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  1. Hi there Melting this morning... Swan Creek - Cherry Almond Buttercream 1803 - Spice Box - SUPER Spicy! Michele, I can't believe I missed saying Happy Birthday to you! Placed an order at 1803 - for some melts and jar candles. I really love their jars... Simple labels, clean, long lasting burn and great throw. Can't ask for more than that! Have a great day Everyone!
  2. Melting up a storm today... SGA - Root beer Ice Cream Scoop Bread - droolworthy S&S - Mystery scent... have this one in the laundry room and it smells like Mac apple and a fresh air scent RG - Vanilla Crunch Donut Fluff Puffs debra, thanks for the Tuscaderos link... I don't know why I thought she was oob. I'm going to order some Cafe Amore and maybe a few others. Maggie, thanks again for the well wishes. I'll keep you updated on STW if you're interested in restock info. I have a bunch of her jars in various levels of fullness so I don't think I'll be ordering unless there's a scent that I can't live without. honeybear, hope you feel better! That's an interesting ST blend you're melting. cookie , we've had flurries on and off today. Not accumulating thankfully! I have to say I love cute tart shapes and fancy loaves, but if it's not a scent that appeals to me I won't order.
  3. Maggie, STW is only making scoopables through this November. Kathy's DH is retiring then and that's when they will close the website. Kathy announced this in January and said she would pour as many requests as she can as long as she has the oils. Sinuses seem worse today... melting FP Pink Sugar Eucalyptus. I feel off kilter with the time change today. I swear in the past few years I've never truly adjusted to DST-always feel like I'm behind or running late. Weird.
  4. debra, yes! I remember all of those vendors! I used to adore Aromasoy by Grazia! Tuscadero's was the one with the huge scent list. I finally remembered! I wonder if FussAss McGee is still around?? Is Crabby Candle still around? Kitty on the keyboard! So cute! honeybear, hope you have a nice trip... I'll have to go back and read to see where you're going ...must've missed it lol. Thanks for the well wishes. mpfand, thanks I think I'm over the worst Mainly a sinus infection. candlelove, believe me, keeping the ol' stash under control is NOT easy. I have talked myself out of many restocks and late night "browsing" orders. Amyjo, speaking of squirrels, I caught one on one my new Feeders! I swear this little piggy sat there for quite awhile... the nerve! Tonight I have a YC jar burning Snowflake Cookies. Also threw a RG tart in the warmer... Greased Lightning. It's strawberry bakery. I'm getting whiffs of it even though I'm still sort of stuffy. I'm home alone tonight... DH out of town working and the boys went out for the evening. I'll be up until they get home Hugs to all
  5. Hi friends We're getting a light dusting of snow and it's pretty darn cold. I feel a little bit run down today. Think I'm coming down with a wee cold. My new bird feeders are a hit all of the sudden... lots of birdies which our cat, Tiger loves watching. I even put out the finch feeder and tons of finches and black-eyed juncos have been feasting. They're all so cute. Melting Carnival Treats from VRC...came in a fall sampler I ordered. Really like this vendor. I also put a cube of Knave of Hearts from TBG in the laundry /mudroom. It's got strawberry in it not sure what else. Well I tossed a bunch of wax from OPT that I got late last summer. It was a bunch of 4-packs that I just couldn't get to throw at all. I tried different melters and Nada. None of them really had any scent on cold sniff either. So disappointed... would not order from there again. I mainly store my wax by vendor...RG, VCS, FP and SGA mainly. I also keep Christmas scents separate since I only melt those seasonally. I have baskets and a few shoe box size plastic totes that do the job nicely. I've been dedicated to keeping my stash manageable and have succeeded. I seriously cringe if I have too much wax. I keep a small stash of candles in our basement. Lately I've been burning candles... Love the glow and flicker! Last night I was trying to remember name of some old vendors that are now oob... Texas Charm was a favorite when I first started buying tarts. I also remember LOL, Candle Haven, Busy Bee, Mookie Doodle, Blue Gecko, Angel Scented, Texas Scentsation, Country Chunkie, Cottage Hill Creations, Bella's, Almost Country... I know I'm forgetting some more. There was a gal who used to sell on eBay and had fantastic wax but I can't remember the name...soy blend with cute shapes. There was also another who had the longest scent list I've ever seen... she may actually still be in business. I just cannot remember the name. She had a scent called Cafe Amore that was tdf. Yummy coffee scent. I know someone here must remember the name... Help!
  6. Happy Monday Earlier I had FP Lemon Poppyseed melting... So yummy. Right now I have a Pug Bakery tart from Sweet Sage melting ...can't say what the scent notes are but it's a nice bakery scent leaning more toward the caramel side. Amyjo, glad you are trying Front Porch. Just a heads up, Angie's TAT is 7-10 business days. Your order will probably ship around day 10.
  7. Hi Just got home from band festival with DS#2 and we're home for awhile before its off to hockey practice. DH is out of town working this weekend. In the meantime I have IHOP melting. After going through numerous chunk bags of this scent, I caved and got a loaf. Love this scent so much. Not getting as much of the coffee note in the loaf, but it's still TDF! Have a great weekend!
