Fusion Squared from Rockets... PPW, Vanilla Ice Cream, Root Beer... Super yummy. Also RG Apple Fritter Peeps Cake I usually change my wax once it is not giving off enough scent for my liking. Some scents can go all day and others just a few hours and everywhere in between. Debra, hi, try InTheClear on Etsy for zip bags. Free shipping and good prices.
  2. Melting this morning SGA Red Hot Cinnamon Leaves Noel
  3. Happy Halloween Melting FP Sugar Cookie Flapjacks & Hotcakes...not very Halloween-y lol Maggie I think Trunk or Treat is silly too. If we have good weather, we get lots of trick or treaters here. Sometimes we sit out on the porch and hand out candy. I didn't even get a pumpkin this year. Most of the neighbors go all out and really decorate. I just have no interest in it. I'm like the Scrooge of Halloween lol. I do LOVE decorating for Christmas though! Hope everyone has a great night.
  4. Nothing much to add except for what I'm melting RG Apple Cider Delight
  5. Melting CFTKR Harvest Zucchini Other recent melts... FP Apple Jack and Orange Peel FP Banana Nut Cider Lane ZB FP Cinnamon Sugar Cookie Vanilla Latte Rockets Black Licorice Rockets Toasted Mallow Spearmint Rockets The Black Hole (blackberry/butter cookie/Latte) Rockets Blueberry Brown Sugar Cornbread SGA Truth or Dare( SGA Lava Java SGA Cider Lane PPW Cookie Marshmallow SGA IHOp 1803 Hocus Pocus 1803 Cider Mill 1803 Perfect Pumpkin 1803 Moms Kitchen VCS Phantom of the Opera VCS Sanderson Sisters VCS Riff Raffs Cozy Cocktail VCS The Warrens Visit Cookie Monster TBG Charm & Ruin TBG Tombstone Dust TBG Hades & Persephone YC Apple Pumpkin Nenes Persimmon Spice I think that’s it lol. I love the fall Fragrances ????
  6. Good morning Starting out this Friday with VCS Winchester Mystery House (apples, corn husk, spices) not a favorite like I thought it would be when I ordered it last fall. I think it's the corn husk note I don't care for. Last night we enjoyed White Magic from TBG (Shaved cinnamon, orange tea, and hints of spicy patchouli.) I just looked at my previous post and it does look like quite a bit! Fall scents are by far my favorite and when the weather cools off, I just melt like crazy. I don't melt nearly that much in the spring and summer. debra, I didn't see any pumpkin spice kisses at my Target either... was there last week. I will let you know if I see them in the future. Maggie, pumpkin yogurt? Another pumpkin treat I NEED! Honeybear, "This afternoon when I get back from Costco, I'm pulling out my pot!" So, after that, did you get the munchies? Mpfand, I saw the Pumpkin Spice Coffeemate, but didn't get any and now wish I had! Amyjo, I'm pretty sure I ordered Charred Jack O Lantern from TBG, don't think I've had it before. Really like the fall lineup of scents at TBG!!! Patiently waiting for my goodies to arrive. Hope those in the hurricane are safe!
  7. Some of the scents of September I remember melting recently FP Hot Apple Pie & Leaves FP Caramel Cinnamon Swirl FP Fun at the Fair FP Buttercream Frosted Pumpkin Cookies FP Cinnamon Sugar Cookie Vanilla Latte Zeep Luke's Diner 1803 Perfect Pumpkin 1803 Cider Mill 1803 3 Crows Pumpkin Delivery 1803 Apple Butter House 1803 Kindred Spirit 1803 Cider Mill VCS Riff Raff's Cozy Cocktail VCS Sanderson Sisters VCS Elm Street TBG Charm & Ruin TBG Hoarfrost Tonic TBG Cemetery Keys TBG Eye of Newt TBG Mummy Mademoiselle TBG Pagan Moon CFTKR Autumn Morn CFTKR Caramel Pumpkin Swirl CFTKR Settlers Harvest Bread CFTKR You Crack the Whip RG Mulled Caramel Apple Cider SGA Apple Baking Contest SGA Fall Lane SGA Dunkin' Donuts in My Latte SGA Bonfire Swan Creek Allspice Pumpkin Custard Swan Creek Apples & Spice Right now I have a tart from Blank Label melting... Cider Lane Oatmeal Spice Cookies... It's from 2016 ,,, my last one from this vendor. Not sure if she's still in business?
  8. Good morning Doing a short post this morning. I tend to waste a lot of time goofing around in the morning when I should be actually trying to accomplish something. Melting a blend of two FP scents this morning... Macintosh Apple and Nutmeg & Spice Enjoyed SGA Sugar Cookie Latte yesterday and threw in a bit of NENE's Persimmon Spice... OMG Heavenly!!! Placed an order for some Bathing Garden waxies, a sugar scrub and whipped soap last night.
