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  1. Hi mpfand! Thanks to you and everyone who commented on my good news!
  2. Good morning Melting a powerfully strong scoop from L3-Donut Shop That's it right now will start some more melterS in a bit. Was out late last night as DS#2 had a late hockey game that was 1 1/2 hour drive. They won 9-0....it was a blowout. DS played a great game and got an assist. Debra, it's your birthday! Maggie, VCS just had a restock yesterday with a Moulin Rouge theme, but I just cannot bring myself to order even though the scents sound great. Cookie, I love Swan Creek Vanilla Pound Cake! amy, enjoy your weekend home. What did you get from Rockets? I requested a scent to be poured and by the time I went to order, it was sold out so I didn't order at all. Our weather has been very weird this spring... Lots of rain and cloudy days and still quite cool. This weekend is no different. I'm freezing and tired of wearing layers already. Warmer temps are promised tomorrow but also thunderstorms. We'll see. Another hockey game later today . Hope everyone has a great weekend.
  3. Hey there! Melting Front Porch Pink Lemon Marshmallow Noel... Love! Upstairs TSGS Dirty Deeds (Downy Clean Breeze+Gain Island Fresh) Maggie, that darn VCS lol. I just tossed two large roses because the last one I melted had zero scent. I believe it was Notorious+Bold Eyes Red Lips+The Drive -In) Debra I think we're in for some rain today too. Honeybear, Congrats again to your DD! Speaking of grades, DS#1 got all A's this semester and made the deans list! I think he has done so well for his first year in college! DS#2 is doing excellent as well in his sophomore year in high school. The undergraduate award ceremony is in a couple weeks. It's funny, but he told me that he doesn't think he should get an award for getting good grades. He said its like a participation award. You shouldn't be awarded for doing what is expected of you as a student. I see his point!! He's quite right. Anyhooooo, got lots to do today. Hope you all have a lovely Friday!
  4. Happy Mother’s Day ???????????????? Happy Belated Birthday Amy ???? Melting SGA Iced Lemon Cookies
  5. Hey there wax loving peeps! :) Current melts... From a dear CF friend... Teacakes & Lemon Icebox Cookies from WoofWix. ThiS smells edible! I took a look at the website and they have the cutest melts and they are about 30 miles away from me! Very cool. Thanks friend! Upstairs I am melting Lavender Soda from Zeep (scoop) ... Good,but wish it was a little stronger on the lavender. I may throw in some of my beloved FP Sweet Lavender. Amy, did you find a coconut scent to melt? Hope you have safe travels tomorrow. I heard a wood thrush yesterday and thought of you. DS#1 and I were walking around the community college campus which is in a very beautiful and natural setting and I heard it loud & clear. It was so pretty. Then we went and forked over $300 for ONE textbook at the bookstore! Valerie, Congrats to your DD! I know you are proud! biolaeagles, hope your son is feeling better! Maggie, as soon as I read your post on coffee scents, I immediately went and pulled out a coffee scent to melt tomorrow. It's been awhile and I love coffee scents. Thanks for the idea! Hi to debra, mpfand, candlelove, cookie and Starflower! Hope I didn't leave anyone out! Off to fix dinner... Blackened shrimp bowls tonight.
  6. HI wax peeps Melting right now... Zeep ~ Clean Sheets (great for the laundry room which also has the cat box) RoseGirls ~ Strawberry Cereal Killer Peeps Cake... No words :wub: Empire Alchemy ~ Semi-Charmed Life (Vanilliary type+Tonka bean+marshmallow fireside+flannel sheets) just put this one on in the bedroom. Crappy weather here right now... Cool, rainy, damp... Walk postponed until later when it should at least be dry. Rode my stationary bike to get the blood flowing for now. Ozzy not happy lol. Have a happy and safe Tuesday all!
  7. Good morning Melting SGA - Hairspray (strawberry raspberry guava and strawberry white cake) Thank you all for the compliments on this months title lol. I remember singing that song in church when I was in elementary school. In all the years I've been on this board, I don't think I've ever named the monthly thread, so this is exciting! DS#1 is now home from his first year away at college! It's so good to have him home. He's enjoying sleeping in his bed and not having to climb up into the loft lol. He's also in need of a haircut. Looking a bit shaggy and he's been wearing a baseball cap to keep his hair out of his eyes. Hope everyone has a fabulous Monday! Hugs to you all! oh yeah, expecting a Front Porch order to be delivered today!
