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  1. Candlelove, I hope the CT scan goes well, too! Burning B&BW Watermelon Lemonade in the living room, and remelting the TBG Beach Bum in the bedroom since it was still super strong when I turned it off last night. Yay, it's Friday!
  2. Biolaeagles and MaggieMae, it's a sweet (almost floral? ), but crisp cucumber scent. IIRC, I ordered it based on a rec here on the board, but can't remember who it was. B, Pageant of the Masters is so fun! We went a few times when my uncle lived down in the OC :D Aww, poor thing! He couldn't have found a kinder home in which to seek shelter, though Katz, I hope DH is feeling better! :o We went from upper 90's to low 70's in 3 days So much more comfortable now! I went beachy tonight with B&BW Tiki Beach and TBG Beach Bum. Have a good evening!
  3. Very hot day today and humid which is weird for us. Thankfully tomorrow is supposed to cool down by a good 10 degrees. Melting Nene's Cucumber Lettuce (so refreshing) and burning YC Storm Watch in the bedroom.
  4. Yikes, thank goodness! You don't realize how much power steering does til you don't have it Debra, I hope the job transition gets easier We took my godson to the beach yesterday for his 13th birthday: 7 boys aged 11-13 :wacko: And then today a bunch of people showed up to watch the World Cup final, so what was supposed to be an easygoing Sunday afternoon turning into a bunch of people wanting snacks :blink: Enjoying a QUIET evening catching up on the last couple episosdes of Downton Abbey and melting B&BW Lakeside and Sun Tan.
  5. Susan, what a pain! Keeping you in my prayers for tomorrow. I hope it's an open MRI, at least A friend gave me And the Mountains Echoed and I keep reading other stuff instead, but now I'm anxious to get to it! Burning B&BW Coastal Sun and Watermelon Lemonade. 'night, all!
  6. Illuminutty, those are all YC favorites of mine In fact, I'm melting Early Sunrise right now in the bedroom, along with B&BW Tiki Beach in the living room. Don't have much planned for the long weekend, except for some napping
  7. Sweet, love the thread title! Michele, glad to hear you had a great trip to Greece Illuminutty, I love the feeling of accomplishment too, but also sadness when it's a scent I really like :D Honeybear, wow! Good thing you had an extinguisher on hand. That could have been so much worse Tonight I'm melting YC Lake Sunset in the living room and a mystery tart that smells beachy-suntan lotiony in the bedroom.
  8. Honeybear, ouch! Hope you're not in too much discomfort. Did you trip over something running to greet DH? :D Illuninutty, glad you were able to rescue the candle Foil and cotton balls are a waxophiles' best friends Very hot here, so once the a/c calmed down I lit B&BW White Sand. Might stay home tomorrow since I'm not feeling all that great and the temps are supposed to be in the low 100s
  9. Aria, sounds like a wonderful vacay! I really want to visit Michigan someday. Love that catbox smiley Happy Birthday, Sweet! Honeybear, so glad DH is home finally Biolaeagles, sounds like a lovely day out with the fam Burning B&BW Sundrenched Vineyard and Sweet Fixations Cherry Cola. Hope everyone's having a good weekend!
  10. We're having a weird bit of cool, cloudy weather so I've gone all cozy tonight with B&BW Summertime S'mores and Ten Digit's Earth Angel.
  11. MaggieMae, yay for a mani/pedi! Got my shipment from the B&BW $9 sale and thankfully nothing was broken. Burning B&BW Coastal Sun (nice citrusy scent, stronger than Sicilian Orange) and melting Nene's China Rain. 'night all!
  12. Congrats on 22 years, Honeybear! Glad DH is coming home soon. Bioeagles, what a cute idea for a party in the park! Have you seen that nutty YouTube video "What does the fox say?" I hope you're feeling better! Burning B&BW Lakeside and Watermelon Lemonade tonight. Did anyone else see the news that they're planning to open a few White Barn standalone home fragrance stores again? Interesting...
  13. Only 5.30 and I'm all tuckered out for some reason. Think it will be an early night tonight Burning B&BW Tiki Beach and melting YC Snow in Love.
  14. Howdy, all! The trade show last week (gosh, was it only last week? :blink: ) went very well, and then I got home, did a lot of laundry, and then headed up to Mendocino on the Calif coast for the annual camping trip where we (not me anymore!) dive for abalone and eat like pigs for a few days Finally got a chance to light up some candles for the evening: YC Black Coconut and B&BW Sun Tan.
  15. Ouch, Becky! Sending healing prayers your way Biolaeagles, I hope DS is feeling better! MaggieMae & Sweet, I got away with wearing ballet flats for the show. My client had on Keds with a sundress! ;) We were at the big videogame expo in LA showing some upcoming family-friendly games on PlayStation and they were very well-received by the press, so a big success. Tomorrow I head up to Mendocino on the California coast for a short camping trip with longtime family friends Tonight burning B&BW Lakeside and YC Beach Wood. Have a good weekend, everyone!
  16. Biolaeagels, I hope you all feel better soon! Honeybear, Burning B&BW Tiki Beach and Watermelon Lemonade this evening while I pack up for a trade show in LA next week. Trying to decide which shoes I can stand in for 10 hours without crippling myself while still looking cute
  17. Michele, your vacation sounds amazing and you definitely deserve it! Have a wonderful time. Becky, Juletone, ooh... good combo! Melting a Streetman Long Island Limeade I discovered in the back of the cabinet, and B&BW Sun Tan. Take care, all!
  18. Debra, yay for kittens So happy to hear they're finding homes, too! Tonight I'm burning B&BW Coconut Leaves in the living room and melting Nene's China Rain in the bedroom.
  19. Sunlight, great thread title! Biolaeagles, glad to hear your family is on the road to recovery. Hopefully you're able to get some rest! mpfand, sounds like a great girls' weekend Honeybear, I hope you have lots of great waxy scents to keep you company while DH is gone Jules, love the Bruce avatar We're having a breezy, chilly evening so I'm melting YC Grapevine & Oak in the living room and Beach Wood in the bedroom.
  20. Honeybear, enjoy the Father's Day dinner. And yay for clean laundry! Biolaeagles, awww! Hope the little guy gets better quickly SO glad it's Friday--I really need to find a different job Tonight it's a beachy theme with YC Black Coconut and Sun & Sand. 'night all!
  21. Hi all! Debra, I hope it all went ok and the kitties are doing well! Have had a kind of screwy schedule so I haven't been melting very much, but tonight I have B&BW Sicilian Orange burning in the living room, and TBG Bedtime Bath melting in the bedroom.
  22. Hi, folks! Tonight is all Nene's: Iced Tea Twist and Amazing Grace Type, which is very light, unfortunately.
  23. LOL, Debra! They probably have a whole code system worked out, like the hobos during the Depression. Melting YC Early Sunrise and Sunlight on Snow.
  24. Tonight is YC Vanilla Oak and B&BW Marshmallow Fireside. G'night all!
  25. Happy Birthday, Debra99! Went to Bed Bath & Beyond today and picked up the very last YC Black Coconut with my $5 off coupon (burning now in the living room). I almost bought a Bunny Cake as well, until I realized that even though it was in the clearance section, it wasn't on sale Also burning B&BW Lakeside in the bedroom. I hope everyone had a nice, relaxing weekend!
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