  9. Hi Friends! Hope you are all having a nice Labor Day weekend! We did end up going to my sisters house and had a great time. I'm glad we went. Today DH and I are going to watch a neighboring towns Peach Festival Parade. DS#2 will be marching in the HS band... Love hearing them play! It's supposed to be quite hot and humid which is pretty typical for parade day lol. Hope to pickup a yummy peach pie too. Ended up placing a small VCS order a few days ago ... She offered free shipping and I really wanted to try a few of her Rocky Horror Picture Show blends. Box arrived Saturday and everything smells quite good. Most were poured in early to mid August so cure time will be necessary. However, I couldn't resist melting half of a medallion in Touch-a Touch-a Touch-a Touch Me (eucalyptus, pear, juniper, blueberries, woods and musk). LOVED IT! smells like a combination of YC Autumn Leaves and BBW Sweater Weather. Mpfand and fellow waxoholics, if you go to the menu on the FP website, there is a scent request page you can go to. Here, you can just enter the scents you would like her to add and in what form (such as 4 pack grubby, 4 pack pumpkins, 8 oz brittle, etc. ). Angie will then email you when your request is added to the website...usually within a day or two! You can then place your order! Today I am melting SGA Cookie Monster... Delish.
  10. Melting a piece of a FP loaf in Apple Pie/Apple Butter/Cinnamon Graham Crackers...so fantastic Honey bear, thanks for the hugs We are supposed to go to my sisters house for a small gathering later today. Not sure I want to go. My sister can be a real pain in the you-know-what sometimes. She tends to avoid coming over our house, but wants us to always come over her house instead. It’s weird and I’ve dealt with it for years but getting a little fed up.
  11. Tonight we're enjoying Colossal Pumpkin Lantern from TBG (Chocolate frosted brownies under a layer of vanilla cream pumpkin brulee). This is from last year's sampler and while I don't like chocolate scents, its not bad at all. Smells like it has a tiny bit of coconut maybe. I have a bunch of these little pumpkin melts left and can't remember why I didn't melt them last year. Am thinking of ordering a few clamshells and a scrub soon. Really enjoy TBG scrubs. Leaves the skin silky smooth! Have a good night [smilie=th_offtobed]
  12. Decided to submit my reply before I did something goofy and lost it! Amyjo, thanks I know it's a part of being a parent, letting go. After all I don't want him living in my basement in the future debra, it is nice to realize how much our pets really miss us! It's heartwarming
  13. Hey there everybody! Melting a Fall scent from Swan Creek - Apple Spice. It's like to epitome of fall... baked apples and warm cinnamon. I adore these types of scents... so simple yet so perfect. I've put away much of my more summery scents in favor of apple, pumpkin, spicy, bakery and coffee scents. Couldn't wait any longer! I have a few left from last fall that will be great until my orders from Rosegirls and Rockets arrive. Maggie, thank you. We are missing our "kiddos", but we will survive! Hope your DD's have a great year too! As for Ozzy, he truly lost his mind when he saw me! Not even kidding. Michele, I tried very hard to hold it together but lost it as we were saying goodbye and hugging. Gonna miss seeing him every day. :(
  14. Hi friends! Can't remember the last time I posted but I'm sure it was awhile ago! We made the trip to Marquette (7-8 hour car ride) to drop DS#1 off at NMU. Bittersweet for sure!!!! I am so proud and excited for him to be starting this new stage of his life, especially after the whole disappointment of not being able to go into the Navy after his diabetes diagnosis. It's so wonderful to see him excited about his future again! One funny thing that happened was that DH was so proud he managed to fit all of DS's belongings in our vehicle. Believe me, it was stuffed! However, upon arrival at the dorms and unpacking the car, we discovered that DH had forgotten to pack the front tire of DS's bike!!!!! So after many jokes and searching for a box (had to go to a bike shop), the poor forgotten tire is now headed to DS. Believe me, DH will not do that again!!! We spent a few days up there... So gorgeous! Went on a glass bottom boat tour of shipwrecks and another sunset boat tour of the Pictures Rocks National Lake shore. Beautiful!!!! Also did some hiking and saw a few waterfalls. DS#2 started his sophomore year in hs yesterday! Yikes! Picked up my beloved Ozzy from the kennel yesterday morning and he was so excited to see me I thought he was going to have a stroke! Today I am melting Mom's Kitchen from 1803. Holy moly is this strong! May have to shut the melter off! Hugs to everyone! Hope I can post a little more often now! Edited to add that I recently placed pre-orders for fall scents at both Rockets Candle Co and Rosegirls! Trying to be good and not over order but fall scents are by far my favorite! Angie at Front Porch tempts me daily with her emails of what she has added to the website!!!
