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Vindeca Candles

Antiviral Aromatic Candles

  • Long Beach, California

Antiviral Aromatic Essential Oils + Natural soy wax hand poured in the USA. Vindeca (to cure) candles are made of pure organic essential oils. The Vindeca candle line has the best smelling candles for both outside and inside your space.


Noir Rose Candles

The Finest Hand Poured Soy Wax Candles

  • United Kingdom

Here at Noir Rose Candles we hand craft luxury scented candles. They are eco friendly, hand poured and smell divine.


Firefly Candles

Classic, Timeless, and Inviting.


Firefly Candle Co. celebrates people – the artisans and dreamers that craft our candles and those who enjoy them. We're glad you're here.


Kent Science

Invest In Yourself

  • Toronto, Canada

Everything you will every melt in your home, is melted in ours. And this is why we will always strive to provide you with top-shelf scents that will have all your guests walking into your house saying "mmmm."