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  1. Biolaeagles, the photo shoot sounds like it was a ton of fun! You should get some great pictures from that I was digging around in my storage unit yesterday and found a very old Yankee tart from at least 10 years back called Trick or Treat. It smells a bit like Candy Corn through the wrapper. Hopefully it'll still have some throw! On this warm, breezy fall evening I'm burning B&BW Heirloom Pumpkin and melting Glade Woodside Library.
  2. Thanks, Denny! It was down to the mid 70s today and breezy so we're getting there... Biolaeagles, I hope everyone's feeling better soon! Tonight I'm burning B&BW Pumpkin Hayride and melting Nene's Mayan Sunrise.
  3. Hi, folks The weather guy said we'd be back down in the 80s today and yet it's 92 outside at the moment Very impatient for fall! Burning Glade Sage & Thyme Market in the living room and YC Grapevine & Oak in the bedroom.
  4. Could be! I've only gotten Autumn and Autumn Night in the 3-wick so far, and Heirloom Pumpkin in the mason jar. The 3 wicks have been fine, but the HP is disappointing compared to other mason jars I've had in the past Still warm here <_< so I have Chesapeake Bay Harvest Moon in the living room and Illume Mulled Wine in the bedroom. Have a good evening, all!
  5. Sweet, that's probably my favorite scent from B&BW. Have you smelled this year's Heirloom Pumpkin yet? It's supposed to be the same but seems a little off to me--not quite as sweet as PC? mpfand, have a great time in OR! Tonight burning B&BW Summertime S'mores and a mini of Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin in the living room and melting Glade Woodland Library in the bedroom.
  6. Biolaeagles, I heard the weather guy say this is probably the last blast of the hot weather, too. I really hope they're right! Aria, the Obey Me smiley is hilarious Honeybear, I hope DH enjoys the yoga class! Tonight it's B&BW White Sand and YC Beach Wood.
  7. Why, oh why did it get hot here again? Honeybear, yay for DH coming home and good luck with the paper writing Tonight I've got Glade Sage & Thyme Market going and YC November Rain melting in the bedroom.
  8. Perfect thread title, Michele! Burning B&BW Autumn and Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin this evening.
  9. The pumpkin onslaught has begun! Oh, we have that one at the office. It's yummy! Tonight I've got B&BW Autumn Night and Nene's Sweet Pumpkin Spice going.
  10. Loooooove this scent! Tonight I'm burning Chesapeake Bay Harvest Moon and trying out the Glade Woodland Library melts after the candle was such a dud :(
  11. How is it almost the end of September already? Burning B&BW Autumn Night and Summertime S'mores this evening. Happy Friday, all!
  12. Ugh! I have trouble driving in my glasses 'cuz the difference in my peripheral vision makes me dizzy, so feeling your pain :( MaggieMae, the poor DDs! I hope they heal quickly. Tonight it's Glade Sage & Thyme Market and B&BW Sweater Weather. A little chill in the air, finally!
  13. Thank you for the good wishes. I've decided that I'm done with bad news for 2014 now Not sure if it's a big secret, but they do get the next season's stuff earlier with a bigger selection of scents to test. They had to change the stores around recently because the YouTubers were throwing off their sales numbers by creating demand for scents that ended up not selling well nationwide, and they stopped taking phone orders directly from the stores. Crazy stuff! Welcome, squirrelbait! My B&BW sale order came today. I'm burning Autumn and Pumpkin Pecan Waffles. Not usually a big bakery fan, but this one is delicious--might be my gateway scent :D
  14. Aria, is it possible you are near a B&BW test store? That honor bestows high status in the waxy world these days Homemade pizza sounds delish! What a useful obsession for DS to have Autumn is one of my faves. Can't wait for the new one I just ordered to arrive. I went to a small memorial gathering yesterday for an acquaintance who was sadly killed in a car accident over Labor Day weekend, and they were burning B&BW Winter on table next to the memory book. The label had been removed, but I recognized it right away which is a bit embarrassing! Burning B&BW Applewood Bonfire and Nene's Pumpkin Butter tonight.
  15. Sweet, my thoughts exactly! Biolaeagles, so glad to hear the appointment went well! Burning B&BW Pumpkin Hayride and Heirloom Pumpkin this evening.
  16. They're saying we might get a little bit of rain tomorrow morning It's a bit cooler this evening, but not a cloud in the sky yet, so fingers crossed! Melting Earth Angel from TDC. I had Nene's Mexican Sunrise going in the bedroom, but the scents clashed so I've turned it off for now.
  17. Thank you, MaggieMae and Sweet. Southern CA is catching the edge of the Mexican storm so the weather down there is a mess. Usually it's desert dry, unless you're right by the beach, so this weather is very odd. We're complete wimps when it comes to humidity :D Maggie, Happy Anniversary! Biolaeagles, glad the new haircut went well! Burning Chesapeake Bay Harvest Moon and B&BW Leaves.
  18. Sweet, I love that dusty "first furnace" scent of fall ^_^ DC, glad you were able to exchange the dud with no hassle! Biolaeagles, hopefully you'll get some showers from the edge of that storm and get some relief from the yucky heat & humidity soon. Glad DS had a nice birthday! Susan, praying you get some relief soon Got back last night from down south. My uncle passed away several days ago and his memorial mass was Friday in Orange County, and then I stayed an extra couple days in LA with a friend. The humidity was brutal! Burning B&BW Pumpkin Hayride and Glade Woodland Library. Have a good evening, all!
  19. Katz, great to see you back! Overnight it started to feel just a little bit like fall around here, and then BOOM! 101 degrees today :blink: Burning Glade Sage & Thyme and YC Turquoise Sky this evening.
  20. mpfand, have a safe trip! Sounds like nice fall weather out there MaggieMae, great idea for the curtains! You spend less money and get exactly what you want Burning B&BW Pumpkin Hayride and Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin. I've decided it's going to be fall here, even if the weather hasn't :D
  21. DC, congrats on the job offer! Sweet, I love Nene's pumking blends. Can't wait to break them out! Tonight burning Glade Woodland Library (leather and oak). We'll see on this one--could end up being too heavy. In the bedroom I have the last of my B&BW Autumn mini going... like this one a lot!
  22. DC, you're right: I've found some great stuff in the clearance rack at BB&B, especially after the holidays. Tonight burning Chesapeake Bay Harvest Moon and melting YC Grapevine & Oak.
  23. Tonight I'm burning YC Summer Wish in the living room and B&BW Autumn in the bedroom. Hoping one will hurry the other along ;)
  24. Cute title, Sweet! Biolaeagles, aww poor little guy and poor you--yuck! I hope this bug is short-lived and he feels better soon :( It's still very much summer around here --in the 90s all weekend. Burning B&BW White Sand and YC Lake Sunset.
  25. SO thankful the long weekend is here! Burning B&BW Summertime S'mores and YC Lake Sunset.
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