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  1. MaggieMae, oh no! How frustrating It's in the low 90s here today, too. Fall needs to start now! Burning Glade Sage & Thyme Market that I just picked up at the grocery store. So far the throw isn't great, but it hasn't been lit very long.
  2. mpfand, welcome back! Glad to hear you had a great time in SD Melting YC Summer Wish. It's alternating between reasonably strong and can't smell anything.
  3. DC, good job on converting the fiance! Tonight melting YC Grapevine & Oak and Beach Wood.
  4. Becky, I'm with you... it's time for fall! Cookie, how is Coconut Rain? I don't think I've seen that one. Burning B&BW White Sand and remelting YC Season of Peace since it's still going pretty well. Kept smelling it whenever I woke up last night even though the melter had been off for hours.
  5. Biolaeagles, I was sooooo tempted to swing by the mall today or put in an order, but managed to squash the urge! Susan, sending healing prayers your way. Hope you feel better soon! Honeybear, your poor DD! That's such an awful thing to have to deal with Michele, what a jerk for taking his carelessness out on you. Some people should not be allowed anywhere near animals Sweet, there was a whole lotta shakin' going on this morning! No damage here, but a friend who lives near the epicenter said their TV fell out of the armoire and only just missed hitting him, and the downstairs looked like it had been ransacked. Thankfully his family is all safe, just rattled. We went to see The Hundred-Foot Journey today and enjoyed it. Makes you very hungry for Indian food Tonight I'm burning B&BW Lakeside and melting YC Season of Peace.
  6. Thank you for all the prayers and good wishes. The hardest thing is coming home to a pet-less house at night. We've had dogs and cats and other assorted critters in the family my entire life :( Mpfand, what an awesome thing for your sister to do! Have a wonderful time in SD. Burning B&BW Summertime S'mores.
  7. I'm sad to say that Isis passed away this morning. She was doing so well, but had another attack of the panting and lethargy at about 6am so we went back to the vet and it didn't improve this time. They'd also received the test results back showing she had large cell lymphoma that was likely in her brain and the root of the attacks. The chemo treatments would be aggressive and likely only prolong things for a few weeks, and I just couldn't do that to her when she was so obviously in distress as it was. She's been my little buddy for 15 years and it's going to be really strange not to have her around, no matter how often she made me nuts with her antics :( Burning my favorite candle, YC Sparkling Angel.
  8. Susan, I hope the surgery goes well and you feel better very soon! Sending healing prayers your way Biolaeagles, congrats on the new home and getting settled in so fast! Isis had a relapse Sunday evening and became unresponsive so we rushed back to the emergency vet. After many tests, they finally figured out yesterday that she has either inflammatory bowel disease or small cell lymphoma, both of which are treatable. On top of that she has a raging UTI even though she wasn't showing any obvious symptoms, which is probably why her poor system overloaded :( She came home last night and is tired but doing well. We should get the test results tomorrow on what the digestive tract problem is. The past few days have been like an episode of "House, Veterinary Edition!" :wacko: Melting all Nene's tonight: Cucumber Lettuce and Amazing Grace Type.
  9. MaggieMae, Sweet and Aria, thanks for the prayers and good wishes! Isis is doing very well today--the wobbliness is gone for the most part, and she's eating and drinking well. We've looked all over the place to see if she could have gotten into something toxic but can't find anything Aria, hope you're having a great time at the Ren Faire! Burning B&BW Coastal Sun and melting Nene's Mayan Sunrise. A theme, I guess ;)
  10. Hi, Noelle! Biolaeagles, I hope the big move goes well with a minimum of stress! I ended up at the emergency vet with Isis at 3am: vomiting, panting, staggering around, peeing on the bathroom floor and howling. I was positive she was having an embolism. They got her calmed down and said her heart, lungs and kidney are all fine and no diabetes, so now they think it might be neurological or "one of those mysterious cat things." I brought her home a while ago and we had a long nap. She's still wobbly but doing well otherwise so we're just keeping an eye on things. What a night Burning calming scents: a Target sandalwood candle and YC Beach Wood.
  11. dc, good to see you back! Burning YC Black Coconut and Snow in Love this evening.
  12. Honeybear, it's so nice of your DH to watch out for the kitties. How sad about the big tom :( Me too! I think I need to make a trip to the mall soon before the summer scents vanish... Sweet, sending prayers to your poor sister. It's so hard to lose a furbaby Melting Nene's Thai Lemongrass in the living room (strong!) and B&BW Watermelon Lemonade in the bedroom.