  8. Happy Tuesday B) This mornings melt is from Sassy Girl - Meyer Lemon... A fresh light lemon definitely not a furniture polish lemon nor a bakery lemon! So light and refreshing like freshly squeezed lemon juice. So I purchased the two new bird feeders and 40 lbs of seed, came home, replaced the old cracked feeders and didn't see one bird the entire afternoon! Normally they can barely wait for me to fill them. debra, luckily we don't get many squirrels in our yard. They tend to hang out in my neighbors yard for some reason lol. I've seen them attacking their bird feeders but they don't bother ours for some reason. Maybe they don't like the seed I buy! Amyjo I've never seen a flying squirrel! Freaky! Well I've already done my daily torture (exercise)... now time to take Ozzy for his walk and then laundry. The paparazzi will be showing up anytime now.
  9. Hi friends! Going with a couple fresh scents today both from Front Porch. Solar Power - light, breezy and citrusy in the living room Avocado Bath - lovely lemongrass fragrance in the mud/laundry room I have to say that over all the years I've spent melting, Front Porch rarely disappoints. Angie's scents are spot on, throw great and really do the job. Upstairs, a fresh floral scent from RG... Singing in the Rain We're having some nice sunny weather here with a high of 50 today. Getting a start on some spring cleaning /decluttering! Also need to go out and pick up a couple new bird feeders. DS#2 managed to hit one with a hockey puck while practicing his shooting. No birds were injured lol. Left a huge crack in it. Love having all kinds of birds visit our yard. Hope you all have a great week.
  10. debra, I have one hummingbird feeder in my yard during the summer. The little guys don't show up here in Michigan until sometime in May. During the summer, I usually make a batch of sugar water for them and keep it in the fridge. Then I fill the feeder every 4-5 days after giving it a good rinse. Hope you are enjoying watching the little darlings! :wub: Maggie, if I could share the snow with you, I would! I actually love looking at it. It's the slushy mess in the garage and DH walking through the house in his shoes and leaving a trail of snow and slush on our hardwood floors! :angry: Today I have an Apple Harvest tart melting and it's lovely! Thank you CF friend!
  11. Hi friends A quiet weekend here after getting several inches of snow since Friday. It looks pretty but I don't love the snow anymore the way I used to. Even the dog doesn't want to play in it as much. DH and DS#2 are out in the yard skating. DS's hockey game was cancelled because the opposing teams goalie wasn't available. I've got a candle burning YC Sugared Plums. Also melting a FP tart in Marshmallow Graham Cracker Bonfire and some STW in Strawberry Mallow Bread. Going to , read for awhile and then it's Have a great night!
  12. Good morning Melting a Christmas scent today. It's a favorite from Sugar & Spice - Christmas Trees & Santa's Cookies. Actually I think most vendors carry a version of this scent... love the combo! Oh and just remembered I put SGA Beachwood Vetiver on upstairs...nice scent but a bit strong and headache inducing even in a low wattage melter. We are getting some snow today, possibly anywhere from 3-5 inches or 5-8 inches depending on which forecast you go by lol! So they cancelled school just in case we get pummeled. There's many backroads that get treacherous when we get heavy snow! Anyhow DS#2 is thrilled Already have some going... The Thrill! Not. Maggie I'm pretty sure Butterfly Lane is closed for good. Amyjo, I love listening to podcasts when I'm in the car or even just doing stuff around the house. My favorite one at the moment is Casefile. Now I'm wondering if there are any podcasts about cooking! Have a happy Friday everyone!
  13. Hi friends! Melting a couple of scents that were shared with me by a CF buddy Lemon Beignet - LSC (yummy lemon bakery) Beignet - Melted Confections (jelly donut is what I smell) Thanks buddy! I've enjoyed reading everyone's updates Amyjo,I love baking too! Nowadays I have to make sure I bake some diabetic friendly goodies along with whatever else I bake. For DS#1 birthday I baked a sugar free chocolate cake with sugar free chocolate frosting and it turned out really good! DS#2 requested the same cake for his birthday in May. honeybear, sounds like my kind of shopping trip! I've sniffed A Calm and Quiet Place and it's beautiful! Good deal on the candle! debra, your kitty is so Maggie, I think Butterfly Lane closed up recently Okay I'm heading up to bathe and
  14. Good morning Thank you Maggie, Debra candlelove and mpfand for your kind thoughts in regards to my DS. Maggie it's true what you said about how hard it is for us parents, (especially Moms) when we see our children hurt! It can be truly heart wrenching! We just want them to be happy, right? I'm getting teary now just typing this. I suppose we never stop worrying about our "babies". This morning's melt is from CFTKR ~ Coffee Beans...perhaps my favorite coffee scent of all Nothing planned here for Sunday as we are not NFL fans at all. I've got to return a top I bought at TJMaxx and do some grocery shopping (teenage boys sure eat and snack a lot) Picking up DS#2 from school today since he's got to bring home his baritone and it's too big to bring on the bus.