  8. Hi Amy and thanks! DS was quite happy with the game outcome lol. I just love watching hockey. I am amazed at the speed and agility of those guys. Now that DS is playing at a higher level on a travel team (16-18 year old hs) it's gotten even more exciting and intense.
  9. Good morning Melting some freshie scents this morning... KAE Scented Melts - White Clouds...a clean laundry type Empire Alchemy - Bo Peep...lavender, chamomile blend Zeep - Clean Sheets...smells like sheets on a clothesline Michele, I hear ya on the VCS! Melting through the rest of mine when I want a lighter scent like in the evenings. I have a few that I get a moderate amount of scent, but most are super light throwers. I don't plan on ordering any more from VCS as I have found some newer vendors like Hayden Rowe that work better in my home. Time to walk Ozzy before it starts raining. Have a great day all.
  10. Hey there Michelle! You sound so organized! I also donate a lot of our old towels to the animal shelter! Hockey game was great...they won 6-1! Now melting from my dwindling VCS collection...Princess of Monaco/Tara will Never go Hungry Again....as usual light throw.
  11. Hi everyone Earlier I was melting 1920’s Barber Shop from KAE Scented Melts Currently waiting for DS#2 hockey game to begin. He’s playing a spring season that ends in the beginning of June. Then tennis will begin shortly after that gearing up for the fall. Honey bear, I do recall you sharing your Polish heritage! Us Polish gals gotta stick together! Lol. DS#1 wants to go to Poland one day and take me with him. I’d love to experience the rich culture there! Ok game starts in a few minutes. DH and I are going to go grab a seat. Have a good one!
  12. Good morning friends! This morning we have gorgeous sunshine. Happy Birthday Dear Valerie! Hope you enjoy the day however you spend it! Melting a sweet gift from a thoughtful CF buddy... Water the Melons by Scarlet Rain.... It's super fruity deliciousness and a rainbow of colors! This is in the main living area. In the mudroom I have SGA Jack the Clipper... A cube from a clammy doing nicely scenting the back area of the house. This area needs it's own warmer since the cat box is located there!! Upstairs I have Hayden Rowe - Duchess from a scoopable.... A very pretty blend of lavender and soft laundry. Some laundry scents will chase you out of your house, but this blend by Christina is so pretty. I noticed many of you commented on walking Ozzy for 4 miles. This is one of my favorite times of the day! As long as the weather isn't crazy cold or rainy, we go every single day. Ozzy looooooves his daily walk and I just put my earbuds in and listen to a podcast. The time flies! Plus Ozzy is a big boy and needs exercise to keep him happy and healthy. Sharon, Happy Hump Day to you also! Michele, ugh for that Traffic! Debra, hope the kitty comes out of hiding... Might just take some time. Maggie, hope the blobbing is going well Amy, I wonder if that L3 scent needs something added to it to make it less strong. Maybe some cotton candy or marshmallow??? Biolaeagles! So glad you came and said hi! Hope your family is well. I'll bet those boys are getting big! Well, another week and a half and we'll be going to pick up DS#1 from school! Can't wait. We have a surprise for him. Purchased a vehicle (used) for him and can't wait to see his reaction! He sent me a box of sweets and cookies that are all made in Poland for my birthday. I think he found it on Amazon. So thoughtful. Okay heading out to walk Ozzy! TTFN!
  13. Hi friends! This mornings melt is courtesy of Rosegirls ... Coconut Strawberry Jello It's a gorgeous day here already walked Ozzy 4 miles. Off to get ready for the day
  14. Hi there! Had to come on here to wish Ms.Maggie a Very Happy Birthday! Thank you all for the birthday wishes yesterday! :wub: No new waxies, just melting through what I already have! Spotted Hog - Vanilla Poundcake SMT - vanilla poundcake, peeps, fruit slices THanks buddy! Have to make this short since a certain feline has plopped himself in my lap and is rubbing his face all over my tablet which makes it nearly impossible to type.
  15. Hi wax peeps! I just had an entire post somehow go out into cyberspace! It was quite brilliant too! Giving it one more try... Melting right now...throughout the house... FP - Serendipity Marshmallow Birthday Cake (yummy + knocking my socks off) VCS - I Believe in Pink/Hello Gorgeous (pink peppermint/strawberry mint marshmallow) getting a decent throw and will soon be done with this loaf from 2017) Hayden Rowe - Duchess (herbal lavender + laundry) Very soft and pretty! Her scoops are the consistency of Vaseline. Easy to scoop! Honeybear - I love polka music! Whenever I clean, I always have polka music playing! It's great! I'm 100% Polish, so it's in my blood! That strawberry blend from SGA sounds good. Congrats to your DH! Starflower I hope you survive the time change! You have quite a nice array of scents going! Maggie - I'm going to check out TDC! I used to love them. Although, I really do like the dye free wax. Believe it or not, I can sometimes smell the dye in wax. Especially dark blue, purple and black!!! Amyjo, your scents sound good too. Years ago, I never had much luck with L3, but have better luck now with her scoops. Her Donut Shop is really great. Debra, I was able to do yardwork last weekend here in Michigan, but this weekend was cold again and we got a bit of snow last night. My poor tulips. How was the vineyard? Okay we're about to eat! Have a nice evening!