  15. Hey wax peeps :sFun_eye: Sorry I missed giving the scent notes for that Stainless Steel Cotton Candy... the ss is more of a fresh clean, citrusy scent (quite strong!) and adding the cc to it really gives a nice sweet twist and tones it down a bit. Took Ozzy in for a flu shot today. He has to get a booster in 2 weeks. Not sure if this dog influenza outbreak is nationwide but we had to get the shot since Ozzy will be staying at the kennel when we go up to Marquette to drop DS off later this month. DS#1 and I went out for Thai food tonight while DS#2 was at marching band rehearsal. Don't feel bad for DS#2, he doesn't like Thai food anyway lol. Debra, well wishes for you guys Michele, good for you organizing your tart stash! Maggie, I never melt when people come over or maybe just light a candle. Don't want to overwhelm them lol. Honeybear, I miss Janet too!!!! Mpfand, are you going to get a puppy now? Amyjo, no enabling going on here, but Front Porch has super cute fall shapes such as leaves, pumpkins and owls! Tonight I have YC Key Lime Pie burning in a large jar candle. Goodnight
  16. Melting tonight... SGA Stainless Steel Cotton Candy... Finally got to melt for the first time in a few days!
  17. Happy August After flipping my calendar to the new month this morning, I am feeling anxious. Almost every square has something written in it! Good grief. Thankful for a full life... don't think I'll be bored. Earlier today, I melted 2 scents from my April order of Zeep melts. One was Hustle and Grace...an extremely lovely berry blend. The other was the infamous Push Pop... Right now I have a powerful blend from Rockets melting... Blueberry Brown Sugar Cornbread... incredibly delicious. Almost forgot how much I have enjoyed the melts I've gotten from Rockets Candle Co. They just put me in a good mood every time! Off to bed soon. I've been getting up early to take DS#2 to band camp. The fun continues next week when he has hockey intense power skating clinics in the morning and tennis practice in the evening. Luckily he can ride his bike to tennis lol. Have a great night peeps.
  18. Hi everyone! Been kind of busy and not melting much. I have my YC Key Lime Pie candle burning and melting SGA Rainbow Sherbet Whipped Cream BDay Cake... going really well together! Spent a good part of the afternoon vacuuming the pool while DS#2 mowed the lawn. Tonight, DH took him to see Dead Pool, DS#1 is working, and Ozzy and I walked to the park. Tonight was Music in the Park, so we stayed awhile, chatted with a few neighbors and then came home. I've had 2 1/2 glasses of wine since then, so hope my post is not too incoherent... Lol. Love to all. I am now going to go back and read everyone's posts. Gosh I did that backwards... blame the wine. Also have a book to finish tonight... about 30 pages to go.
  19. Feel better Maggie! Burning YC Key Lime Pie...a favorite and one of the few Yankees that I get some decent scent from. :wub: No orders placed. No deliveries. Ho hum.
  20. Hi friends ???? Just got caught up on all the posts I've missed since I last came here! Whew! I need to check in more often as it took me quite a while to catch up! Susan, sorry about the loss of Bear. ???? Maggie, sounds like you're enjoying your summer vacation time. Michele, , glad your DD wasn't injured. I've been rear ended a couple of times I've the years and it always scared the crap out of me. Honeybear oh dear I don't envy your DH and his wisdom teeth! ???? Mpfand, swimming is great exercise, I always feel like I've used different muscles after I swim than I do walking or riding my bike. Amyjo, good to hear that Clementine survived her tumble off the couch. Also, Missy, you have turned into quite the enabler! ???? Who is SEMO? I am tempted to go order from OPT with all this talk of Maggie's blends ( Maggie) . Speaking of fall scents, my last SGA order had 3 chunk bags in fall scents! Let me see, there was Apple Baking Contest, Bonfire and Fall Lane. I really do melt quite a bit more in the fall than the summer. I just like the fall scents the most. DS#1 and I had a wonderful trip up to Marquette! He definitely made the right college choice! In case you didn't know, Marquette is in the upper peninsula of Michigan right on Lake Superior. It is walking distance to the lake. Of course several times during orientation, there were reminders to respect the water( Lake Superior is very deep, very cold and can be dangerous). There are tons of hiking and biking trails, cross country ski trails, scenic walks, etc. Never a shortage of things to do besides the obvious studying. I am so happy for him starting this new adventure. I am also glad I got to experience the orientation and I thought even though it was a long 3 days, it was completely worth it to be submerged in all things NMU without distractions. He's so excited! Okay here's the melts for today.... Upstairs FP Lavender... it's the herbal version... love Downstairs CFTKR Blackberry Jam Butter Cookies Waffle Cone.. Yummers I think DS#2 and I are going to go to the outlet mall about an hour and a half away. They have an Adidas and Nike store so he can check out some shoes and clothes since he's growing taller on the daily. He's 5'11" now and has passed even DH who is 5'10". I'm the shortest at 5'7". ???? Enough rambling....
