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  1. Burning YC Let it Snow and Beware. Have a good evening!
  2. Sweet, it's one of my all-time faves and I was so annoyed when they didn't bring it back last fall. Heirloom Pumpkin wasn't quite the same Debra, Thinking of you. Goldens are the sweetest dogs on earth. Biolaeagles, congrats! Three boys! Get all the rest you can now :D Burning Glade Sparkling Spruce and BBW Cranberry Woods.
  3. I'm making an effort to work through my stash of coffee scents, so this morning I melted Streetman Barista, followed by BBW Twisted Peppermint for the afternoon. Started the evening with YC Let it Snow but it was smoking a lot so swapped it out for Glade Pumpkin Pie Diner. Haven't decided what to put in the bedroom yet. Have a good evening!
  4. It's been raining cats & dogs here, finally! We really, really need it Aria, I love that photo! Burning YC Sparkling Angel and melting TDC Earth Angel.
  5. Sweet, yup--Linus came to live with me just before last Halloween. He was very timid and spent the first month under my bed but is now all settled in and super playful and affectionate I found some videos of birds and squirrels for him on YouTube :D We might finally get some rain here! They're saying it was the driest January in 165 years I'm looking forward to a snuggly wet weekend. Burning YC Vanilla Oak and Glade Woodside Library.
  6. Sweet, I only caught the very end of Puppy Bowl where the pups were heading off with their new parents and they were talking about Forever Homes, which made me sniffle! We watched most of Kitten Bowl in the morning because my kooky kitty Linus was absolutely riveted. I've never had a cat who watched tv before, but he loves it MaggieMae, perfect thread title! Tonight burning YC Beware (patchouli) and Target Sandalwood. I'm on my second day of a 28 day yoga challenge, so figured they'd help the general mood
  7. Aww, MaggieMae, I hope you feel better soon! Take it easy and get as much rest as possible Did they say anything about lamb for Daisy? We had a golden with terrible allergies and fed her home-cooked lamb and rice for a while til the meds took hold. Tonight is BBW Cranberry Woods (excellent choice, Skylar :D ) and Trick or Treat (basically Marshmallow Fireside repackaged).
  8. MaggieMae, glad to hear Daisy is eating well. Hoping you continue to see improvement. Biolaeagles, boys seem to always be covered in bruises! Good to hear he's excited about school so far. Tonight I'm burning BBW Winter and melting an old chunk of Sweet Fixations Key Lime Noel. Forgot how nice this is!
  9. Relieved to hear the storm wasn't as bad as they were predicting and hope everyone is safe and sound. Becky, Burning YC Let it Snow and Vanilla Oak.
  10. MaggieMae, glad to hear Daisy is doing better and good they did not find obvious tumors! How is it the last week in January already? Tonight it's YC Home for the Holidays and BBW Leaves.
  11. honeybear, I love that your DH is making lots of furry friends in Tel Aviv! Biolaeagles, I hope everyone recovers quickly! Mpfand, I hope you're getting lots of rest and feeling better soon! MaggieMae, sending prayers and good thoughts your way for poor Daisy Burning YC Sparkling Angel and YC Candy Corn.
  12. Thanks, everybody! Tonight I've got B&BW Winter and Sweet Fixations Fruit Loops going. It's supposed to be in the low 70's this weekend--maybe I should dig out some warmer weather scents? :huh:
  13. Hello! Things have been crazy lately so haven't been burning much wax. I ran my first half marathon this past weekend at Disneyland and had a really great time. Recovering slowly and taking epsom baths Biolaeagles, I have no advice but just wanted to say that I love the name Liam! :wub: Burning YC Warm Woolen Mittens and melting TDC Earth Angel. Good combo!