  16. Hi friends A belated Happy Birthday mpfand. So sorry to hear about your grandma. Maggie, Is TDC still around? Hope everyone is doing well. Any new orders here? I got some scent shots and a couple scoops from Hayden Rowe. First time trying them and really enjoying the few scents I've melted so far. Melting right now... FP - Tea and Cake VCS - We'll Always Have Paris (trying to use up/get very little scent from vcs) FP- Lemon Biolage Laundry (in the laundry/mudroom/catbox room) Have a great Saturday.
  17. Hi friends Hope all of you are doing well. We're hanging in there and survived the polar vortex. Ha! Classes were cancelled up at NMU where DS#1 is. Also school closed here for DS#2. They've missed quite a few days in the last couple of weeks due to the weather. On top of this, DS#2 caught a nasty virus and has had a fever for the last 4 days plus a horrible cough and tummy issues(only for one Day) no appetite no energy, etc. I thought he had the flu but the doctor tested him and it's definitely not the flu. She said the earliest he can go back to school is Thursday. Poor kid. He's been emailing his teachers and trying to keep up with homework and reading in between sleeping and coughing. I've been playing nurse lol. I've not been melting much and my interest in wax is fading. I've enjoyed this hobby for so many years...at least 15 years with vendor wax and more years burning candles. But I feel it's run its course so to speak. I have one order coming from a RG pre-order due to arrive in the middle of the month. I just cringe when I think of ordering more wax when I'd rather save to help DS out with college costs and other necessities. Does that make sense? I'm also getting away from social media. Recently I have realized it does not bring me joy anymore. I have been exposed to too many opinions, bullying, bad ideas and overall crap unloading that cuts me to the bone. I am no longer emotionally equipped to deal with this. Does that make sense? Anyone else feel similarly? Luckily this group at CF is pretty cool. So anyhow today I have a melter going with FP Avobath and it's scenting the house nicely. Sorry for the long post lol....
  18. Hey there everyone and a big thank you to Debra for letting me that the board was up and running again! Honestly, I didn't have a clue Another big thank you to Christina Just started another melter with Luke's Diner from Zeep... Coffee, apple cider donuts and vanilla. I mostly just smell coffee. No orders for me other than the RG pre-order I placed recently. I was tempted to order from SH, but didn't. I'd like to get some brittle in almond coconut zb. Also, Cleanse Your Soul opened back up today so I was browsing over there too lol. Maggie, wonder if you've ordered from Nellie's Acres anytime recently? I used to love her palm wax melts. Looks like she has scoopable wax now too. Her prices are so reasonable! Love her website.
