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  1. LOL! You have to post a photo. Isis is super affectionate, but she can be a terrible bully to Koosh and I have to keep an eye on her because she gets into stuff, like a little kid Evening melting is Spice Trader from Wylde Ivy. It's nice but pretty light, though I'm only using 1/2 a cube. It reminds me of walking into Michaels when they've put out all the fall craft stuff B)
  2. Good morning! My boss got notice from the building management that they wouldn't be turning the heat on today, so we got a surprise "work at home" day Sweet--Yup, that's my incorrigible tortie Isis. I have another kitty, Koosh, but she won't hold still long enough to get a good photo :) Honeybear--Ugh! As the others said, sounds like it might be inner ear-related, so be careful. Hope you feel better soon! Melting Scentsationals Zen
  3. Debra--Goldens are the sweetest dogs! Melting YC Biscotti--it started out fine but there's a strong plasticky anise note that's starting to bug me so will prob swap it out in a minute. Happy Sunday everyone! :)
  4. Melting BH&G Grapefruit Melon Sage Hope everyone is having a nice weekend :) (Oooh, and I think the mailman just dropped off the Universal Voodoo order I'm waiting on!)
  5. I split the rest of my YC Black Coconut votive and put half in the tealight burner. The throw's not great, but definitely better than before. A shame 'cuz I like the scent a lot. Hope everyone is having a lovely Valentine's evening involving much chocolate!
  6. Cookie--That's great! So glad to hear it was good news I'd planned to have slow cooker black bean chili tonight for dinner, but just got home and realized that even though I'd carefully remembered to turn the slow cooker on, I hadn't plugged it in I am burning YC Warm Woolen Mittens, my go-to comfort scent of the moment.
  7. I'm burning the Black Coconut votive now and you're right--it's very weak (even for me LOL). If I stand right over it I get some beachy coconut and there's an occasional whiff of cedar when I walk by, but otherwise not much at all so far. Glad I got it on sale! Aria, Thank goodness! What a name Kate
  8. Laurie--All that snow certainly put you in a beachy mood! I'm so excited The Walking Dead is back--this season's been so suspenseful with the creepy Governor and his gang This afternoon I melted down a jar of YC Sparkling Angel that had tunneled badly and made it into 2 new small candles. My apartment smelled great--but I'm kinda sick of it now so hoping it will clear out soon so I can light something else :blush: Have a good evening! Kate
  9. Melting YC Sparkling Vanilla this evening. I hope everyone in the NE is snug & safe at home! Kate
  10. Good Morning Wow, I hope everyone's eventful nights calm down soon! Why do smoke and CM detectors always, always start acting up at 3am? Before heading off to work, melted Wylde Ivy Pumpkin Masquerade, which I'm a little obsessed with at the moment. It smells like pumpkin cheesecake soap :D Have a great day! Kate
  11. Mpfand--MRIs aren't fun, but better to be safe. Hopefully they can do an open one. I had to get an MRI when they diagnosed my Meniere's several years back. It was loud, but not as bad as people told me it would be :) Spaghetti sounds delicious! I'll be starting a big pan of mac & cheese shortly and roasting spiced almonds for a potluck party, so before the cooking begins, melting: Pumpkin Masquerade - Wylde Ivy Sparkling Vanilla - YC Have a great day, everyone! Kate
  12. Hi, Storm! I love your avatar Kate
  13. Good morning! So happy it's Friday--this has been a very long week. mpfand--I hope your ENT visit goes well today! My best friend had to get hearing aid a couple years ago and was surprised at how comfortable and unobtrusive they ended up being. Started burning Henri Bendel Vanilla Woods this morning, but ended up snuffing it because it was just too overwhelming first thing Not sure what I was thinking... Hoping my Wylde Ivy order arrives today. Kate
  14. Good morning! Started the day with a Pacifica Roman Frankincense votive. Almost no throw, which was disappointing. Jedda, good for you! I had to stop myself last night from putting in another order I just don't need. It's tough when you keep reading about all the great finds out there. Be strong!! Kate
  15. Considering schnitzel is breaded meat, I had no idea what to expect but it's very soft and sweet, more like a buttery vanilla. (Thank goodness!) Warm Woolen Mittens is definitely my fave out of that whole line. Kate
  16. All YC votives so far today: Schnitzel with Noodles this morning and now Beachwood. Hear ya... change makes me very cranky. I hope it all settles down soon! Kate
  17. Hi there! I'm just getting back into candles and home scents after a few years of sinus problems making it hard for me to burn much. So happy to have found this site--so much great info and helpful advice! Kate
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