  15. Hi and Happy Thursday! It's snowing here nothing major but it sure looks pretty! Big, fluffy snowflakes. Earlier I melted Front Porch ~ 14 Karat Cake Now I'm going with CFTKR Aspen Winter Maggie I swear by Zicam when I feel a cold coming on! Nips it in the bud. Amyjo, that electrical stuff can be scary Happy Melting! The vet has mentioned that our dog smells like cookies before Candlelove I've missed many fun things due to driving DH to the airport! Luckily my older DS has a car now so DH can drive to the airport himself since we don't technically need his car while he's gone! Honey bear I want to come swimming in your new pool JK but I am jealous ???? Ladies please excuse any typos or weirdness in my post! DH got me a new tablet for Christmas and I'm still getting used to working with It! It's not as user friendly as my iPhone It's called Lenovo Yoga Book and has some neat features most of which I am trying to figure out Did I tell you guys about my oldest son not being able to go into the Navy? He was all through processing in May and was doing fine and was going to start boot camp January 30. In early October, he went to the doctor because I was concerned about his excessive thirst and weight loss. He was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and that automatically put an end to his dreams of being in the Navy. He was so devastated!!!!!! It was a rough few days of shock. He now needs insulin every day and is adjusting pretty well with that and watching his diet. He continues to work at his job and wants to attend Northern Michigan University this coming fall. My heart broke for him when we first heard the diagnosis but I have to say that I am so proud and encouraged by his positive attitude. He reeeeeaally wanted to go into the Navy and was so excited. Funny how things work out in life and I am of the belief that something better is in his future. Wow that was long winded
  16. ????Hi friends! It's been a minute since I've posted here lol I've been really using up my stash and only ordering a few things here and there. After melting for so many years I really know the scents I prefer and only purchase those scents now. I've been disappointed so many times when I try to melt something different and find it's just a waste. Anyhow, today I'm melting a huge favorite from Front Porch ~ Plum Tart... my last one! Luckily I have some backups on the way! ???? cookielady, Snowman Balls ???????????? Big hi to Maggie, candlelove, mpfand, honeybear, biolaeagles, debra, and I see a few names that are new to me. Welcome lonegirl, arkcandle and Amyjo! Have a good one!
  17. debra, I’ve seen the scent bursts but never tried them. Didn’t realize they were paper? mpfand, how ya doin’ girl? Anyone ever hear from sweet&spicy???
  18. Honey bear I hope you get an offer soon. Buying and selling houses is such a roller coaster of emotions! Candlelove, hang in there for the hot water heater!???? Maggie, I have a lot of inside decorations I don’t use anymore. I usually decorate with my favorite ones and call it a day. Gone are the days when I used to decorate every nook and cranny ????
  19. Hey Friends! Melting Marshmallow Peppermint Twist from FP and VCS Montague v. Capulet Anyone have any orders on the way? I have a small FP order, 1803 Candles, and I ordered from Carol on Saturday! Oh and I just received an order from RG last week! First new wax I’ve gotten in a while!
  20. Hi everyone! I'm having a huge meltdown...lol! FP Cinnamon Sticks, Sugar Cookie, AFB Swan Creek Allspice Pumpkin Custard Rocket's Black Licorice Rocket's Marshmallow Spearmint debra, ihop smells a lot like PPW and coffee to me mpfand, sorry you are sick! Feel better soon young lady. Maggie, you're not late! Perfect timing is over-rated anyway The thread title is awesome!
  21. Just want to wish everyone a Happy Halloween!
  22. Still warm and somewhat humid here today. Decided to melt Nene's Apple Ale...never tried it until now and I think it may actually be a new scent. So far I'm liking it...it smells different from a fresh apple scent...maybe a little boozy? Seems fairly strong with a nice throw from just one cube from a clamshell. :wub: DH took the day off work so he's hanging around the house I know it sounds mean, but I can't function and do stuff when he's home sometimes. It's like he's in the way even though he's really not. I'm a nutcase lol
  23. Haven't melted in a couple days. The weather is too warm to melt fall scents and I'm not really in the mood for anything else. Sort of in a melting funk! Maybe I'll just light a candle. I'm just over hot weather and ready for some fall like temps.
  24. Hi everyone! Placed my fall order with Nene's recently so I'm melting the last few of her fall scents that I had left from last year. I think Nene's does the best fall and spicy scents along with Front Porch and Swan Creek. These are both Nene's: Cinnamon Glazed Fritters...ultimate spicy donut scent..love! Persimmon Spice...this scent screams fall to me and I love how it lingers.
  25. I've had the same thing melting all day today...FP Apple Pie/Apple Butter Caramel/Cinnamon Graham Crackers. This is from a chunky loaf I got last fall and it is my favorite fall blend by far of any vendor. It's got just the right apple cinnamon fragrance with a just a touch of caramel and pie crust. It's heavenly! Hope you all had a nice weekend...ours was good...very, very hot here for the end of September...high 80's and not cooling off until mid-week. I like the warm weather, but I'm also eager for some nice cool weather for a change. Take care all.
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