  14. Congratulations, Katz! That's awesome! Burning YC Vanilla Oak and B&BW Fresh Balsam tonight.
  15. Hi, everyone! Things have been nutty so haven't had much chance to post. I was in Las Vegas last week with my horrible client for a big trade show and am still recovering from 4 days of standing and talking :blink: Susan, I hope you get some rest tonight! This evening I'm burning B&BW Winter and Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin.
  16. As Winnie the Pooh would say, it's been a very blustery day here today! The front doors of our office building kept blowing open and the hallway is covered in leaves. I feel bad for the poor janitor! Burning YC Warm Woolen Mittens and melting Nene's Comfort and Joy as the kitty and I snuggle in this evening.
  17. Hi, all! Got back Saturday from spending the holiday with my family up in Oregon. Had a great time, especially with my adorable nephew who is now 1 1/2 and just goes and goes and goes... :wacko: I managed to catch a cold so have been burrowed under the sheets trying to sleep it off since I got home. MaggieMae, ouch! So sorry to hear about your poor toe. Hope you're feeling a bit better debra, good for you for taking care of the kitties! They never quite get that you're trying to help, do they? ;) YUM! Now I must have posole tomorrow :D Burning B&BW Fresh Balsam this evening. Very soothing!
  18. Biolaeagles, hope you had a great night out with DH & the other couple. Nice to get some adult time once in a while! Did you watch the singalong Sound of Music last night? My poor kitty was not impressed with my voice Burning B&BW Cranberry Woods. It's pairing well with the split pea soup that's been going in the crockpot all day!
  19. Right? Where did the month go??? :blink: I had B&BW Peppermint Twist going this afternoon, and just swapped it out for YC Let it Snow int the living room and B&BW Heirloom Pumpkin in the bedroom.
  20. Don't tempt me! I've already bought far too many "presents" for myself this holiday Yikes! I'm so glad to hear she's doing better and getting some rest. Sounds like you all could use some this weekend MaggieMae, happy to hear your DD is getting better, too! Burning Henri Bendel Vanilla Woods and melting Nene's Comfort & Joy tonight.
  21. Thanks, everyone! Today went better and the dumb client even calmed down a bit. Sweet, I remembered that I have a little portable player and dug it out from the dusty depths of the tv cabinet. Going to try it tomorrow and see if I hooked it up correctly :D Honeybear, that's awesome! Congratulations!!! Tonight I'm burning B&BW Winter and melting YC Be Jolly in the bedroom. Have a good evening!
  22. mpfand, enjoy your break at Disney! The holidays there are really lovely MaggieMae, your poor DD must be going nuts :o Hang in there! Rough day today: was told by a client that I'm terrible at my job and not living up to their (unreasonable) expectations, and I was so upset that I ran a red light on the way home. Thank God no one was in the intersection! Planned to do some yoga when I got home to try to shake off the day and refocus, but my DVD player decided today would be a good day to die <_< Burning YC Warm Woolen Mittens (the most soothing candle I own) and the rest of Nene's Comfort & Joy is going in the bedroom warmer. Tomorrow will be a better day if it kills me
  23. Well, if you gotta smell like something, there are definitely worse things than candles! How scary for you and DD I hope she feels better soon. Oh, definitely not! I thought I was doing pretty well til I checked my to-do list this morning and had a minor panic attack :wacko: Tonight I'm burning YC Sparkling Angel and melting Nene's Comfort & Joy--no idea what the notes are but I like it, kind of soft & sweet.
  24. Hi, all! Biolaeagles, Glad the kids could get some outside time today. I hope you're not being affected by the mudslides! This evening I'm burning B&BW Fresh Balsam and melting YC Home for the Holidays in the warmer.
  25. Debra, ugh yes! I stepped into a deep puddle on the way out to my car this morning. Luckily I remembered not to wear my usual ballet flats ;) We were spared most of the bad winds and flooding, though my boss let us leave early so we wouldn't have to drive in the dark with all the standing water. Tonight I'm burning YC Warm Woolen Mittens and melting YC Icicles in the bedroom.
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