  19. Hi gang Haven't posted in a while! All of the enabling that goes on in this group cracks me up! I have orders on the way from CFTKR and NENE'S. My FP order from late October finally arrived. Angie seems quite busy now. I'm not complaining since shipping is free and I always order enough to get the 10 percent discount. Some scents I ordered (for inquiring minds) lol Momma'S Blueberry Cobbler, In Love With Clove, Sugar cookies, Santa's Whiskers and Christmas Memories. Angie included a couple free grubbies in Eucalyptus Spearmint and Chicks Dig It Laundry. I have been melting quite a few of the fabulous pumpkin scents from our talented wax tart maker here at CF. I have to add that I love the little sparkle of glitter dusted on the tops of the melts. Currently have Pink Sugar Marshmallow Fireside going and loving it. Also melting in the mudroom plug-in melter is Scentsy Blue Christmas which is quite strong. Reminds me a lot of BBW Winter...evergreen, orange, clove, Cinnamon. That's all I have for now.... Take care all
  20. Hi again... Wow 2 posts by me in the same day. I had a very productive day today, so maybe that has something to do with it. I've had the same scent melting most of the day... Butternut Pumpkin from the generous homemade goodies I received. I split the melt in half and had it going in 2 warmers. It was quite delicious and rich. After dinner, I fired up a 3rd melter with RG Gingerbread Danish Butter Cookies. I placed an order at NENE'S Kitchen earlier. Missy is offering 15% off her Winter seasonal scents for cyber Monday. Code is cyber if anyone is interested. I ordered some of her krumbles(brittle) in Fireside, Christmas Wish, Gingerbread Cookies and Spiced Rum Cake. I love A Charlie Brown Christmas too! Mpfand I love Cranberry Spice scents too. My favorite Scentsy scent is Christmas Cottage. I recently got a brick of it and I cannot believe how huge it is!!! Have a great night
  21. HI friends I've come here to post a few times in the last week or so and have never gotten past reading a few of everyone else's posts. Yesterday, I put my tablet down to answer a phone call, ended up on the phone for quite a while and then completely forgot to come post. Anyhow! I mainly wanted to thank a sweet CF friend for the lovely package of homemade melts that she sent to me! Each one smells fabulous! I've already melted Dulce Pumpkin and am going to go pick another one to melt this morning. Such a nice surprise! So great to hear that everyone had a nice Thanksgiving. I am personally over all of the cooking and clean-up involved since I do all of it myself with some help from my 2 boys. I told DH that next year I want to go to the parade and then eat somewhere downtown (Detroit). It was nice having DS#1 home all week, but he left Saturday to go back to school. A friend of his who lives in our neighborhood and goes to Michigan Tech which is 2 hours FURTHER from Marquette brought DS home and took him back. Thankful for this young man as it saved DH and I the 7-8 hour drive! Of course never a dull moment with DS, as he managed to leave his insulin needles in the car after he was dropped off! Mind you, he had the insulin pens, but only one single needle left on him. UGH. Luckily the Walgreen's in Marquette had the needles he uses so he walked up there yesterday in freezing temps and snow. From campus, it was a 45 minute walk/hike(it's quite hilly), I felt bad for him but he survived. I was worried more than he was probably. Also, he has a couple friends on campus who have cars, but felt too shy to ask for a ride! So there you have a small glimpse into my weekend. Oh, almost forgot, DH and I went and saw Elf the musical at the Fox Theater on Friday.
  22. Hey again Honeybear, thanks for the kind words. The snow was so pretty, much of it has melted. FP is one of my favorite go-to vendors. Always consistent great scented melts! Enjoy your goodies when they arrive. I ordered some holiday /winter scents recently since I checked my leftovers from last winter and was surprisingly low! The horror! Cookie, I adore gingerbread scents so much! There's a scent called Hansel and Gretel's House which a few vendors carry and it's fantastic. Well, I am confused about that SGA Christmas Wish I was melting earlier. This was from an order I received recently. However, I also have what remains of a loaf of Christmas Wish Zucchini from LAST year and it's a completely different scent. Maybe Julie has her oils mixed up or has changed suppliers. The one from last year is more consistent with the pine/sugar cookie scent am familiar with that is usually called Christmas Wish. The one from this year has a distinct bayberry note which is nice but definitely not the same as last year's. So color me confused. I may email her and ask. So after all that I finally switched to RG Streuselkuchen Noel and VCS Cookie Baking at Mom's
  23. HI friends and thank you all so much for the kind words. I've shed many tears but find comfort in my memories of Karen. She has now been reunited with my aunt(her mom) and that is comforting as well. Her dad, my uncle, is still here with us at 98 years old. It's hard to see him so sad! We are getting some snow right now it's actually sticking and looks quite lovely and peaceful out there. I love the way it clings to the trees and evergreens! I think we're in for an inch or two. Pulled out a bag of SGA chunks in Christmas Wish which is a pine and sugar cookie scent. I'm noticing that Julie's version is different from others I've had from other vendors. I first tried this scent many years ago from Carol(CFTKR) and have been hooked ever since. This version has a different pine note but it's pretty good too! Michele enjoy your reunion with DH and yum on that latte scent! maggie, all of your melts this morning sound yumm-o! Amyjo, work interference in melting is just not acceptable There was no school today since its already the end of the first quarter! DS#2 is doing quite well - 5 A'S and 2 B's.... Have a great Friday
  24. Melting Blueberry Brown Sugar Cornbread from Rockets this morning Attending my cousins funeral this morning. She used to babysit me when I was a child. I used to love going over her house. We were always playing with her Barbie dolls and baking cookies with my aunt. As I get older, these memories are really precious to me. Makes you realize what is really important in life. Take care everyone.
  25. Melting a couple of Swan Creek scents today Cinnamon Hazelnut Latte Cranberry Apple Crisp Both fabulous.
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