  21. Hello everybody Haven't been on in a few days. I trust you all are doing well. I see lots of enabling and melting going on. This morning I'm melting VCS Holly Golightly which is fruit loops and 7Up Pound cake... Not getting much throw. I have the worst luck with vcs not sure why. Hope everyone is enjoying/surviving the heat. I was enjoying it until the humidity kicked in yesterday. We've been in the pool a lot. In just a few days DS#1 and I head up to Marquette for his new student orientation. He will be attending Northern Michigan University in the fall. DH is still working in Louisville. DS#2 is staying home since he has tennis practice. That's about it for me. I did place a small SGA order a few days ago. Should arrive soon. Amyjo, I follow CFTKR regularly on FB so I'll let you know when her next opening for orders is. Generally they are on a Saturday at 10am Eastern.
  22. Hi friends it's so hot here! DS and I are going in the pool very soon. Otherwise we've been inside. It's close to 100 with the heat index. We'll have to load up on sunscreen or we'll fry! Melting RG Pink Sugar Cool Cucumber... A nice blend for hot days Debra, the citronella candles are just so so as far as I'm concerned. You need several burning at once to achieve the desired effect of chasing the mosquitoes away. I very rarely stay outside once it starts getting dark unless I have on long pants and long sleeves otherwise I get eaten alive. No kidding and that's with the citronella candles burning!
  23. HI friends Melting CFTKR Coffee Bean with a little bit of VCS Jackie O thrown in. Woke up at 6am and couldn't fall back to sleep. So I just decided to get up! I usually get up at 7 but once my mind started going that was it. Good grief. Anyhow, I already have a load of sheets in the washer, cat fed and litterbox scooped lol. Yesterday was a complete washout weather wise. Both DS'S and I went to see The Incredibles 2 last night. We decided we liked it but the original is still our favorite. Love the theme music. Both boys have played that theme sometime in their school band concerts. For those that saw the movie, what did you think of the short animation film before the movie? I got the "Message", but thought it was a bit bizarre. Glad I didn't have little ones to have to explain it to. Definitely for adults! Cute wreaths Maggie! I've never seen anything like them! You are so creative... Me not so much lol. Have a great day everyone. Time to take DS to his last drivers ed class.
  24. Hi wax friends Melting Avobath from SGA downstairs and Alice in Slumberland from RG upstairs. It's a gloomy evening here with on and off rain showers so I also have a candle burning... YC Coconut Beach. It's white wax so it's really pretty and glowy but zero scent. :( I have used too many emojis a few times and finally figured out that the magic number is 10. You can use up to 10 emoji per post. Honeybear wishing you a Happy Anniversary and many more Biolaeagles I really enjoy FP Nana 's Banana Pudding... its very authentic to what I think banana pudding smells like...a bit creamy and sort of a candy like banana note. My favorite root beer scent is SGA Root Beer Ice Cream Scoop Bread Maggie your summer vacation has started! I think I discovered how I lost my post. Seems I accidentally "refreshed " the screen and bye-bye went everything! Must be more careful. Lol Amyjo I have to go find the survey... Hope I'm not too late. I often think of you and wonder how you're doing since the loss of your dear Montgomery. Ozzy is like my shadow. I've never had any pet that is so faithful. Ozzy is a yellow labrador/beagle mix. He's a Beagador lol. You are the wax ordering queen lately. mpfand 112!!!! Holy cow! Thought of you a few days ago when it was in the 90's here and our AC just wasn't able to keep up and cool the house. Called for service and we needed some refrigerant added. Thankfully that was a minor expense. I was a little nervous that it was going to be major bucks after hearing your story. debra, I love FP eucalyptus scents! A favorite of mine is a blend of eucalyptus, peppermint, spearmint and sweet lavender. Terrific for the bedroom. candlelove, my first Zeep order from May is still curing. I've melted a couple small pieces and believe more cure time is needed. Her shapes and scents are quite nice. I'm not normally a fan of ordering from places that require long cure time but I made an exception and would probably order again. Hope I didn't miss anyone. I swear I am losing my ability to concentrate and focus lately. :wacko: Is that a symptom of "the change"? Lol.
  25. Melting Nana's Banana Pudding from FP I lost my entire post and sadly don't have time to retype it. I have to walk Ozzy and get back in time to go pick up DS from drivers ed. Hope everyone has a great day
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