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Thanks & Merry Christmas!


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  1. Great news, honeybear! Oh goodness, that would ruin me Cute thread title, MaggieMae! Tonight's candle is YC Pink Sands (see??)
  2. Happy Tuesday! Anyone got any practical jokes planned for tomorrow? Mixed Nene's Serendipty with Vanilla Champagne in the melter, and YC Let it Snow is burning in the living room. G'night, all!
  3. Awww, Biolaeagles. I hope the poor little guy feels better soon Tonight's candle is YC Storm Watch.
  4. Candle of the day is YC Pink Sands. Nice!
  5. Thank you everyone for the good wishes! My back is feeling mostly better, just some residual stiffness. I've been taking epsom baths with a little splash of Youth Dew bath oil and they're sooooo relaxing My kitty Linus loathes Tiger Balm, though--he stopped sleeping in my chair at night 'cuz I guess I left too much odor behind ;) Honeybear, that is so true! Work has been stressful for a while and I haven't been on top of my usual running and yoga routines which normally helps me burn off a lot of the tensions, so it's not at all surprising in retrospect that the back thing popped up Happy birthday and safe travels, mpfand! The weather here is nutty right now, but supposedly cooling off a bit so it should be a decent drive up the 5 Tonight's scents are: Glade Hello Spring - terrible throw on this Sweet Fixations Lavender Serendipity - not my fave blend of hers but using it up 'night all!
  6. Aww, MaggieMae, what a pain! I did something to my back this weekend, so even though I've got YC Let it Snow going, all I can smell is Tiger Balm ;)
  7. Congrats on the new job, Debra! What does Beautiful Day smell like? This evening's candle is YC Storm Watch. This one is always better burning than on cold sniff to me.
  8. Debra, it started out super light but is now throwing reasonably well for my small living room. Not bad for $5 at Marshalls ;) LOL! I'm always surprised when I "rediscover" things in my various stashes. It's like Christmas The weather is just bizarre. Y'all are getting tons of snow and we're in the 70s again with no cold or rain in sight :wacko: Burning BBW Sparkling Limeade. Very clean, almost soapy scent. Not sweet at all.
  9. Gosh, this weekend went by so fast It's been warm and weirdly humid here, so sticking with fresh citrusy scents: BBW Sparkling Limeade TBG Pink Lime Olivia Blake Lime Blossom & Basil
  10. Burning BBW Summertime S'mores and Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin this evening. So happy it's Friday!
  11. This evening's melt is Nene's Serendipty... strong! Have a good night everyone :)
  12. Ugh, this time change is destroying me MaggieMae, love the photo of sweet little Daisy in her elf outfit I've been on a pink peppermint kick lately so tonight's scent is TBG Sleepy, which fits how I feel.
  13. Congrats, Bioleagles! Today's scents while binge-watching Empire: Streetman Juan's Burro Ride BBW White Sand BBW Vanilla Bean Noel
  14. Today's scents: Nene's Kitchen Melts Grammy's Sweet Corn Pudding BBW Sparkling Limeade Daphne's Divine Pink Peppermint Seredipity
  15. Awww, MaggieMae, I'm so sorry to hear about Daisy Tonight's scents are a Santa Barbara Aromatics Stargazer Lily candle, a lovely gift from a friend, and the last of the Sweet Fixations Lavender Serendipity tart. These are working surprisingly well together.
  16. Aren't they cute that way? Michele, I hope everything calms down soon MaggieMae, you're right about this year being awful for sickness. I was at a trade show this week, and it seemed like everyone was coming down with something or just getting over something. I'm washing my hands and popping vitamin C like crazy Tonight's scents are: Olivia Blake Lime Blossom & Basil Sweet Fixations Lavender Seredipity
  17. Sweet, the White Barn line with the colored glass and fancy white labels are missing lids now, but the Sparkling Limeade from the new Spring collection had one. Very hard to tell from the photos on the site, so be sure to save your old lids! MaggieMae, you're poor DDs! Sounds like they ended up with the crabbiest tester of the bunch Hopefully they'll get a nicer one next time. Tonight's scents are YC Warm Woolen Mittens and Glade Woodside Library.
  18. Perfect thread title, Biolaeagles! MaggieMae, Happy Birthday to DDs! I hope everything works out ok for the driving test. BBW is trying that trendy thing of just using a slip of cardboard over the wicks instead of a regular lid for some of their lines. The cynical side of me thinks it's a $$$ saving move disguised as trendiness Today's candles: Olivia Blake Lime Blossom & Basil - found this at Marshalls on clearance; pretty, clean scent but disappointing throw BBW Sparkling Limeade - this one came with a lid ;)
  19. Debra, clever improvised mouse trap! I ordered a couple of BBW candles in a recent 2 for $24 sale, but didn't realize the new White Barn 3-wicks don't have lids! Luckily I still had a few almost-empties to swipe lids from. Without the lids, they don't stack well on the shelf. Gotta be driving the SAs nuts at the stores :o Today's scents: BBW Twisted Peppermint BBW Fresh Balsam Sweet Fixations Key Lime Noel
  20. Back under the bed, of course ;) He did let my cat sitter scratch his head one time when I was on a biz trip last month, so that was encouraging! 4.30 is not a good time to go out, no matter how adorable a pup you are! :o Tonight's candles are YC Sparkling Angel and BBW Heirloom Pumpkin.
  21. I've never seen that one, but the description sounds delicious! Honeybear, excellent news on the kitty! It took exactly one month for my timid kitty Linus to let me scratch his head while he was still living under my bed, and another month for him to come out and explore while I was around, and now he's taken over the place. It takes a lot of patience, but definitely pays off! Tonight's candles are YC Let it Snow and BBW Vanilla Bean Noel.
  22. Right? Everyone's allergies are going nuts here and it's only February! We had a crazy windstorm last night and today, so the temps came down a lot. I'm so envious! All my Pumpkin Carving has been burned up Ten Digit Creations has a dupe, so I'm itching to try that one soon. Tonight's candles are YC Warm Woolen Mittens and BBW Trick or Treat.
  23. Thanks, Sweet! Candlelove, praying things settle down soon Today's scents: Daphne's Divine Pink Peppermint TBG Faerie Bonfire BBW Winter
  24. Hi, all! We didn't get the day off today, and then my boss was surprised that none of our clients seemed to be around :huh: Today's scents are YC Warm Woolen Mittens and TDC Black Tea. There's a lot more incense in this one than tea!
  25. Brrrrr! I hope everyone is staying warm and safe in the chilly temps and crazy snow this weekend. We've had temps in the mid 70s, which I can't complain about, but it's certainly weird :blink: Today's scents: Nene's Thai Lemongrass YC Sparkling Angel TDC Vanilla Sandalwood
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