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  1. MaggieMay, love the new avatar! 10 years??? She should be getting you a basket! Honeybear, good luck on the final and yay for DH being home even sooner! They're forecasting a huge storm for tomorrow that will dump a lot of rain on us in a very short time. We definitely need it, but hoping everyone doesn't go crazy on the roads Tonight I'm burning Henri Bendel Vanilla Woods, an oldie from the back of the cabinet, and Wylde Ivy A Through the Woods is in the bedroom melter.
  2. Tonight I'm burning B&BW Fresh Balsam and melting YC Sparkling Snow. Have a good evening, everyone!
  3. Debra, how annoying! It amazes me sometimes how the people in charge can lack basic common sense I hope things improve for you soon Biolaeagles, great to get out and spend some time with other grownups :D Susan, so glad to hear the test went well! I am watching a dumb Hallmark holiday movie while burning Glade Pumpkin Pie Diner and B&BW Heirloom Pumpkin ^_^
  4. Aria, yay for the gas fireplace--they're awesome! Love the emoticon :D Those are some crazy hours they have you working Just keep thinking about relaxing in front of that lovely fire soon! Biolaeagles, I hope the plague passes quickly! Tonight's waxies are YC Holiday Sage and Glade Woodland Library.
  5. Cute thread title, MaggieMae :D Susan, praying for good results! Tonight I'm burning YC Let it Snow (which is smoking more than I'd like :( ) and melting YC Icicles in the bedroom.
  6. Biolaeagles, that sounds delicious! I had B&BW Pumpkin Pecan Waffles going earlier and just swapped it out for B&BW Pumpkin Hayride and YC Icicles.
  7. I hope everyone's having a good weekend! Spent today lounging around watching silly holiday movies and avoiding chores :D This evening's candles are YC Holiday Sage and Glade Sparkling Spruce.
  8. I like the scent a lot: pumpkin and brown sugar, not very bakery. The melts and candles both have decent throw, but the candles tend to tunnel. They're very inexpensive, so I'm not too upset about that ;) Knotts is so fun with little kids! My mom used to take me there when it was just a few rides and we lived not too far away so I have very fond memories Ugh, cookielady :( I'm glad to hear you're ok, though! Getting as many ingredients lined up for tomorrow as possible so I can hopefully sleep in a little bit Burning B&BW Heirloom Pumpkin and melting Nene's Pumpkin Butter. Have a good evening!
  9. Hello! This evening's candles are Glade Pumpkin Pie Diner (was happy to score some melts in this scent from the clearance section at Target but the candles were all gone ) and Colonial Candle Autumn Spice Tea. Sooooo ready for a 4-day weekend!
  10. Hi, everyone! Hope you all had a good weekend. Tonight I'm burning B&BW Pumpkin Hayride and a DW Home Pumpkin Spice candle I got yesterday at a local home decor shop that sadly has better throw cold than lit. Oh well--it's pretty at least!
  11. Yikes, cookie! That's pricey even for Pottery Barn. Aria, how are you liking it? I seriously considered getting a seasonal job there until my regular work hours got too crazy to predict when I'd be able to squeeze it in. I love Target, though it's gotta be pure insanity for the employees at this time of year! :wacko: Burning B&BW Autumn this evening.
  12. Brrr! That's really cold, you guys! I hope you're all keeping safe and warm Good one, MaggieMae! Burning B&BW (ahem :D ) Heirloom Pumpkin and melting Wylde Ivy Pumpkin Masquerade. 'night all!
  13. Yikes! I completely forgot to look yesterday--I'd better get back over there tomorrow. Sounds lovely, MaggieMae! Yay, Biolaeagles! Fingers crossed for Thursday. Burning Glade Pumpkin Pie Diner this evening.
  14. I've gotta look for that--been in a breakfast rut lately Tonight I'm burning Glade Sparkling Spruce.
  15. Yay, Debra! Glad the kitty is staying warm. Tonight I'm burning B&BW Winter.
  16. Sweet, that makes my blood boil I never understand what makes people torture defenseless creatures. Thanks for all the good wishes for Linus. He's eating well and pooped a little bit today, so hopefully it's the beginning of a trend ;) Tonight's candle is B&BW Pumpkin Hayride.
  17. Hi, all! I hope everyone who's been hit by the freezing temps is warm and snug, along with their loved ones I had to take my new kitty Linus in for an enema yesterday the poor little guy didn't eat the first couple days he was here and then only wanted canned food, so he didn't get enough fiber. Now he's eating both foods and has been urinating fine all along, so hopefully no more unpleasant trips to the vet anytime soon! Burning Glade Pumpkin Pie Diner, a nice, cozy pumpkin and brown sugar
  18. Maggie Mae, how fun to see them on tv! Glad everyone had a great time Tonight I'm burning YC Sparkling Angel and B&BW Sweater Weather.
  19. Maggie Mae, I hope Jimmy Fallon's prepared Tonight's candle is B&BW Autumn Night.
  20. Sweet, Girlfriend sounds like such a sweetheart Patience is really the key! Burning Chesapeake Bay Harvest Moon and melting YC Beach Wood.
  21. Hi, all! It's been crazy lately, starting with my modem going out, travel, work, etc. so haven't been melting as much wax as usual. Cookie, great thread title! I'm working on being more thankful on a daily basis, so it's a good reminder Aria, Ozzy is adorable :wub: Biolaeagles, hang in there A friend of mine had her youngest in speech therapy for a few years and he loved it--it really increased his confidence when he started school. A new kitty came to live with me last week. Linus is a very timid rescue who had a tough time early on, including having an eye infection that has permanently damaged his right eye. My vet's IT guy was fostering him, but he has 2 other cats who push Linus away so he hasn't bonded well. They thought I'd be a good match because he's the only cat and I'm pretty low key (i.e. boring ) So far, he's mostly staying under my bed and coming out at night to explore, but he doesn't flinch when I check on him anymore, so baby steps! Tonight burning B&BW Heirloom Pumpkin.
  22. We had a bit of drizzle today and it's cooled down a lot, so finally feeling like fall 'round here Burning B&BW Autumn in the living room, and have YC Vanilla Oak on the bedroom warmer but it's not really suiting my mood so might swap it out.
  23. I hope everyone is having a lovely fall weekend Burning B&BW Pumpkin Hayride in the living room and melting Wylde Ivy Pumpkin Masquerade in the bedroom.
  24. Hi folks! MaggieMae, I hope you feel better soon! Not much melting this week due to a kind of crazy schedule, but this evening I have B&BW Heirloom Pumpkin burning in the living room, and Nene's Pumpkin Butter in the bedroom warmer.
  25. I'm melting it now in the bedroom. Definitely not up to "fresh" standards, but I can still smell it when I go in there. Probably good I found it when I did! Yikes! That was super nice of you to take on to help your friend out. I hope you were able to get some rest afterward! We're finally having some nice cool weather! I'm burning B&BW Autumn and melting the old YC Trick or Treat tart.
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