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    Smell the Difference

    “Smell the Difference” of Front Porch Candles Wax Tart Melts and Candles. We offer Handpoured Highly Scented Candles and Tarts that fill multiple rooms of your home with scented goodness! We have Hundreds of Scents and Blends.  Free Shipping and Expedited Shipping Available.


    Note From Candlefind:
    For long-lasting, highly scented, and unique wax melts, you really can’t beat Front Porch Candle Company. The blends are seemingly endless and amazing. The most popular wax melts appear to be the grubby style ones that you can order in packs of 2, 4, or 6. You also choose your own scent strength, with options being “strong” or “super strong.” They will arrive in resealable bags that help retain the scent. Clamshell style wax melts are also available, and you are able to choose the scent strength with these, too.
    While the wax melts are a soy blend, Front Porch Candle Company also makes 100% soy candles. While not available in all the same wax melt fragrances, there is a healthy array of scents from which to choose. The soy candles are dye free and single wicked, available in one size only. They also sell Hidden Message candles where a custom hidden message appears after a couple of hours burning the candle.
    Front Porch’s strength is in scent blending, so don’t miss out their fun weekly scent blends. This particular blend is only available from Thursday to Thursday, with a few of the blends making a reappearance in the regular lineup. It’s a great way to check out this company’s creativity and to get some unique scents for your home.
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