  13. Glad to hear everyone is having a good weekend! I'm burning YC Storm Watch and melting a mystery chunk of a YC tart that I'm pretty sure is Early Sunrise.
  14. Aria, that sounds like fun! Now I want pizza I went to Kelly Moore today and the clerk there was very helpful, so we came up with a few options that I think my boss will like and that will work better than the orange B) Burning B&BW Summertime S'mores and Nene's Serendipity is in the melter.
  15. Susan, so glad the bone scans were clear! I hope they figure out what's going on soon, 'cuz that doesn't sound like much fun. Honeybear, your DDs sound like wonderful young ladies. You did well! We're moving offices in a couple weeks, and I went with my boss to the new space today to measure and plan where stuff will go. The owner asked if we want to add an "accent wall" when they repaint and my boss decided that four walls would be the bright orange from our logo :wacko: I said I'd go pick up some paint chips this weekend and then we'd let them know! Burning YC Black Coconut and B&BW Watermelon Lemonade. Happy Friday, all!
  16. Aria, yay on DH being home and bringing a present You never think you need a new TV 'til you see how pretty and big everything looks on the new one :D Honeybear, so glad to hear you had a great time with your friend Gloomy, humid evening here. Burning B&BW Tiki Beach and melting the rest of the YC Beach Wood from last night.
  17. Honeybear, I hope you had a wonderful time catching up with your friend! This evening I'm melting YC Grapevine & Oak and Beach Wood, one of my favorite combos.
  18. Maggie, hope you're having a great day at the beach! White Sand says that it's grapefruit, sandalwood, coconut milk and jasmine, but I always take B&BW scent descriptions with a hefty chunk o' salt ;) Sweet, ack! Here's hoping the poor old guys got the worst of it out of the way right off the bat I hope you've got a good stock of paper towels on hand It has finally cooled off here and might even rain a bit tomorrow I'm burning B&BW Summertime S'mores and YC Turquoise Sky. Have a good evening!
  19. Great title, biolaeagles! We're certainly sizzling up here ;) honeybear & MaggieMae, swooning with envy at your weather I'm burning B&BW White Sands in the living room (my favorite scent lately), and melting Sweet Fixations Fruit Loops in the bedroom. Soooo ready for fall scents now!
  20. Yikes, Michele! I hope you track down your wedding photos soon Maggie, the new colors sound lovely! Pink undertones bring so much cozy warmth to a room. Tonight I have a sandalwood candle from Target burning in the living room and B&BW Summertime S'mores in the bedroom.
  21. I've heard that too but the weird thing is we have tons of crows around (my street is even called Crow Canyon :D ) and it doesn't seem to bother the hawks at all. They must be too used to them :cloud 9: Happy Belated Anniversary, biolaeagles! MaggieMae, I love your avatar! Makes me want to go get popsicles Tonight I'm burning B&BW White Sands in the living room and melting a Colonial Candle votive of Sea Spray in the bedroom warmer. It was too salty when I burned it, but melting seems to have mellowed it out a lot.
  22. That one sounds amazing! Yuck, honeybear. I loathe car shopping--everyone seems so untrustworthy :( Had some drama with the baby sparrow today when a harrier hawk actually swooped down onto my patio and perched on the rose barrel where he's hiding! Luckily I was in the living room and he flew off when I ran over to the sliding door. We have lots of hawks around with all the open grassland but I've never seen one fly down into the apartment patios before Tonight burning B&BW Watermelon Lemonade and Summertime S'mores.
  23. Congrats, cookie!!! Here's hoping the bone scan goes well, too. MaggieMae, hooray for no presents today! It's a little bit cooler today, thank goodness! Got my errands done early and spent the day inside with the a/c reading and watching mommy & daddy sparrow bringing food to their little guy who's hiding under my rose bush on the patio. I'm glad I spotted him under there before watering this morning! Melted ScentSationals Ginger Peach all day and just swapped it out for B&BW Coconut Leaves in the living room and Sun Tan in the bedroom.
  24. Happy Friday, all! Cookie, keeping you in my prayers! Biolaeagles, congrats on the new house I hope the packing isn't too stressful with the little ones! Honeybear, ooh Taos is beautiful but quite a drive up the mountain! It will be nice to have DD at home :) It was 100 when I got home from work this evening, and the a/c has barely stopped. I might just eat a cucumber for dinner B&BW Lakeside is burning in the living room (out of the a/c draft) and Nene's Mayan Sunset is in the bedroom melter.
  25. Aria, great idea to spread the joy of happy scents Biolaeagles, are you planning a move soon? Tonight it's all YC in the melters: Turquoise Sky and Lake Sunset. They get along pretty well :D
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